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Why Your Favorite College Football Team Should be North Dakota State

Not surprisingly, no Division 1 football schools have North Dakota State on their schedule in 2015. Who can blame them? Usually lesser teams get paid extremely well to travel and take a whooping. For many schools, it’s how they keep their athletic programs alive.

North Dakota State is the exception. Today’s 34-14 drubbing of Iowa State in Ames, Iowa marked the 5th straight year they have beaten an FBS team (Col St., Minnesota, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State). 

According to the great Darren Rovell who is an awesome twitter follow by the way, the Bisons received $350k to travel into enemy territory. North Dakota State has won three straight National Championships and remember, in FBS or Division 1AA, they have playoffs. Can you imagine if the title holder of the FCS got a bid into the new FBS playoffs. Don’t tell me that North Dakota State couldn’t do some damage. They might lose but it certainly wouldn’t be a cake walk.

Today’s win set a new record for FCS consecutive wins with 25. Not to mention, they have awesome fans that travel all around the country to support them. It’s amazing that this team can recruit like they do year after year. If you’ve never seen them play at home, you need to check out the Fargo Dome because it’s awesome and rocking!

Tonight during the college football rewind shows you will see emphasis on Alabama, Florida State, LSU, Wisconsin and other big schools. To me, a much better story is the North Dakota Bisons.

Of course we love logos so we’d be crazy not to show you the Bisons and their bright yellow and green.



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Go Bisons!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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