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Why Ronda Rousey is Awesome

Ronda Rousey is an amazing athlete. I don’t even think it’s fair calling her one of the great female athletes of our generation. She’s one of the best athletes, male or female of our generation. She’s also one of the most polarizing athletes in sports today. You can’t argue with the results. Ronda Rousey is a world champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist in Judo and hasn’t lost a fight in Mixed Martial Arts. Not only is she currently the UFC Women’s Champion, she has transformed a male dominated sport. Make no mistake about it, she is a UFC headliner and for good reason. So usually when I wear my Portland Tree Huggers T-shirt, I’m wearing a t-shirt that is ready to drop the gloves and fight. Not the case here but I don’t blame my t-shirt for just taking the picture. Ronda Rousey is a beautiful woman who could make me cry like a girl within seconds. Thanks for taking the picture with me Ronda! You are truly a game changer in Mixed Martial Arts. 


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