Thoughts on the New Pawtucket Red Sox Sports Logo

First and foremost, Happy New Year sports logo lovers!  We kick off 2015 with our first sports logo review. The Pawtucket Red Sox or “PawSox” as New Englanders like to refer to them as have a new logo. As you know, I’m a huge proponent of originality in the minors rather than replicating their parent club.  There are certain exceptions and I always thought Pawtucket was one of them. They replicated the classic Red Sox uniform. Maybe it’s because I grew up in New England and I was used to it. Maybe it’s because I was a kid at McCoy Stadium and when I watched the PawSox, I thought I was watching the Red Sox. When I heard the news, I immediately went to check out the new logo and unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed. Let’s go through the new logos and start with the primary logo.

I guess the Bear is related to the Paw in the Pawsox. Further down, you’ll see their ball cap logos that better fit that thinking. I know Rhode Island gets cold but not cold enough for the jolliest Polar Bear I’ve seen. To me, this is far too cartoonish and it looks like a logo that if it were a toy box would read, “ages 3-12". Luckily the other logos get better but for a primary logo change, this was a disappointment.

All Right, now the bear at least looks mad and he’s breaking a bat. Not a fan of the light blue but at least this is a sports logo that looks like he is ready for battle.

I dig this logo. The P is the focal point and the bear claw reaching around is a nice touch. 

This to me is the best of them all and the PawSox will wear this hat logo from time to time. This logo keeps that Red Sox theme that they’ve had for so many years with homage to their nickname. To me, this would have made a great primary logo and this cap will be on my list to purchase. 
Pawtucket and Rhode Island are rich in history. I would have loved to see them tie in a local angle to their sports logo. My vote would be for the Pawtucket Griffins, a Family Guy reference. There is an episode where Peter takes his father to a PawSox game. 

After all, they named the Albuquerque Isotopes, the Triple A of the Colorado Rockies after a Simpsons episode so how crazy am I? 

Unfortunately, we can’t give props to the new Pawtucket Red Sox logo but if you are ever in Rhode Island, McCoy Stadium is a great take with rich baseball history. 
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Happy New Year Everyone!

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
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