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The Lake Erie Crushers Unveil an Awesome Logo

The Lake Erie Crushers of the Independent Frontier League have a new logo and boy do we love it. Not only is the actual logo cool, this logo pays tribute to the local community, which is equally important. Let’s dive into the Crushers with their logo unveil video.


Now lets give you a better look at the logo.


A couple of details I really like about the logo. The stem coming out of the cap along with the curly vine remnants is a real nice touch. Those little details really gives the grape that realism. The primary grape has some buddies in the logo at the end of the bat which is also cool. The lettering is a perfect fit as well keeping the purple theme which is a big color in their uniform scheme.

When you think of wine grapes, you probably think this baseball logo should be for a team in Napa or Washington State but Ohio has a bunch of wineries and is ranked as the 7th top producing win state according to Wine America.

Here’s what co-owner Jaqueline Kramig said of the logo decision according to "Most of the community believes it has to do with crushing the baseball," "It really doesn't. ... It's Ohio history. We would like to take it back to the vineyards of northern Ohio with a new logo and new uniforms to capture an old story."

The old owners of the club thought of Crushers more as a home run reference but that’s the thing about sports logos, sometimes the best ones have double meaning. That’s why we created our Idaho Taters awesome logo.


 Idaho is the potato capital of the United States and hitting a “Tater” is a monstrous home run.

 I will also add that I love food sports logos. Tigers, Lions or any other animal have facial features so you can make them cartoonish or ferocious by showing teeth. Food has shape and that’s it so you are essentially beginning from scratch giving it eyes, a mouth and body parts. Your creative thoughts really have to flow when working with food. We had this challenge with both the Taters and our other food sports logo, the Dade City Kumquats.


This logo celebrates the yearly Kumquat festival in Dade City. My two favorite parts of this logo are the Kumquat leaves which double as muscular arms holding the bat and the spots on the face. Just like a real Kumquat, it’s not a perfect color.

 I promise you, our Taters and Kumquats baseball t-shirts will become super soft closet favorites. Actually a great way to get discounts on these shirts is to try out our T-shirt of the Month Club.


Congrats to the Crushers and their new logo. I think it’s awesome!


Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

Savannah Goes Bananas For Baseball

Last month, we learned that “America’s Pastime” is heading back to the gorgeous city of Savannah Georgia.  After the departure of the Class A Savannah Sand Gnats to Columbia South Carolina, there was a void to fill at historic Grayson Stadium which was built in 1926. To put that in perspective, Fenway Park is only 14 years older and Wrigley Field is only 12 years it’s elder.  In other words, baseball, Savannah Georgia and Grayson Park go hand in hand. 
In comes the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate invite only baseball league similar to the Cape Cod Baseball League and many others across the nation.  They needed a name so they teamed up with the Savannah Morning News to do a name our next team contest. This is quite common in the sports logo business, especially when it’s a fresh start because it creates chatter and gets people thinking. Most importantly, the community chose the name which creates even further embrace.
In a press conference, the team began by showing this video which reveals their new logo at the end.

The winner is The Savannah Bananas. 
Logo courtesy of
The team hired on Studio Simon out of Louisville, KY to create the logo and they did a great job!  Here’s what we love about it. You don’t see many fruit logos so when you do, it’s unique and fun. It appeals to the kids and the name is a perfect rhyming match with the city. Normally, we would take points off because we think it’s important to tie in a logo with that areas rich history but The Savannah Bananas has to be in the top 5 for roll off your tongue names. 
Here are two of our baseball food logos, first the Dade City Kumquats.
And the Idaho Taters
It’s fun to create food logos that look like they are ready to jack one out of the park or in Idaho’s case, hit a “Tater”. Normally, we would take points off because we think it’s important to tie in a logo with that areas rich history but The Savannah Bananas has to be in the top 5 for roll off your tongue names. The green edging on the logo makes it stand out and the color scheme works for the logo and on merchandise. You can see from the social media reaction that people want this logo and that means it’s a winner.  
One last interesting aspect is that the Savannah Anchors and the Savannah Ports were also finalists. That is so great to see because our Savannah baseball logo we created fits that mold. It's the Savannah Seamen.

