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WrestleMania is Here And So Is Their Awesome Logo

We at Awesome Sports Logos happen to be huge WWE fans. Why? It’s our soap opera and the athletes on the roster are truly amazing. Later today, your social media feed will be taken over by wrestling names and references because a record 100,000 people will descend upon AT&T Stadium for WrestleMania 32 in Arlington Texas. 
People may laugh but cities are lining up for the right to host WrestleMania. It’s just as valuable as getting the SuperBowl and the WWE doesn’t force cities to spend ridiculous amounts of money like the NFL. You get international fans selling out hotels in the area, WWE Axxess which is their Fan Zone, the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony and Monday night Raw are three huge attractions that accompany the main event. Not to mention the numerous charitable efforts that the WWE brings throughout the week. The NFL might be the number one sport but WWE bringing WrestleMania to town is a much better value. 
We thought we would take a look at the WrestleMania sports logo and it’s a good one. It’s simple but just by looking at it and seeing two iconic logos inside the main logo makes it awesome. The top features the main WWE logo. The WWE does a great job putting their logo on everything. It’s simple and extremely identifiable. The same can be said of the bottom logo. When you see that Cowboys star, you see Super Bowls, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith and other rich history. They are called “America’s Team” for a reason. Each year news services poll various regions and the Dallas Cowboys always come up as America’s #1 NFL team. Both logos also symbolize the partnership of Wrestlemania spearheaded by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. 
This logo features great crisp lines. WWE red is featured and pairs nicely with Cowboys blue. I’m sure people in North Texas are glad that the logo doesn’t have a cowboy hat, lasso or some form of a horse or cow. Sure, North Texas has all of those but there isn’t a cow on every corner which the national media seems to show whenever Dallas and North Texas is featured nationally. 
Major kudos to the WWE on a terrific event logo and to their annual event, WrestleMania. 
We have a t-shirt that features a wrestling them mixed in with some hoops. It’s the El Paso Luchadores super soft guaranteed closet favorite.
This t-shirt celebrates the rich Luchador tradition that dates back to the early part of the 20th century. The popularity of the Luchadores has spilled over not just to wrestling but also to cartoons and movies. Many Luchador wrestlers are heroes in their culture and you will look like a hero by sporting this soft, funny and cool El Paso t-shirt with vibrant colors. Here is our funny video we did featuring this t-shirt.
Have a great WrestleMania Sunday!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic
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