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Sports Logo Spotlight on the WNBA's Tulsa Shock

The WNBA's Tulsa Shock have been in the headlines recently because of news that they are relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Professional women's basketball is no stranger to the Metroplex, but this would be the first WNBA franchise to grace it. 
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The Shock entered the WNBA world in 1998 in Detroit with the same nickname. After 12 seasons in the Motor City, they relocated to Tulsa. This season is the team's sixth in Oklahoma and, as we've recently learned, their last. 

The Shock have won 3 championships, all coming during their time in Detroit. Along with a triumvirate of titles in their history, the Shock have had an impressive "Who's who" of coaches. Nancy Lieberman, Bill Laimbeer, and Rick Mahorn have all roamed their sideline. They also have some notable names heading South, including the very popular Skylar Diggins, as well as former Baylor star, Odyssey Sims. 

So they have some flash in different area on paper, but what about their logo? Meh...

With relocations comes a new logo and I'm excited to see what they come up with next because it has to be better than their current logo. This current model is about as generic as can be with a very WordArt feel to it. 

There's a generic basketball in the background, barely popping up from the lettering. There's a generic lightning bolt striking through the lettering, also in the background, too. The lettering is fine, but if you're turning to lettering to "make" your logo, you're in trouble. 

I don't know, maybe I just got stuck with a bad taste I can't shake, but this logo has no personality to me. There's nothing about the logo that makes me think it is any different than a template. There's no Tulsa skyline or anything that makes me think about the city or state. If that's not your thing, the main imagery, the lightning bolt, is generic and plain, too. 

Their colors are officially listed as gold, black, white, and red. The two colors that pop the most in the logo are gold and red. It looks fine from a color standpoint, but it is working with such a generic palate that it negates the plus that the colors provide. 

My plea to the Shock organization is to come to DFW with a much better look. This logo is bland as can be and I’d love to at least have a tiny desire to buy some gear of this franchise, but if I’m a DFW native and this is my logo, I’m not touching it at all. 

We at Awesome Sports Logos have a pretty cool Dallas logo that we came up with that has some great history. We introduce you to the Dallas Doughboys. 

A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier. This term dates all the way back to the Mexican American War that focused around Texas. Some say it originated because many noticed that U.S. forces were constantly covered with chalky dust from marching through the dry terrain of Northern Mexico making the men look like unbaked dough. There are many other theories on the nickname, including how the infantry baked with rice and dough during war rations. 

Either way, these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. There are some real cool features about this logo including a rifle that is actually a bat. We love the history and the look of this awesome Dallas sports t-shirt! Check out all of our t-shirts and support the cause by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. You won't regret it. 

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