Before They Were The Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs

With baseball season finally back, you have probably seen plenty of people sporting baseball caps of late. If you’re outside on a bright sunny day, odds are that you’ll run into someone wearing a Yankees, Red Sox, or Cubs hat. This much you know: those three franchises have been around for over 100 years each. But what you probably didn’t know? All three had remarkably different nicknames in the early 1900s.

Let’s start with the Yankees. They’ve had the same logo for almost their entire history. Well, other than their first two years of existence - 1901 – 1902 - when they were . . . the Baltimore Orioles. In 1903, the Orioles were bought and moved to Northern Manhattan in NYC. And then became . . . The Highlanders, using several variants of this logo over the next few years.
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The 1986 movie “Highlander” had the following tagline: “There can be only one.” That wouldn’t apply to 1903’s Highlanders. They’d change their nickname to “Yankees” in 1912, and the rest is history.

How about the Boston Red Sox? They were originally known as the “Boston American Baseball Club”, but since Boston also had a National League team at the time, locals called them the “Boston Americans”. “Americans”.
A much better nickname, especially for a historic city like Boston. Yet in 1908, the Americans changed their name to Red Sox. 

It’s time for a little tangent. Can we invent a time machine, go back to the late 19th and early 20th century, and ask why everyone was obsessed with socks?

The Cincinnati Reds broke into baseball as the Cincinnati “Red Stockings” in 1882. The Red Sox came to be in 1908. And the Chicago “White Stockings” - now White Sox – began playing in 1901. We can all appreciate a comfy pair of socks. But come on, we can think of more creative nicknames than that, right? 

Back then, apparently not. Before becoming known as the Cubs in 1903, Chicago’s national league squad spent 1898 – 1902 as the “Orphans”. 

Yes, arguably the most depressing name in the history of sports. Right now, stockings and socks don’t sound so bad.

We believe we’re a bit more creative than our turn of the 19th century brethren. Socks? Come on. Boston’s unique accent provide a much better nickname than the “Red Sox”.

We don’t have a suggestion to replace “The Orphans”. But since that nickname is such a Debbie Downer, why not just move the Cubs to Idaho and rename them the Taters?

Intimidating AND tasty, no?

We’re still working on a time machine to ask why the Yankees aren’t still the Highlanders, why the Red Sox aren’t the Americans, and how the Orphans were even thought of. Until then, we hope you enjoy our fabulous T-Shirts and remember, you can always join our t-shirt of the month club. A great reason to check the mail each month. 
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