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Sports Logo Review of the Phoenix Suns

The NBA came to Phoenix in 1968 when the franchise originated under the personnel guidance of 28-year old GM, Jerry Colangelo. Their logo has evolved over the years, but the foundation of the one they have today, "The Streaking Suns" look, originated in 1992. The logo was updated in 2000, simply given a more modern look which would be changed once again before the start of the 2013-2014 season. It is that logo, their current one, which we will discuss right here. 
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Let's start with the colors. Orange and purple is a unique combination that the Suns have featured over the years. I must let you know that purple is my favorite color so maybe I'm biased. But straying from the standard color combinations is always a nice surprise and, not just that, I think they mix well together. While they have kept their purple and orange in their alternate logo which you can see below, they have brought black in as a primary color for their logo. 

The nickname gets points for fitting with the area. When you think of Phoenix or Arizona, the heat is certainly among the top topics and in comparison to Miami's nickname, "Heat," I like "Suns" way better. It is an actual object and not a state of being. 

One of the neat elements about this logo is the shape. Some logos form their own obscure outlined shape, while others form a square or a horizontal rectangle. This logo forms a parallelogram. Like the color combination, this is another characteristic that isn't that common within the logo circles. 

What's really unique, though, is the recycling of a 90s logo into its modern form. So you take a logo that was great, spice it up, keep it fresh, and it still has that vintage luster. Now, if you were never a fan of the original, then, well...sorry. 

I like the logo because of its simplicity. Nothing crazy, it’s certainly not boring. A sun-shaped basketball is kind of redundant, though several scientists might disagree. Either way, it is a good, natural fit. I like the simple triangular glow of the sun emanating from the basketball with the rays trailing behind, serving the dual purpose of a shining sun and a basketball soaring towards the hoop.  

There's nothing flashy about the text, but I do like the usage of silver and not one of the two main colors, orange or purple. Both of those colors are rich and too much of it can take away from its pop. The silver text, which exists at the bottom, helps set the table for the rest. 

Overall, this is a pretty solid look. A lot of it probably rides on how much you like the color combination because, while I like a lot of the logo's other characteristics, they don't pop like the colors. On a five-point scale, I give this logo a 3.75. 

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Thanks as always for reading. You guys are awesome. 

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist


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