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Fall is Here and That Means its Tater Time

The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and that means its Tater season. I know that this is a year round food but there is something about the colder weather that makes potatoes that much better. Potatoes are awesome. Sure you might put on a few pounds if you eat too many but let me enjoy a nice “tater” before you talk to me about “starchy carbs”.  Think how awesome the potato is. It can be as elegant as a side dish at a five star Steakhouse, warm you up inside of a beef stew, it’s mandatory on the Thanksgiving table or we know it best as that partner in crime to the hamburger. One just doesn’t seem the same without the other.  

The potato also keeps other foods alive similar to bees and flowers. You think we would use chives for another reason? Think ketchup is as popular without the potato? The term “loaded” doesn’t just mean you’re rich, it also means that the potato you are about to receive has all kinds of goodness stuffed inside.  Young potatoes known as “tater tots”. Skinny potatoes, “petite”. You don’t see a Mister Green Bean or Asparagus Head do you? The veggie getting the toy love is Mr. Potato head. So many nicknames and all kinds of awesomeness!

According to Potato, there are more than 100 varieties of potatoes sold in the United States. No fancy names. One potato tastes so good, let’s call it a “sweet potato”. Need some variety, taters come in red, white, yellow, blue and purple.

Many call Idaho the potato capital of the United States. In fact, the Idaho potato is the best selling tater in the country putting over 700 million back into the state’s economy. That’s a lot of taters!

We’ve been using the nickname “Taters” a lot in this blog and that nickname has multiple meanings.  “Taters” is also a baseball term for home runs. “He has 23 taters on the year” or “That was a tater”.  We wanted to combine the awesomeness of potatoes, Idaho and baseball and this was actually our first sports logo that we came up with. We couldn’t believe that a minor league baseball team in Idaho hadn’t used it. Forty two logos later, it’s still one of our favorites. Who wouldn’t want to wear a mean looking potato on their chest? This super soft Idaho sports logo t-shirt is awesome and a terrific addition to your wardrobe.


So when you are thinking of a creative gift to get someone, think of the Idaho Taters, it’s sure to become a closet favorite.


Thanks as always for reading. Go Taters!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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