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A Possible Snoop Dog vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Battle

Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, filed a trademark application last November. The trademark was for a logo he plans to use in his Leafs by Snoop line. Given Snoop Dogg’s reputation, and the name of this very interesting product line, I’m sure you can guess what he’s selling and what this new logo might look like. Well, after seeing his logo, the Toronto Maple Leafs have some concerns.
According to a news story from, the National Hockey League’s Toronto Maple Leafs have filed a formal opposition, hoping to give themselves more time to analyze the two logos. Found in the article, “Christopher Sprigman, an intellectual properties professor at the New York University School of Law, told TSN that MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment) could argue the logos will cause confusion in the marketplace”.
Could these two logos seriously look so similar, that legal proceedings need to take place? Well, we at Awesome Sports Logos fancy ourselves as sports logo experts… or maybe enthusiasts at the least. Let’s take a look at the two logos side by side, and see just how similar they are. Or aren’t.
These two logos aren’t completely dissimilar, but they aren’t exactly carbon copies. Let’s go with the obvious. The coloring is different, Snoop Dogg went with gold and the Maple Leafs, of course, have their traditional navy blue. Toronto’s logo is more of a traditional Canadian Maple Leaf design, with three distinct points. Snoop Dogg’s logo looks more modern, almost digital, with five separate points. The fonts are completely different, and there isn’t anything proprietary about script being placed on top of the logo.
All in all, I think the Toronto Maple Leafs don’t have anything to worry about. Personally, I don’t think any “confusion in the marketplace” will happen. Fans of the Maple Leafs won’t be buying any Leafs by Snoop gear, mistaking it for their beloved hockey team. And I definitely don’t think that any Leafs by Snoop consumers are going to be snatching up Maple Leafs gear thinking they were getting the latest and greatest from the esteemed rapper.
I say Toronto should let it go, and focus more of their time and energy on actual hockey. They were at the very bottom of the Atlantic Division this past season. They might need a little more concentration. One hockey team that definitely doesn’t need any more practice, is the Brooklyn Leg Breakers.
Are you talkin’ to me? The Brooklyn Leg Breakers play hockey, hard core style. If they could break through the ice and make you swim with the fishes, they would. This logo was inspired by the many New York mafia stories of old. We love the detail of this logo including the pinstripes on the suit, the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline as the backdrop, as well as the NY lettering inside the tape of the stick. Forget about it, and pick up this awesome Brooklyn sports logo t-shirt today!
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