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Celebrating National Bootleggers Day

Happy Birthday Bootleggers!  It’s National Bootleggers Day! Do we toast to this? Pour a little whiskey out to those in the past? Wear our favorite Nashville Bootleggers awesome t-shirt? First, lets dive into why today celebrates the Bootleggers.


According to, January 17th is the birthday of Templeton Rye. On this day in 1920, the sale and manufacture of alcohol was banned. It’s also the day some outlaws in small town Iowa didn’t agree with the decision and began bootlegging Templeton. This product was also the favorite drink of notorious gangster Al Capone. Today is Capone’s Birthday as well. Capone was known for hiding out in various parts of Tennessee and was involved in the Bootlegging industry.


Where does the term “Bootlegging” come from? By most accounts, the word came to use in the 1880’s describing the method of concealing flasks of liquor in boot tops when going to trade with Indians. Makes sense to us.

The term has since taken on more of a romantic theme with whiskey lovers. Bootlegger is the name of bars, liquor stores, even restaurants. People are fascinated by mafia/gangster history and names like Capone, Lucky Luciano and Bugs Moran.

I also find it romantic and loved the term and it’s history. I wanted to find a city that fit the term and lifestyle and the awesome city of Nashville popped up. Not only is it a blossoming sports city with the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Vanderbilt and the AAA Nashville Sounds, “Music City USA”, is also a major pouring spot for Tennessee Whiskey which has a rich history of Bootlegging. I wanted to blend the two so I created a sports logo that looked like he had come from the mountains with a new stash. He’s giving anyone that gets in his way the Heisman and instead of cradling a football, he has a whiskey barrel firmly in his grasp. That’s what sports logos are all about, combining local history with that sport and a perfect name.


This is where the t-shirt met the real Heisman Trophy.

You need to celebrate National Bootleggers today by buying this super soft t-shirt. Better yet, make it one of your choices as part of our T-shirt of the Month Club. Great discounts, free shipping as part of the club.

That’s how we roll at Awesome Sports Logos!

Happy Bootleggers Day Everybody,

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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