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Five Sports Logos That Need A Facelift

Teams amend or upgrade their logos from time-to-time, sometimes coming with a change in venue or some other notable change within the organization. Some logos change for the better, others change for the worse. Some don't change at all and become stagnant. Here are five logos I think need to be upgraded for various reasons. 

In no particular order
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1. Colorado Rockies: Their logo was created in the 90s when the organization was born...and it very much looks like a logo created in the 90s. As we've coursed into our second decade, the logo remains way behind. I'd love to see the Rockies infuse a little bit of life or energy into a new logo. 

2. Arizona Diamondbacks: I don't hate their logo, which has evolved a bit since the team came into existence in the 90’s just a few years after the Rockies, but I just think it has so much potential. A snake is a very versatile nickname with which you can create a great logo and I'd love to see them take advantage of cool "Diamondback" name. 

3. New York Islanders: I guess I don't know how much you can do with an "Islander" but anything is better than their current look. They've gotten a pass because the franchise has been stuck in a cycle of ineptitude, but if they hope to turn things around with their young talent, maybe they should upgrade their logo with a more appealing, younger look. I mean, honestly, do you look at this logo and think, Cool! or I gotta get it! or anything else? 

4. Detroit Pistons: They upgraded their old logo to something new (the galloping horse on fire) and then switched back to a slightly more modern version of the old logo. That's cool. I love the throwback look when you tweak it a bit, but I just have never loved this one. It's a basketball with "Detroit Pistons" across it. How much more boring or basic can you be?

5. Atlanta Falcons: There are few things I love more than a cryptic logo and their logo possesses some hidden aspects with the "F" shaped Falcon. With that said, it offers very little else. To me, it's kind of boring to me and  it just seems like there's much more you can do with a Falcon than make it a sideways flying, lifeless bird.
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Sports Logo Review of the Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies were born into the Major League Baseball world prior to the 1993 season. Twenty-two years in the books and the Rockies have made the playoffs three times, never having won the National League West division. The "Blake Street Bombers," did, however, undergo a magical 2007 run that took them all the way to the World Series, where they fell to the Boston Red Sox in four consecutive games. 

Really, their success, or lack thereof, isn't absolutely horrendous. After all, they did make a World Series. More than a handful of teams within that same time frame have not reached a World Series. However, when you compare them to the team that joined them in expansion, the then Florida (and now Miami) Marlins, it doesn't look so good. And it isn't because the Marlins have had dashing success on a consistent level, but they do have two World Series titles to their name.

Another thing the Marlins have endured that the Rockies have not is a logo evolution. Not only have the Rockies maintained the same color scheme, but they have maintained the same logo for more than two decades, too. It might be time for the Rockies to spice things up, though. 
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All of that aside, I don't mind their current logo. But you know how when you go up into the attic and see a widget that's been untouched for a year or two it just looks much older and more antiquated than it really is? That's the feel I get with this logo. 

The color scheme features purple with black, silver, and white. I like that combination, particularly because it isn't the most common collection of colors. I do, however, think the colors could be sharpened up to have a more 2010s feel to it. The colors just don't pop. The silver seems more like gray without a metallic feel to it. 

My biggest issue, though, is with the graphics that create the logo's foundation. It kind of seems like this logo was created by someone who was really, really good at WordArt. It has some simple detail, but when your nickname is a mountain range, I think you can spice up the mountain a bit more. 

The flying baseball adds a generic feel, too. Not that I don't like the stereotypical flying baseball in a logo, but that's a generic use of a generic addition to a logo. 

There are things I like about the logo, though. The choice of nickname is great. The Rocky Mountains are a big part of Colorado so it is a very appropriate fit. And with the enormity in size of the mountains, I like the arched banner that contains “Colorado” in the logo. For me, it seems like the sky that adds perspective to the mountains in the logo. 

Overall, though, this was a sweet logo in the 90s and not bad to begin the 2000’s, but now that we’ve graduated to the 2010s, it is time for the Rockies to update their swag. 
And in a moment that will make some of us feel old, before the baseball club, there was an NHL team called the Colorado Rockies. 

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