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Should Cities Share the Same Sports Logo Color

If I could be the Logo President for a day and make one change, I would...

Interesting prompt. There are several possibilities that come to mind, but one prevailing desire among them all: I'll call it the "United We Color Act of 2015."

I'm not someone who favors professional sports over college sports, or vice versa. I love them both a tremendous amount. But there are obviously pros to each that the other is without. I always realized I loved the rowdy crowds and the sounds of the bands at college games. However, I only recently realized how easy my fan wardrobe was to create.

Want to go support your college's football team? Maybe some basketball and volleyball, too? How about some baseball and soccer? Water polo, perhaps? Guess what!? Show up with school pride wearing the SAME COLORS! It's great! 

But, in professional sports? Naaaa.

The "United We Color Act of 2015," or, UWCA, would change the color schemes in professional sports so that each city had the same general color scheme. Or, at least, one color shared among all the teams with the same home region or city. If a city has two teams, then they are allowed to branch out (i.e. the Lakers and Clippers can have a different scheme). 

As far as which team gets the color scheme recognized by that city, well, I think the fans can vote. The team with more support gets the city’s color scheme. 

I've always thought it was so cool that the Penguins and Steelers essentially share the same colors. The Seahawks and Mariners have plenty of similarities, too. So why not do it for all cities with multiple teams?

There would obviously be some restructuring of nicknames based on which color(s) prevail, and, realistically, this isn't happening, but there also isn't a "Logo President," so if you're still reading, "realistically" probably doesn't apply. 

Then you’d have to deal with teams like, for instance, the Texas Rangers. They are located in Arlington and while they are claimed by Dallas, they are rightfully claimed by the Fort Worth portion of “DFW,” too. So, do they fall into the Dallas color scheme or do they get their own? I’d contend that they fall in line with the Dallas color scheme, especially because Fort Worth also supports the Dallas teams, too. 

It just seems like have a scheme, or, at least, a color that is shared among a city would add to the demonstration of pride and tie things together. And it might save you a little money on that wardrobe, too...or, at least, on that body paint purchase you just made. 
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Thanks for reading!

Jared Sandler
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