Top 5 Weather Sports Logos

I guess I can be officially crowned a sports logo nerd and that’s a name I’m proud of. You have to be nerdy to sit down and research weather patterns and how they tie into sports logos. The fact is, sports logos come in all shapes and sizes including various descriptions of weather. Here are some of our favorites
#5 St. John’s Fox Devils
I’ve been in a lot of fog growing up near the ocean but have never seen a fog devil and that’s a good thing. The Fog Devils were part of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League from 2005-2008.

#4 The Miami Hurricanes
While this logo is simple, the history symbolizes so much. History is a difference maker in this weather pattern and “The U” beat out the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL.

#3 The Coulee Region Chill  
This Junior Hockey Team based in Onalaska Wisconsin has a cool looking penguin that doesn’t look chill at all. He looks like he wants to drop the gloves and that alone makes for a great hockey logo.

#2 The Green Bay Blizzard

Part of the Indoor Football League, this sports logo almost made its way to number one.  I like how the bottom looks like frozen ice. Your main focus at first is on the snow monster and for good reason. 

#1 The Lake Elsinore Storm
One of my favorite sports logos in baseball. This single A team has a beautiful ballpark right next to the lake and when the storms come through, they pack a powerful punch, just like this Padres affiliate logo.
Lots and lots of honorable mentions and I’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions? In the meantime, be sure to check out our t-shirt of the month club. This club is an awesome gift for that special someone who loves sports and funny t-shirts. Every time they walk into their closet and put on their favorite t-shirt, they’ll think of you!

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