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Huge Culture Shift With Virginia Football

You Gotta Earn It

Spring practices are underway for the University of Virginia football team. They are starting the season of fresh, with a new coach and a new set of standards. Bronco Mendenhall took over the head coach position this past December, and with him, came a new way of doing things. For the players, it has become very apparent that they are going to have to work hard to earn their spot.

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The school’s famous “V Sabre” logo (as seen above) is missing from practice gear. Spectators won’t see the image on shorts, shirts, jerseys, or even helmets. Coach Mendenhall has taken it away, and with good reason: he wants players to earn the right to wear the school’s logo. I absolutely love the idea. Many players have fought for the right to wear the emblem. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed for the opportunity to display the logo. No one should feel entitled to it. Bronco Mendenhall may be doing things differently, but he has a successful history to back up his ways.

The new UVA Coach was previously with BYU, where he went to 11-straight bowl games and won 99 games in his 11 years with the school. The UVA players are going to be counting on Mendenhall to bring some of that success to Virginia, as they’ve only seen 11 wins in the last three seasons. With a new coach, and a new standard set, I’m sure we’ll see UVA find success.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a Virginia sports logo in a place you may have never heard of, Climax, Virginia. 
Each fall Climax hosts the Moonshine Jamboree. Moonshine is huge with the locals and so is Bluegrass music. In fact the reality show Moonshiners is filmed in Climax. If you pulled up a map of Climax, you wouldn't see many major cities in the area so it would certainly be a tough place to play but at the same time, you get to wear this awesome Climax Fiddlers logo so that will make you feel better. We love this sports logo on a funny t-shirt and we hope you do as well. 

Another logo that has to be earned, is that of the Cocksville Blockers.

This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason. Be sure to earn the right to wear both of these awesome logos by adding them to your t-shirt of the month club rotation!

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