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After 20 Years The Chicago Fire Still Have an Awesome Logo

They are few and far between but some logos stand the test of time and don’t need to change throughout the years. One of those logos is the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer.


 The Fire are celebrating their 20th year without a logo change but did come up with this special logo to feature this year.

The Fire got it right the first time and haven’t changed since. The official club colors are red and blue and the logo takes on what you would see to describe a fire department’s crest. That’s also called a  Florian’s Cross. The “C” is right in the middle or the “Heart” of Chicago. If you look outside of the “C” connected to the circle you will notice six points. Each point represents a star in the Municipal Flag of Chicago. This is the flag that commemorates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. In fact, the Chicago Fire were founded on the 126 anniversary of this massive fire that lasted two days and reports say killed 300 people. 

The Fire won in its inaugural year but recently, they’ve struggled and have been absent from the MLS playoffs for the last 4 years. To me in a league that is still growing, a major market like Chicago being successful certainly helps everyone. Early signs point to the drought being over as the Fire sit in 2nd place in the MLS Eastern Conference. C’mon Fire, you can do it!!

You know who puts out a winning squad every year, the Arizona Pricks.


This is one of our best selling logos and for good reason. We can’t make these pictures up, there are actual cacti that look like, you know… This sports logo pays tribute to the Saguaro cactus which is indigenous to the Arizona desert.

There is a lot of talk about the Phoenix area receiving an MLS expansion group. The area is one of 12 locations being looked at as a viable city. I don’t think they’ll call us for use of our Arizona Pricks logo but they sure should because it would be a national best seller!

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Our Favorite Major League Soccer Sports Logos

Major League Soccer hardly gets recognition in the United States. The majority of sports talk today revolves around the NFL, MLB, NBA and even the NHL from time to time. I’ll admit, even when we discuss awesome sports logos, rarely do I venture out to see what MLS has to offer. Well folks, today that all changes. I am diving into the Major League Soccer logos, and seeing what club has the best look out there. With 20 teams to take a look at, 17 from the U.S. and three from Canada, there is a solid pool of awesome logos to take a look at. Let’s take a look at a couple of the best MLS logos.

 Logos Courtesy of

The Chicago Fire have an awesome name. The Chicago Fire have an awesome logo. The Chicago Fire are awesome. Just look at that logo. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? A fire department, right? Well, other MLS teams are going to need a fire department when the Chicago Fire get done with them! This club won the MLS title in their very first year of existence! That was in 1997, as they were one of the first expansion teams in Major League Soccer. But back to the logo. It’s very well done. With the look of a traditional fire department crest, the script “Chicago Fire” broken up on the top and bottom, and the “C” sitting front and center in an awesome font, their logo is outstanding!


Real (pronounced “re” like to do something over again, and “Al” like the name) Salt Lake has a classy look. RLS has a logo that would be consider more of a traditional soccer logo, as compared to some of the other Major League Soccer teams. The first part of their name, “Real” is Spanish for royal. And the club gave their logo a royal look. Of course every royal look needs a crown. And RLS has a nice gold crown atop their initials. The colors used in the logo, claret and cobalt, really add to the royal tone of the look. All of this taking place in a traditional shield, Real Salt Lake solidifies their esteemed look.


The New England Revolution have the BEST logo in Major League Soccer. Founded in 1996, the club selected their name based on the region’s vital role in the American Revolution, from 1775-1783. The Revs, as they are so nicknamed, took their name and heritage to the next level, with one awesome logo. As we have discussed repeatedly when analyzing logos, simplicity is key. The Revs logo is certainly simple. but at the same time powerful. They took a play on the American flag, and made it fit their club. We see a soccer ball where the blue field of stars once stood. Red stripes seem to wave, just as Old Glory does in the wind. As a whole, the logo looks aged and antiqued. Looking at it is inspiring and motivational. What a perfect logo to represent the team, that’s representing the beginning of our great country!

Just like MLS not getting enough time in the spotlight, our very own soccer logos don’t get enough love either. And that’s a shame, because these logos are totally awesome. So let’s recognize the best of our soccer looks right now! Take a look at our Arizona Pricks logo.


