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A Review of the Super Bowl 49 Sports Logo

The Super Bowl logo has been around since the first installment of the great ultimate showdown. As time has passed, the logo has become more creative or, at least, more modern with the times. Basic text turned into a Microsoft Word Art replica which then turned into more natural 3D which turned then into the more sophisticated computer-generations we have today. For instance, the first Super Bowl logo looked more like a newspaper headline, reading: "First World Championship Game" The first official logo to actually include the words, "Super Bowl" was the next year's game. 
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The Super Bowl XLIX rendition has a very strong presence created by the sterling silver makeup which the rest of the imagery adopts from the actual Vince Lombardi Trophy. One of the changes of the Super Bowl Logo is an added emphasis on the trophy and not just the Roman numeral of the game. The game isn't about the Roman numeral. It's about getting that trophy so the change in emphasis makes sense.

With that said, the Roman numeral element is a unique part of the game and something that everyone associates, so having it as a featured element makes sense. The numeral is also what makes each year unique to the next. Thus, I like having the four-piece Roman numeral in big font underneath the "Super Bowl" banner, which, along with the NFL's "shield" logo in the middle of the trophy, is perfectly inserted into the graphic.

One of the neatest evolutions of the Super Bowl logo is the added nuance that ties the logo to the city. Anytime a logo can embrace the location of the game than the on-the-surface, literal interpretation of the image, it scores more points. I'm not necessarily talking about some subliminal message that it takes a scientist to decipher; I'm talking about something that you can figure out by simply sitting down for two minutes and thinking about. 

The Super Bowl XLIX logo is accompanied by the host site, University of Phoenix Stadium, which exists in the background of the trophy, flanking either side of its lower portion. It isn't shouting and screaming for attention, just subtly placed so that when someone looks at the logo, they see a defining characteristic of the host. Then, look a little harder, and you'll see the cacti and the mountainous structure resembling the Grand Canyon, two items that help provide Arizona with color. 

I also like other minor things like third-dimension effect it has, making the logo look monumental, which is fitting because the game is, well…monumental.

These minor details make this a very neat logo, especially along the lines of Super Bowl logo's past. How much do I believe this? It's my favorite Super Bowl Logo yet.

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Enjoy the Big Game everyone.

Thanks as always for reading. 

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist


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