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The Montgomery Biscuits Offer Up a Tasty Sports Logo

The Montgomery Biscuits' logo appeals to a totally different taste...literally. Logos that elicit states of feeling like hunger are effective to a whole new dimension. Maybe it doesn't help that I am predisposed to hunger since my two pugs, Max and Lillie, just ate the gourmet popcorn I made while I went for a run, but I want to eat the logo on sight. 

The golden yellow--butter-like, almost--plays very well with the biscuit imagery and I like how the blue shadowing and lining complements it. As far as the lettering is concerned, I like the 'BISCUITS' script but don't like the 1980's computer-like 'MONTGOMERY' juxtaposed against it. I'm not sure why they picked such an off-themed font. Script would have worked just fine, but there were definitely other options like a more traditional arial look that would have been better suited. The square-shaped script font seems like butter slid across a table with the tip of a butter knife steering its course. 

‘Biscuits’ is an irregular and, even, goofy nickname for a baseball team and I love that the organization owns it. The biscuit image mirrors that mentality with googly eyes and a buttered-tongue. Some "goofy" nicknames lead to oddly serious images and I personally find it better to, as the cool kids say these days, "do you."

Speaking of goofy nicknames...we offer a bunch at Awesome Sports Logos and we love food logos. Once again, a reminder that the best way to get huge savings on all of our awesome t-shirts is by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club! You save on the t-shirts and you get free shipping. Plus instead of grabbing a bunch of bills in your mailbox, reach in and grab yourself a super soft t-shirt of your choosing. Now that’s awesome!

Here are our food selections for t-shirts.
The Dade City Kumquats. Everyone needs to own a t-shirt that says Kumquat. 

Our second foodie selection is the Idaho Taters

Announcers use the term “taters” when describing how many home runs a batter has hit. We love the double meaning and potatoes make such great sports logos, don’t they? 

Thanks so much for reading. I’m hungry, are you? 

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist. 


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