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Creative Valentines Day Gift for Men

It’s so hard to find that perfect Valentine’s gift. I know as a guy I struggle with it each year. Ladies, that struggle is now over for you. Let us take care of the creativity with our T-shirt of the Month Club. This is an awesome club that offers big discounts, free shipping and once a month he’ll have a smile on his face as another closet favorite is delivered to his doorstep. He can even pick out the t-shirts. We’ll make a custom certificate with his name on it that you can present to him on Valentine’s Day and then he can email us his choices. Our club is flexible with the membership. We offer 3 months and go all the way up to a year’s worth of t-shirts. Each year, I pick out some of my favorite t-shirts that I would select if I received an Awesome Sports Logos T-shirt of the Month membership. 
The Cocksville Blockers

It’s the best seller at Awesome Sports Logos and for good reason. This is our only made up town but the name Cocksville was too good to pass up. This Rooster looks like he’s up for a fight. Your special Valentine will definitely get some people chuckling when he wears this super soft cock blocker t-shirt

The Portland Tree Huggers

Love this funny hockey t-shirt. I can’t tell if this logo is mad because he’s ready to fight someone or if it’s because a relative of his was made into the stick he’s holding? Either way, I wouldn’t mess with this tree. Portland is one of the most unique cities in America and this t-shirt fits in perfect with the Portland lifestyle. 

The Intercourse Witnesses

This t-shirt has terrific history. The movie Witness with Harrison Ford which was nominated for eight Academy Awards was filmed in Intercourse Pennsylvania. Intercourse is also home to the Amish. You put the two together and you have a terrific t-shirt to show off.

The Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club

Ladies, if your guy enjoys fishing then we have the t-shirt for you. This is unlike any other fishing club and I guarantee laughs when this t-shirt is worn. 
We have 42 t-shirts to choose from and if you don’t want to choose, we’re happy to help out and surprise him each month. Search no more for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a guy. This is a gift that he’ll be talking about for a long time. For certificates and any other questions on our T-shirt of the Month Club, you can email us at

Happy Early Valentine’s Day Everyone!!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
Awesome Sports Logos. 


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