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Sports Logo Review of the 2016 Rio Olympics

In approximately three months, the 2016 Summer Olympics will be underway. The scenery and landscapes should be stunning, as the games will be held in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As we sit down and watch the world come together, and compete in our favorite Summer sports, there’s no doubt that the official logo of the XXXI Olympiad will be plastered across every athlete’s uniform, every stadium’s billboards, and of course, permanently fixed in the corner of the TV screen throughout the entirety of the games.
With basketball, beach volleyball, cycling, table tennis (or ping pong), gymnastics and many more sporting events taking place practically non-stop for a month, the 2016 Rio Olympic logo will be forever implanted in the back of our minds. Let’s analyze this logo!
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Even though this logo was announced several years ago, I’ll admit that this is the first time I actually looked at it in detail. I hadn’t paid much attention to it in the past, and I can see why it never really stood out to me before. My first impression: it’s not impressive. It seems really awkward, and kind of a stretch. Literally. It looks too stretched out. I can see the vision behind it, the three images of people holding hands, but in a continuous flow. It was no doubt meant to symbolize the unity of the world, as many countries come together to compete under one roof. I think the vision could have been actuated in a much better way. At first glance, it looks like a multi-colored blob. Once I realized what the shape actually was, it just didn’t impress me.
As much competition as there is in landing the coveted Olympic games, and the fact that they only come around every four years, it seems to me that getting the official logo done right is a high priority. This year, it’s Rio’s time to shine and I don’t think they started off too well. However, there IS one Rio that got their logo right. The Caimanes de Rio Abajo of the Panamanian Basketball League have a logo that will definitely leave a lasting impression.
A Caiman is in the crocodile family and although none have ever been caught in Rio Abajo, the locals swear they have seen them in the rivers. Whether it is true or not, we absolutely love this reptile logo and the colors that it comes with. We think it looks awesome on our super soft funny t-shirts and we hope you think so as well. Make sure you add the Caimanes to your t-shirt of the month rotation, so that you can support Rio while you watch the Olympic games in Rio.
If there’s a team or sport logo that YOU would like to see analyzed, changed, or completely revamped, be sure to let us know in the comments, and it could be the topic of our next blog!
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We hope you stay AWESOME!
Blake Cole
Awesome Sports Logos Columnist

London has the Olympics and Some Awesome Sports Logos

As we say a lot of times, greetings from the road. This weekend we’re at the Dallas Men’s Show for a private buyers show. There are some serious high end designers here showing off their swag. And then there’s us. While we’re not selling suits, bowties, or shoes, the reviews on our shirts have been great from the buyers that have stopped by. I’m all about a nice suit but to me, I feel much more formal in my Idaho Taters funny t-shirt that I’m wearing today.  Here’s our setup and since we’re in Dallas, we’re featuring the Doughboys front and center.


On to London where the Summer games are in full swing. I must admit, I come across with some bias because my mother hails from Great Britain and a lot of my family still lives across the Atlantic. I think the Great Britain team logo is one of my favorites. I love the incorporation of the lion along with Union Jack colors.


 London is a terrific city and when we started this company, London was certainly on our list to create an awesome sports logo cool t-shirt. I’m really proud of our logo, the London Beefeaters. 


Beefeaters are ceremonial guards whose purpose is to protect the Tower of London which includes the crown jewels. Their real name is the Yeoman Warders. Thank goodness they have the Beefeaters nickname because I don’t think you can create a cool t-shirt using Yeoman Warders. Here’s an interesting fact about Beefeaters and the Tower of London. There are actual beef eaters on the grounds but they are ravens not humans. One of the Beefeaters is also known as the “Ravenmaster” and his job is to feed them fresh raw meat daily. Now that’s some spoiled birds but here’s the reason why. The ravens have been living at the Tower of London since King Charles II and legend maintains that should the Ravens ever leave the tower, both the monarchy of England and the tower will crumble. Personally, if I’m a raven, I’m hitching a ride on the Queen Mary over to England because that’s the life. You know how you feel after eating a steak. The couch and the tv sound great. I’m sure the ravens don’t really feel like spreading their wings after some prime sirloin.  We chose cricket as part of the logo because anyone who doesn’t use a glove to catch a pure wooden ball is all right in our book. Cricket is a fascinating sport but if you think baseball is slow, some of these matches last for five days.

 Let’s dive into London’s sports history. Remember the World League of American Football otherwise known as NFL Europe?  Neither does anybody else but the World Football League was an NFL developmental league. Here is the London team, the London Monarchs who existed from 1991-1998.
There is frequent discussion about a future NFL team landing in London since two teams play a regular season game in the city every year. I just can’t see myself getting a schedule that reads, Away LONDON not to mention the time difference. “It’s Sunday Night Football here in London but actually, it’s 2a on Monday morning.”
Here is the England logo for soccer or as they call it football.


Soccer is so huge in England yet they haven’t won the World Cup since 1966. That is amazing since they put the sport on the map. I’m scared to think how many cars will be rolled when the country takes home that coveted trophy.


You will see a lot of these logos in the United States. These are the most popular teams in the English Premiere League which is considered by many as the top soccer league in the world.


Here is Manchester United


 Here is Chelsea


Here is Manchester City


Here is Liverpool.


Here is Bolton. Bolton is my team so I shamelessly put them with these other teams. Frankly, they are so bad that they were relegated to another league. That’s correct, in England, if you perform poorly, you are kicked out of the league and have to fight to get back in. Are you listening Houston Astros?

So when you’re checking out the Olympics and you’re thinking about London, remember to pick up your Beefeaters awesome t-shirt. We won’t feed you raw meat like the ravens but at least your purchase will go to feeding us.

Stay awesome!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, Awesome t-shirt wearer


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