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We Review The Historic Philadelphia Flyers Sports Logo

The Philadelphia Flyers' logo is pretty cool because it is so unique. Admittedly, if it was introduced as a new logo today, tomorrow, yesterday, a few years ago--basically, anytime in the future or in the past 20 years--I probably wouldn't feel as strongly about it. But, it has history, so we’ll  grandfather it into the rules I typically apply. 
I haven't completed my Masters in alphabet studies or anything, but there's something about the "P" that allows for some creativity and versatility if it’s the centerpiece of your image. It allows for a degree of imagination, almost. Sure, it is clearly a "P", but it also could be a wing or a wheel or a flying contraption of some kind and that ambiguity is neat. 

The reality is that it is just a "P" with some design. The four layers of the letter's shaft is supposed to suggest speed--envision a "P" on skates, zipping from end line to end line with its jersey flapping in the wind. It's simple with some detail, which I like. Typically, I'd moan and groan about it not representing Philadelphia or Pennsylvania in any way, but its antiquity gives it a bit of a pass.

One of the elements I like without exception is the color combination and application. The black and orange has a good look to it and I think white is added nicely. 

Even though the orange is only filling in the letter's circle, it stands out as much more because it is laid out against black and white. And, while this isn't a part of the logo, per se, I like that black is featured as the primary color because of how it allows for Philadelphia to rock the orange sweater, which looks slick on the ice.

So, pretty cool is fair for me. Is it extraordinary--Hall of Fame status? No but the Flyers get points for the consistency over four decades. I really like the colors and I enjoy how they use the versatility of the letter. I wish they could slightly transform it so that it had some sort of significance to the region and that's the only thing that keeps it in check. 

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Love little details of a logo and in this instance, the stick tape is in the form of a tire tread. 


How do I say this since this tree isn’t wearing gloves? I wouldn’t want this tree to drop the branches and fight with me. This is one mean looking tree. Probably because one of his relatives is now in the form of a stick he’s holding. 


Once again, I’m not messing with this sports logo unless I want to “swim with the fishes”. Great Brooklyn Bridge backdrop and if you look closely, the stick in this sports logo displays the initials NYC.

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Thanks as always for reading. We are so excited that hockey is back!!

Jared Sandler
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