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Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials remind me of a historic landmark you hear about for years. You finally go and see it only to think: What’s the big deal? The appreciation for the landmark lies more in what it represents than its aesthetical beauty. Outside of the ability to check it off of the bucket list, these landmarks are often better to read and learn about than to see in person. Yellowstone may be one thing but for those that have seen Plymouth Rock or "Plymouth very small boulder inside of a cage Rock", you know exactly what I am talking about.

The Super Bowl is a rare sporting event on TV that captivates without pause because of the mystery and promise of the commercials. As the date nears, highlights of past gems pop up everywhere and it builds excitement towards what the next batch of expensive ads will offer. However, more often than not, I find myself approving commercials at a rate of which Mario Mendoza (see: Mendoza Line) would approve: 20%.

Perhaps some might suggest 20% is a failure. When I saw Anchorman 2, I probably thought about 20% of the jokes were funny and walked out disappointed. Then again, the genius of Anchorman created high expectations which certainly didn’t help. However, even on a regular season Sunday, take the minutes of time you spend watching the actual game (subtract commercials, halftime, etc.) and you are likely captivated less than 20% of the time. I mean, does a three-yard plunge on 1st and 10 really get your juices flowing? No. But you love knowing that there’s a next play and a next play and a next play and each play brings the possibility of offering that unique feeling of awe or exaltation.

Even as commercials pass without laughter, I am captivated by the possibility of the next one’s potential. And I remain totally entertained because when the commercials wrap up for a particular sequence, I still have the actual game to continue watching! It is uninterrupted entertainment because of the excitement and energy of potential.

Speaking of commercials, I’ve gone through and picked out my favorite commercials from each of the past five Super Bowls.


A little arousal isn't a bad thing...



Hats off to the NFL for using this as an ad to say thank you to the fans. Hats off to the producers for using slow motion to demonstrate the unreal athleticism of Reggie Bush.


The Budweiser family has had its share of hits over the years and their ‘Fired’ ad was great, but this one from Chrysler was awesome. The great commercials make you laugh, right? Well, this one pumped me up. It hit a different note…




How many times has “Landslide” been covered? Great commercial because, again, you get some humor, but this one touches that emotional cord!

Speaking of humor, who doesn't love humorous shirts? This is my favorite one going right now - the Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club t-shirt. This is a perfect gift for the outdoorsman. Thanks for reading and enjoy the Super Bowl!

Jared Sandler
Columnist and T-shirt Wearer


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