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The New NHL All Star Logo is Awesome

I don't know how many people will watch the NHL All-Star Game. Whatever the number is, I'm sure there will be more people who see the game's logo, but less people who actually appreciate it for what it is. 



Columbus isn't exactly hockey heaven, but the home of the Blue Jackets was supposed to host the game in 2013 before a lockout eliminated the festivities from the schedule. With the Olympics banging the game in 2014, the Blue Jackets, re-awarded the event, will host the NHL's first all-star game since 2012. 

For the All-Star Game, a star in this logo is fitting as well as incorporating the elements of the team's logo. Planted at the base of the logo with similarly colored silver hockey sticks diagonally crossing in the background, the star shines in this setup. 

The Ohio state flag is a great piece of the team's logo but an even greater piece for an All-Star Game. The game is a melting pot of hockey elite from all over so that the logo shows off its location really makes a difference. The Columbus Blue Jackets are identified as such The All-Star Game is not the Columbus NHL All-Star Game. Sure, Columbus gets mentioned plenty, but it's a qualifier and that's for those who consume the live media coverage of it. Fifteen years from now, if you took the Columbus text out of the logo, you could identify the host city because of the flag. Plus, hailing from Texas, a state that waves its flag more proudly and more often than any other state (I think), I approve of flag demonstration to show state pride. 

I think the flag smoothly blends in through artistic license and creates a backdrop that allows the NHL logo and 'All-Star Game' text to feel like it is apart of the logo and not a part of the logo. 

Take a second and look at the logo. Look at it as a whole. What do you notice? Anything? 

Look again...

Do you notice a "C"? While the circular area within a "C" is filled in, the overall shape of the logo's bulk creates a "C", which, yet again, represents Columbus. I like and appreciate that.

Bonus points for substituting the hyphen in All-Star with a star. 

Bonus points because you can never go wrong with featuring red, white, and blue. Sure, they are the Blue Jackets colors but the game also takes place in the states. 

What a great logo. I'm a big fan of it for several reasons and appropriately bang my stick against the boards for the folks who drummed this baby up. 

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Thanks as always for reading.

Jared Sandler

Awesome Sports Logos Columnist


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