Cactus can be quite prickly, and no part of the United States features more cactus than the beautiful state of Arizona and its most prominent city, Phoenix. Phoenix also has a huge soccer (aka fútbol) following. We’ve teamed the two together to form the Arizona Pricks Awesome Sports Logo. Hard to believe that nature can be this funny, but there are actually cacti that look like man parts! This awesome tee is great to wear when you want to tell that certain person in your life what you really think of them... Instead of letting it out, just point to this awesome t-shirt! Where there are cacti, there are a lot of pricks. Wear this t-shirt with pride!


Our second awesome soccer t-shirt hails from Tequila Mexico. We couldn’t believe that Tequila didn’t have a team called the worms. Just like craft beer, Tequila is having it’s own growth spurt. You don’t see many worms in Tequila anymore and you certainly don’t see worm sports logos until now. So add a few soccer or futbol closet favorites to your collection. Better yet, these two would be an awesome start to our T-shirt of the Month Club collection. Save money, get free shipping and put a smile on your face each month when a new shirt arrives in the mail. Now that’s awesome!

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The Premier League Sports Logo Gets a Remake

The English Premier League will dawn a new display in the 2016-2017 season. Currently known as the Barclays Premier League, the English soccer league system will part with sponsorship name in their title. Moving into next season, they will be known just as Premier League. With this change of title sponsorship, a new league image emerges. 
Here is the old logo: 

 Logos courtesy of
And here is the new logo: 
As we look at the two images, the current (soon to be old) image is drastically different than the new logo. The lion is, and always has been, the representative of the Premier League. It’s legendary and historic. The logo symbolizes what English soccer is and that is king.  As the lion rules the jungle, English soccer or as the rest of the world calls it futbol rules the sport. I’m glad the organization decided to keep this icon as their focus.
The outgoing image is bold. It has an essence of dominance. The lion wears a crown, representing his reign. And with his paw on the ball, we see that soccer is his kingdom. The blue is simple, representing loyalty and trust. The soccer ball in red, representing passion, stands out in the logo. And of course, the script “Premier League” runs across the bottom of the image, large and bold. Overall, it’s a classic image.
As we prepare to part ways with the old, and bring in the new, we see that an obvious overhaul has taken place. The lion is still the center of attention. The body has been eliminated, and just the head remains. Of course the king still wears his crown. In the new arrangement of images, we see that the logo as a whole has been simplified. All in all, I’m not a fan. While I can understand the need for a new and refreshing image, I feel the Premier League hasn’t made an improvement. The new logo lost something in the transition. It isn’t as fierce, or defiant. It isn’t as dominate. And that’s a shame for the league that has dominated the sport for so long.
You know who else dominates in the world of soccer? The Arizona Pricks. Cactus can be quite prickly, and no part of the United States features more cactus than the beautiful state of Arizona and its most prominent city, Phoenix. Phoenix also has a huge soccer following. We’ve teamed the two together to form the Arizona Pricks Awesome Sports Logo. Hard to believe that nature can be this funny, but there are actually cacti that look like man parts! This awesome tee is great to wear when you want to tell that certain person in your life what you really think of them... Instead of letting it out, just point to this awesome t-shirt!  Where there are cacti, there are a lot of pricks. Be sure to add this super soft tee to your t-shirt of the month club rotation.
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A New Sports Logo For The US Men's National Team?

The United States Men’s National Team may be changing their logo for the 2016 season. Rumors spread that the team would get a revamp, ahead of the Copa America in 2016. The Copa America will be the biggest tournament held in the United States since the World Cup in 1944. Well the rumors received a little backing, when sources leaked an image of the newest logo design.

The leak comes from, known to leak soccer kits and crests in the past. So it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to believe them on this one. Let’s take a look at the two logos, past and future, next to each other, and compare!

(photos courtesy of, and

The first is the logo we’ve all known for years. It’s a classic, and has all of the qualities of the United States flag represented in it. The red, white, and blue coloring should give us a strong feeling of patriotism, and should make us proud when we see it. However, the soccer ball in the middle makes it look like a comic book logo. It has a cartoon feel. The whole thing kind of falls apart with the ball right smack in the middle.

Number two is the leaked image of the 2016 logo. It’s sleek, clean, and very professional looking. It takes a step towards the simpler side, but also the strong side. I love the strong, flat line at the top of the crest, giving it an edge. The straight lines running down the side create a solid, bold crest. The shape of the crest finally comes to a point, as the side lines curve into the bottom tip. The coloring is outstanding. Taking a step from traditional blue to a darker navy screams “we mean business” to all who see it. Taking the ball out of the middle leaves room for all three letters of “USA” to run across the top.

