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Some Cheap Sports Bucket List Alternatives

The average price for a ticket to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York/New Jersey was among the lowest since the turn of the century…and it was still more than $2,000. Go ahead and spend that cash. I won’t. Besides, I enjoy watching football games at home on the tube more, anyway. But, here are my top five sports experiences that, combined, will cost you less than a Super Bowl ticket. 

Stanley Cup, Game 7

You won’t find a more exciting, edge-of-your-seat, emotional rollercoaster in North America as consistently as a playoff hockey game. Throw in the finals and a winner-take-all format, and it just doesn’t get any better. There is something special about feeling your heart jump or sink as a disappearing-and-then-reappearing (or vice versa) little black object is smacked at obscene speeds. Not knowing if the puck was scored or saved—that split second is an irreplaceable feeling at a sports venue. The rush of the crowd’s roar when the red light shines…do yourself a favor and check it out yourself.

Special Olympics

I guarantee you that you won’t find a more enriching sporting event to attend. The smiles and joyous dispositions these athletes exhibit refreshes your life. Their ability is awe-inspiring, too. Don’t be fooled…these young boys and girls, young men and women, they are athletes. There isn’t a better venue to demonstrate the joys of winning, while valuing the importance of competing. Then again, while you’ll love seeing certain athletes win, you’ll be crushed to know that not everyone can go home a winner—but then you remember that they all go home winners when all is said and done.

High School Sports Basketball Rivalry

One small gym packed featuring two roaring student sections with chants back and forth and tons of energy filling the gym. The best part of that description is that the game hasn’t even started. There is something so incredibly special about a bunch of teenagers rallying together to support their peers. There is something more special about watching a bunch of teenagers competing for their loyal peers. At that level, each kid knows who is in the stands and there is such a tangible romance between the students and athletes that is unparalleled at higher levels. These kids play for the pure love of the sport and for many of them, that stage is the biggest athletic podium on which they’ll stand. And to know that Joe from geometry can become that night’s hero, or, better yet, that Chris, the new kid who is really shy, can make a friend or two by putting himself out on that big stage, is uniquely special.

Bar in Europe for World Cup

I can’t wait for the day that the fanfare for soccer in America compares to that of soccer’s fanfare in Europe. Until then, my dreams carry me overseas. My best friend, Benjamin, was in Italy when “Forza” won the World Cup. He spent the day of the game at a bar and said that it was one of the most unreal experiences, one that transcended just sports. From the chanting to the drinking to the yelling and screaming, when you watch a futbol match at a sports bar in Europe, you are not just watching a game, but you are witnessing a culture—a way of life—to the extreme degree. It is a first-hand lesson on what sports fans are like in Europe, with the understanding, again, that this is about pride just as much as it is about sports.

Basketball Game at Rucker Park

There is nowhere else in the world you can stumble upon some of the game’s best casually lacing them up on the famed green and red courts in the shadows of Yankee Stadium. This legendary venue is often host to current and future superstars, both inside and outside the sports world. It’s not basketball…no, it’s streetball and that’s something you don’t get to see every day. Take a seat on the rickety bleachers if you dare, and watch the action unfold for the price of a hot dog. If you want to be more conventional, you’ll just pop a squat on the slab, but be sure to get there early because only the first 2,000 get inside the cage! 

Put these hidden gems on your sports bucket list, you won’t be sorry. Speaking of hidden gems, have you checked out the Awesome Sports Logos T-shirt of the Month Club? It’s like being on the VIP list without having to deal with that cocky bouncer. Plus you save money and the shipping is free. It’s the way to go if you ask me.
Thanks as always for reading!
Jared Sandler
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist


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