Does the MLB All Star Logo Get Our Vote

This year's MLB All-Star Game is at Minnesota's Target Field which is one of baseball's newest venues. The Metrodome's successor is beautiful and a terrific site to display baseball’s best. A beautiful site doesn't always inspire a beautiful logo for the All-Star Game, though. Where does this year's artwork stand?

 For event-specific logos hosted by a city, my top priority is to gauge unique characteristics that represent the city and the venue. Most ASG logos feature the host team's emblem (just as this one does above the "All Star Game" lettering) so that's more of a requirement than a job well done. But the background and the coloring are what stand out to me.

I enjoy the skyline, outlined with detail but filled in with simplicity. The clouds and blue sky adds a nice touch, too. What's really neat is that it isn't just the skyline, but the skyline as it is seen from inside the ballpark. I love that these shapes are simple because it doesn't act as a distraction, like a mansion on a street of more modest sized houses, but it remains an important part of the whole, which is much greater than the sum of its parts like how the Spurs are with its players. 

The MVP of this logo, though, is the coloring. The obvious choices are the blue and red of the Twins that color the stadium and the background of the lettering, respectively. But, the "star" of the logo is the sand-like coloring of the lettering and skyline. One of Target Field's most unique features is its use of limestone throughout much of the park. The limestone isn't just a part of the park's identity, but the state's identity, too, as the variety used for the structure comes from nearby Mankato. It is only fitting that one of the logo's most present colors is a part of the fabric of both the venue and the region.

The shape that is home the logo's messaging is another subtle key to what makes this logo unique. As you can see below, it is the same shape upon which 'TARGET FIELD' rests in front of the stadium's main entrance. Subtleties like this help separate a logo from the pack.

If we were to judge this logo on a scale of single to home run, I easily give this one a Harmon Killebrew 500-home run club seal of approval. While Target Field is ironically a pitcher's park, this logo is a no doubter with rich coloring and unique features that represent Minnesota, Minneapolis, and Target Field.

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Thanks as always for reading. Enjoy All Star Week!

Jared Sandler 

Awesome Sports Logos Columnist