Overall, I’m happy with the new logo. I would have liked to see a star in the logo, in some way. I’m sure it was considered, but it probably didn’t fit in without making the crest too cluttered. The crest seems to make the team look more serious and more competitive. Heading into the Copa America in 2016, that’s exactly what we want for our boys!

Thinking about them running onto the pitch in 2016, displaying the bold new logo, reminds me of our Dallas Doughboys t-shirt.


A Doughboy is a term used to describe an American soldier, and these guys were much tougher than the popular biscuit maker seen on commercials. Check out our super soft Dallas Doughboys t-shirt, and add it to your t-shirt of the month rotation, which you can learn more about here.

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Sports Logo Breakdown of Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the world’s most iconic sports teams in the world with one of the most recognizable logos, even if that isn’t the case stateside. I’m a big fan of their logo as I feel like it possesses plenty of the elements that create a strong logo.

First of all, this is more of a crest than it is a logo, which is the case with most international futbol clubs, particularly those in England. With the scroll peeking out the top-right and top-left, the crest creates an old-fashioned English feel to it.

The badge in the middle of the crest features the red and yellow in dual ways—each as the background and the object. A vessel rests at the top of the badge, sailing from right to left in yellow with red skies behind it. The ship represents the Manchester Trade Center’s port, unique to the area. I love when a logo’s features have special meaning unique to its region subtly injected like Manchester United’s does.

Below the ship is the symbol of the team’s nickname, the Red Devils. This Red Devil, known as Fred, is, fittingly, red, gripping its trident in front of a yellow background. With its sharp tail standing tall behind the body, the Red Devil has a hollow, yet aggressive facial look offer the typical look of intimidation so appropriate for an organization that’s involved in athletics.

In addition to these two central objects, the logo’s top and bottom arches present the club’s name, Manchester on top, United on bottom, with soccer balls connect them at the hips. For several decades the lower arch spelled out “Football Club.” The present form took over in 1988 when the Manchester United became purely a football club, eliminating the need to identify it as such.

The red and yellow colors play well off of each other, never merging too much so as to trick the eyes into seeing orange. I typically prefer when a color dominates a logo and establishes a clear second fiddle and while I’d offer red the title of primary in this image, it isn’t dominant in holding that claim.

I like the simplicity of the name presentation’s font as it is spelled out in both arches. I’d even suggest that the font could have a little more personality if it wanted because the rest of the logo is busy with images here and there and whatnot. However, it stands out and I like the choice to letter with yellow—the color that pops more—and back it up with the red.

Overall, I give this logo a 7.2/10. I love how the ship represents something unique to Manchester’s culture and appreciate the color combination, too. There’s a lot going on with the logo but international logos often feature different styles with the crest template. 

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How the Arizona Pricks Sports Logo Was Created

I love releasing new sports logos. I love picking a region, doing the research and coming up with a game plan. Remember, the key to a great sports logo is embracing the region. Anyone can be the Bears or the Tigers.

I’ve always wanted to do a logo about Arizona which is one of my favorite states. I was truly shocked at the lack of sports teams incorporating cactus into their sports logos. We did find the Surprise Saguaros of the Arizona Fall baseball league.

 I like the colors but this is as basic as it gets for a sports logo.

 A lot of sports logos in Arizona use the cactus as part of their logo like the now defunct Tucson Padres.

 As for using Cactus in the name, it’s rare, until we came along. Innuendo is what we pride ourselves on and we think we’ve come up with a doozy. When you look at various pictures of cactus, you come across a specific kind of prickly species scientifically named Echinopsis lageniformis. We like to simply refer to it as a cocktus. You can take it from there.

Special thanks to for the picture 


The resemblance is striking and we needed to make it into a sports logo but how? The idea was finalized thanks to recent World Cup craze and the Arizona Pricks Futbol Club was born.

The two cactus balls are replaced with soccer balls. You can tell what it is but our goal is not to make sports logos that are not captain obvious. If people are laughing and saying that it’s clever, we’ve done our job. It’s awesome to get to the edge of the line and work some cool innuendo into the mix. It’s regional to Arizona and we couldn’t be happier. Join the Arizona Pricks Futbol club by picking up our latest awesome t-shirt.

Go Pricks!

Thanks as always for reading.

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