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Is it Time to Change Home Jersey Colors in the NHL

According to jersey expert, Paul Lukas, NHL teams had just one uniform until 1951. In 1955, the league mandated that teams wore colors at home and white on the road. Fifteen years later in 1970, that arrangement was reversed and teams began wearing white at home. Thirty-three years after that, the league made another reversal and asked that teams predominantly wear their colored jersey at home. Then, seven years after that--just hasn’t changed since 2003.

Which do you prefer at home for NHL teams: white or colors? 

For me, it's a no-brainer: WHITE!

Maybe it is because that is what I grew up knowing. I guess it's tough for me to remove that from the equation. 

When I think about it, I just like the way white looks especially at home. When you go on the road, you should show off your main color and represent yourself in enemy territory, but at home you should go for the better look and in the NHL, for me, that's white. 

After speaking to a handful of folks who cover hockey for a living, all but one agreed that the league should go back to white at home. I asked for reasons why and got some interesting responses. One gentleman said that the pants look better contrasting with the white jerseys. Another chimed in and used the reverse as his argument, suggesting he doesn't like the way road uniforms look with the pants being the same color, which is the case for many, though, not all teams. 

In the NBA and in MLB, white is most common home color. Football is the opposite, except for the Cowboys, who rarely wear anything other than white. I have no issue with how those sports arrange their uniforms, including football, which adopts the format I want hockey to eliminate. 

One hockey person told me the reversal of the decision in 2003 was influenced by the growing amount of alternate uniforms, many of which were of the colored variety. With home teams wanting to show them off from time-to-time, it made life tougher on equipment guys who now had to pack both uniforms in the event a team went the alternate route. 

With all due respect to equipment guys and I was one of them for baseball at one point in my life, I'm pretty sure they can deal with it. 

Please, Mr. Bettman, PLEASE!!!!!! White at home. White. At. Home.

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Jared Sandler
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