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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Oakland Athletics

After originating as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, the franchise eventually migrated west to Northern California. In 1968, the Oakland Athletics came into existence. The franchise has won nine World Series titles, four of which have come since the West coast relocation. 

The franchise’s rich history includes names like Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Rickey Henderson, Dennis Eckersley, and Catfish Hunter, among others. Of course, the movie, Moneyball, also featured the Athletics and the leadership of their General Manager, Billy Beane.
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Let’s dive into the Athletics logo which I'm not a huge fan of for a few reasons. The color scheme, however, is not one of them. I've always been a fan of the green and gold and I think those two colors complement each other very well. The gold really pops next to the green. I really like the way they use green as the primary color with the gold lining. The other way around would look too bright, in my humble opinion. 

Placed in front of a white backdrop is also a feature that I think helps illuminate the wealth in the tones. Plus, white is such an important aspect of the Athletics' personality with their unique white-shoe look. 

What I don't like is how plain it is. Some plain logos work because they are iconic. Maybe it's a generational thing, but the Athletics logo does not fall into that category for me. 

One thing that doesn't help is the fact that the encircled part of their logo is an image of the letter, "A," the most commonly used and seen letter in the alphabet. That's just kind of boring if you ask me. 

So, what would I do? There's plenty of room to add something to the background within the circle. Maybe some skyline or some regional silhouettes...just something and not nothing! 

The other elements are kind of generic, too. Lettering inside of a circle with an image within the circle. Not novel or unique. The font inside the circle is about as plain Jane as can be, too. 

Overall, the colors really save this logo. Nothing else about the logo really jumps out to me in a positive manner. There are uglier logos, but this one is certainly not anything special.  If the logo had something more unique to it, maybe my thoughts would be different but no part of the logo identifies with the city or state or region or…anything!

My suggestion is switch their alternate logo to their primary logo. You don’t see many Elephant sports logos and this logo has great history with the organization dating back to 1902 when they were mockingly called the “white elephants”. You can read more about this story on the Oakland Athletics site. Now that’s a cool logo with some great history.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we also have a California baseball team and just like the Elephant, you rarely see an Octopus used in a sports logo. Off the coast of the Golden State on the Pacific Ocean floor is an eight-legged creature that is truly fascinating. Most common is the California Two-Spot Octopus. In case you’re ever asked to identify a Two-Spot, just point out... well, never mind, no one will ask you. 

We love this cool California t-shirt. This Octopus means business. Only two tentacles are occupied with a ball and a bat, and that means you better keep an eye on the other six! It’s the California Crazy Eights or the California Ocho Locos. We suggest you pick up both of these super soft t-shirts.

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