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The Tampa Bay Lightning in the Sports Logo Spotlight

The NHL playoffs have been exciting this year! Fans are seeing multiple goals in a game, and what feels like more fights than ever. Of the teams that are left, battling for a chance at the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning have turned some heads. After a tough loss in game one of the second round, the Lightning went on to win four straight. Those four wins include two overtime victories, and one impressive 4-0 shutout in game five.
The Lightning goaltender, Ben Bishop, was impressive in the game 5 shutout, managing to stop a whopping 28 shots! Even under the constant barrage of flying pucks, Bishop made the job look easy. Tampa Bay, the first team to make it to the Conference Finals, will look to continue their success on the ice. They do so with one heck of a team logo behind them. Of the teams still left in the Stanley Cup hunt, I have selected the Lightning as having the best logo. What’s so impressive?
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Just look at it. It’s a lightning bolt. What’s so special about it? Simplicity! Simplicity is a wonderful thing in a sports logo. You don’t want your team to have a busy or jumbled image, straining the eyes and making it hard to interpret. You don’t want a bunch of symbolism that’s hard to interpret. A nice, clean and straight-forward logo is the way to go. The Tampa Bay Lightning have accomplished just that. The lightning bolt itself is strong, dangerous with a simple Blue and White color scheme. The team is truly living up to their name, just like the Brooklyn Leg Breakers!
Are you talkin’ to me? The Brooklyn Leg Breakers play hockey, hard core style. If they could break through the ice and make you swim with the fishes, they would. This logo was inspired by the many New York mafia stories of old. We love the detail of this logo including the pinstripes on the suit, the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline as the backdrop as well as the NY lettering inside the tape of the stick. “Forget about it,” and pick up this awesome Brooklyn sports logo t-shirt today.
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