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Let’s take a break from the teams and the players, and the postseason/offseason drama. Today, we take a look at something that all baseball fans can enjoy: movies about the greatest game in American history. That’s right folks, today we will feature the best movies about baseball. Years of both baseball and movie watching experience has clearly qualified me to be the ultimate judge on the rankings of these films.

Not really.

These are just some of my own personal favorites. Please note, this list is only covering movies from 1985 to present. Older movies should deserve a category of their own.

Here we go folks:


#5 – The Sandlot (1993)


This movie relates to many of our childhoods. It’s almost two hours of kids playing pick-up baseball, getting into trouble, and enjoying the summer with friends. A new kid moves into town, and wants to join the local baseball crew. He doesn’t know a thing about baseball. He can’t play, and he has no knowledge of the game. After ripping up their only ball, our main character steals one from hi step-dad. After it ends up in the neighbor’s yard, it was then discovered to be signed by “some lady”, being Babe Ruth himself. The boys band together to retrieve the ball, and hilarity ensues.


#4 – Fever Pitch (2005)


A movie was made about my every day struggle. How can I balance my relationship with my wife and my relationship with baseball? Well, Jimmy Fallon stars in this film, and he attempts to do the undoable. As the main character, he meets a girl, falls in love, and fights to find the happy medium between his love of the game and his love of the girl. It’s not just a love for the game that the main character has, it’s an obsession. The Red Sox consume his life. Bed sheets, bath towels, throw pillows, posters, cards, everything! Does he decide to go with the game, or go with the girl?


#3 – Major League (1989)


One of the funniest baseball movies ever made, features a young Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger. When a new owner hits Cleveland, she puts together a terrible team. Her motive is to develop the worst team ever, trying to lose on purpose, in hopes to get to move the club. Once the team gets wind of her intentions, they come together and win out of spite. Along the way, antics and locker room comedy keeps the team upbeat, despite facing certain termination. Don’t worry folks, they made it.


#2 – Trouble With The Curve (2012)


I was extremely skeptical seeing a baseball movie with Justin Timberlake as a main character. I was truly shocked. Clint Eastwood and a gorgeous Amy Adams complimented Timberlake, in one of the best baseball movies of this century. Eastwood portrays a scout who has been a scout for many years. He’s so good, he can tell how well a batter plays just by hearing the sound of the ball coming off the bat. Yea, that good. His club is starting to question his decisions, citing his old age and changing of the game, as to why he is ignoring one of the best prospects coming up. Eastwood leads an adventure to determine how good the kid will be.


#1 – Moneyball (2011)

Not just for the purpose of this list but this is my favorite baseball movie of all time. Brad Pitt's portrayal of A's GM Billy Beane is magnificent. The movie tells the based on true events story of Beane's dabbling with sabermetrics to put together an inexpensive but spectacular team. The struggle is real for Beane and he hears it from the doubters including his scouting and coaching staff. He's confident that the system will work and throughout the movie you see it come to life. While it doesn't end in a World Series trophy, the journey takes you through the emotional roller coaster of baseball management. If you love the game of baseball, it's a terrific behind the scenes look at the life of a GM both on the field and off the field.
There you have it folks. Those are my must-see baseball movies (post 1985). Again, these are ranked according to my own opinion. I’m no movie expert, but I certainly love the game of baseball. These films add fuel to my baseball fire. That’s how they ended up on this list.

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