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Sports Logo Review of the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets joined the NBA in 1976, founded nine years earlier as an ABA franchise. Though they’ve never won a championship or even made the finals, the Nuggets have made their share of history in the league. Probably one of the best examples is becoming the first eighth seed to defeat a one-seed in the playoffs when they took down the Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton Seattle SuperSonics in the 1993-1994 season behind the efforts of their own star, the finger-wagging Dikembe Mutombo. 

It was that season when they first went away from their old color-wheel logo which you can see above, adopting the foundation that they use today. The logo has evolved over the years, most notably changing colors in 2003 to a more blue look. Their current version was born in 2008. I'm a big fan of this logo for a number of reasons.
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First thing's first. This logo checks off the box of connecting to the culture or identity of the city/region/state. The logo's main image is a snow-topped mountain, clearly something relevant to the Rocky Mountain state. A logo that connects to the area's identity adds bonus points other logo's can't achieve. It's an intangible feel that highlights a team's representation.

Back in the day, many people gave the Nuggets grief for the multi-colored uniforms they used to sport. Fair points, I suppose. But I'm not knocking their current color scheme. It's a play on the common blue and yellow pairing, except a golden shade of yellow is paired with a lighter and darker shade of blue. The dichotomy makes the duo what it is. I'm not going to say it is my favorite all time color combo but it plays well and is above average, for sure.

The simple detail is an important element of the logo. The first example is the snow-top of the mountain. It isn't intensely detailed to the last snowflake, but it isn't like Jackson Pollack splattered white paint on the top, either. 

How about the shape of "Nuggets?" The arched form plays nicely with the shape of the mountain and there's no doubt that the decision to represent the team's nickname in that way was in part to play on the mountainous theme. 

I like the shadowing behind the letters and the decision to feature "Denver" arched across a light blue banner. The white font adds to the mini-mountain theme with the lettering making it look like it's version of the snow. 

The logo isn't incredibly intimidating nor does it feature some lavish, hard to stencil figure, but it is clear what it is trying to present and it does so in an artistic and effective manner. 

Overall, I give this logo a B+. 

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Thanks as always for reading and for supporting the cause.

Jared Sandler
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