Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 Logo Falls Short

This week, Sports Illustrated announced it’s second Fashionable 50 magazine spread. I like the creativity of Sports Illustrated. Growing up, it was a cover-to-cover read as soon as you grabbed it from your mailbox. The full-page pictures made great high school locker posters. Yes, I’m that old. That was then and now with the growth of online reading, SI needs to find creative ways to stay ahead of the curve. They are after all, the creators of the Swimsuit Edition.

 There is some sweet athlete star power on this years list. Victor Cruz, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Henrik Lundqvist and more. Plus they will be doing a sweet VIP release event in Los Angeles right before the issue is released. Here are some video highlights of last year’s event.



With such big names, I was hoping for a better logo.


 I love this concept but I was just hoping that logo would combine fashion and sports. This could be any fashion list for any company. With such big name brands, they could have featured silhouettes or shadows of various athletes. Or they could have blended pictures from last year’s issue and party. The colors are nice especially if you are a Miami Marlins fan. A little less bright but a similar toned down color scheme. 

I look forward to checking out the issue. Fashion is all about creativity. I wish they had used a little more of that creativity for their logo.

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