In 2013, Savannah was the 3rd busiest port in our country. We think our funny baseball t-shirt fits right in with what Savannah is all about. We’re psyched that baseball is back in Savannah and we’re excited to see the city once again support their baseball. C’mon, Let’s Go Bananas!!
Thanks as always for reading our blogs. If you dig out t-shirts, then check out our T-shirt of the Month Club. The feedback we receive on it is awesome!!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Addict
Awesome Sports Logos

Fall is Here and That Means its Tater Time

The leaves are changing, the temps are dropping and that means its Tater season. I know that this is a year round food but there is something about the colder weather that makes potatoes that much better. Potatoes are awesome. Sure you might put on a few pounds if you eat too many but let me enjoy a nice “tater” before you talk to me about “starchy carbs”.  Think how awesome the potato is. It can be as elegant as a side dish at a five star Steakhouse, warm you up inside of a beef stew, it’s mandatory on the Thanksgiving table or we know it best as that partner in crime to the hamburger. One just doesn’t seem the same without the other.  

The potato also keeps other foods alive similar to bees and flowers. You think we would use chives for another reason? Think ketchup is as popular without the potato? The term “loaded” doesn’t just mean you’re rich, it also means that the potato you are about to receive has all kinds of goodness stuffed inside.  Young potatoes known as “tater tots”. Skinny potatoes, “petite”. You don’t see a Mister Green Bean or Asparagus Head do you? The veggie getting the toy love is Mr. Potato head. So many nicknames and all kinds of awesomeness!

According to Potato, there are more than 100 varieties of potatoes sold in the United States. No fancy names. One potato tastes so good, let’s call it a “sweet potato”. Need some variety, taters come in red, white, yellow, blue and purple.

Many call Idaho the potato capital of the United States. In fact, the Idaho potato is the best selling tater in the country putting over 700 million back into the state’s economy. That’s a lot of taters!

We’ve been using the nickname “Taters” a lot in this blog and that nickname has multiple meanings.  “Taters” is also a baseball term for home runs. “He has 23 taters on the year” or “That was a tater”.  We wanted to combine the awesomeness of potatoes, Idaho and baseball and this was actually our first sports logo that we came up with. We couldn’t believe that a minor league baseball team in Idaho hadn’t used it. Forty two logos later, it’s still one of our favorites. Who wouldn’t want to wear a mean looking potato on their chest? This super soft Idaho sports logo t-shirt is awesome and a terrific addition to your wardrobe.


So when you are thinking of a creative gift to get someone, think of the Idaho Taters, it’s sure to become a closet favorite.


Thanks as always for reading. Go Taters!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

Awesome Sports Logos

The Montgomery Biscuits Offer Up a Tasty Sports Logo

The Montgomery Biscuits' logo appeals to a totally different taste...literally. Logos that elicit states of feeling like hunger are effective to a whole new dimension. Maybe it doesn't help that I am predisposed to hunger since my two pugs, Max and Lillie, just ate the gourmet popcorn I made while I went for a run, but I want to eat the logo on sight. 

The golden yellow--butter-like, almost--plays very well with the biscuit imagery and I like how the blue shadowing and lining complements it. As far as the lettering is concerned, I like the 'BISCUITS' script but don't like the 1980's computer-like 'MONTGOMERY' juxtaposed against it. I'm not sure why they picked such an off-themed font. Script would have worked just fine, but there were definitely other options like a more traditional arial look that would have been better suited. The square-shaped script font seems like butter slid across a table with the tip of a butter knife steering its course. 

‘Biscuits’ is an irregular and, even, goofy nickname for a baseball team and I love that the organization owns it. The biscuit image mirrors that mentality with googly eyes and a buttered-tongue. Some "goofy" nicknames lead to oddly serious images and I personally find it better to, as the cool kids say these days, "do you."

Speaking of goofy nicknames...we offer a bunch at Awesome Sports Logos and we love food logos. Once again, a reminder that the best way to get huge savings on all of our awesome t-shirts is by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club! You save on the t-shirts and you get free shipping. Plus instead of grabbing a bunch of bills in your mailbox, reach in and grab yourself a super soft t-shirt of your choosing. Now that’s awesome!

Here are our food selections for t-shirts.
The Dade City Kumquats. Everyone needs to own a t-shirt that says Kumquat. 

Our second foodie selection is the Idaho Taters

Announcers use the term “taters” when describing how many home runs a batter has hit. We love the double meaning and potatoes make such great sports logos, don’t they? 

Thanks so much for reading. I’m hungry, are you? 

Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist. 


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