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Theo Epstein is the Curse Breaker

The Chicago Cubs, after 108 years have finally won the World Series. After over a century of waiting, this marquee franchise deserved it. Despite some controversial decisions, Joe Maddon managed the team well. The team was full of talented players, both on the mound and at the plate. After getting 103 wins during the regular season, the Cubs seemed destined to finally break their curse. But what exactly started such a curse, and what ultimately led to it being broken?

In 1945, during Game 4 of the World Series, a Cubs fan placed a curse on the team. William Sianis was asked to leave Wrigley Field, due to the odor of his pet goat. When he was exiting, Sianis stated, “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” The Cubs ended up losing that World Series, and didn’t return to one until this past season.

I think there is one man that can be given credit for breaking the Chicago Cubs curse. That one man is none other than Theo Epstein, the President of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs. Epstein was able to put all the necessary parts in place, to put history into motion. He was able to secure one of the best managers in the game of baseball, and after just five years with the Cubs, he had all of the right players assembled.

People like Theo Epstein don’t get enough credit. The hard work that front office personnel put into the team goes all but underappreciated. But not Theo Epstein. People in the baseball community have already pegged him as Hall of Fame bound. Some are even considering him one of the best baseball executives to have ever been involved in the game of baseball. And that’s not just because of what he was able to do for the Chicago Cubs.

In 1919, the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. Up to that point, the Red Sox had been one of the most popular and successful teams in all of baseball. Once Babe Ruth was traded to the rival Yankees, Boston began an 84-year World Series winless drought. Meanwhile, the Bronx Bombers became a dominate franchise, with 27 World Series Championships. The “Curse of the Bambino” was broken in 2004, just two years after none other than Theo Epstein became the general manager.

Theo Epstein has broken two MAJOR curses, that impacted two of the most well-known baseball franchises. He ended sadness and heartbreak for two huge baseball cities. Through sheer determination, raw ability, and pure baseball genius, Epstein has become one of the best baseball executives to ever be associated with the game. He is certainly guaranteed a spot in the baseball Hall of Fame.

As good as Theo Epstein is, Awesome Sports Logos has one curse that not even he could break. And that’s the New Orleans Curse!

Known as "The Big Easy", New Orleans is not only known for Mardi Gras, but also for its voodoo experience and voodoo shops. From this, we bring you the New Orleans Curse. We love this basketball logo of a voodoo doll going up for a slam, pins still intact. No witchcraft or spells with this funny New Orleans t-shirt, just a lot of compliments when you walk around with it on.

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A New Era of Advertising in the NBA

The NBA has decided to make a little more money in 2017. When the association ends their current uniform deal with Adidas, and begins a new era with Nike, advertisements will be incorporated on team jerseys. That’s right folks, ads right smack on the jersey! According to reports, a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square will be placed on the right side of the chest. This square will be home to future advertisements. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is rolling out this change as a test, allowing teams to sign deals for up to three years for the precious advertisement spot. The revenue gained from this new change is estimated to bring in $100 million. Now that’s a lot of money!
Now the NBA isn’t the first sport to have ads placed on the jersey. European soccer clubs are infamous for having large advertisements or company logos across the jersey. In the United States, MLS incorporated logos and ads on their jerseys in 2007, while the WNBA has had them since 2011. Even though these other sports and leagues have had this going on for a while now, the NBA will be the first MAJOR sport in the U.S. to begin advertising on their jerseys.
It’s always a plus to have our sports and leagues gain new revenue. If they’re getting money from other places, it could potentially lower ticket prices and beer prices (please do!). That being said, $100 million won’t all of a sudden cut ticket and concession prices in half. And what cost is there to the fan or consumer with these new ads? Honestly, there probably won’t be any interference in watching or enjoying the game. BUT, this is just a start. One can only ask: what’s next?
Will we eventually see ads get an even bigger space on the jerseys? Will we ever see these ads consume the entire jersey, leaving our well-liked team logos to fall to the wayside? How about in the stadiums? Are advertisements eventually going to spread so much, that we lose many of the patron-friendly amenities? Will Jumbotron’s and scrolling marquees get smaller and smaller, in place of bigger and bigger ad space? I would hate to see the day that companies and corporations get a bigger grab on our beloved sports. Pretty soon, we may be watching the Denver Budweiser’s play the Carolina Coca-Colas in the next Super Bowl. Be sure to drop your thoughts and comments below. We’d love to hear what you think about this corporate takeover.
One logo that will never succumb to any corporate takeover belongs to the New Orleans Curse.
"The Big Easy" New Orleans is not only known for Mardi Gras, but also for its voodoo experience and voodoo shops. From this, we bring you the New Orleans Curse. We love this logo seeing a voodoo doll going up for a slam, pins still intact. No witchcraft or spells with this funny New Orleans t-shirt, just a lot of compliments when you walk around with it on. You can add this super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club rotation!
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