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The North Star Logo is Back and Dallas Shouldn't Be Upset

I love the passion of the Dallas Stars fans. They take great pride in their team and as someone who has season tickets; I share that same passion and pride. 
I also love to embrace the history of hockey and I think Stars fans should do the same when it comes to a Stadium Series Alumni Game on February 20th.  Many Stars fans are upset that the Minnesota alumni team taking on the Chicago alumni team will be wearing Minnesota North Stars jerseys. 
Stars fans, let me try to convince you why this is okay. First and foremost, it’s not even a real game. It’s the equivalent of anyone lacing on the skates and playing with any random sweater. If the Wild wear it the following day against the Blackhawks, I agree, we have a big problem.
Think of the players, not the division rival.  Some amazing names have played in North Stars jerseys. Of the 26 players scheduled to be in a Minnesota uniform, 20 played for the North Stars, only 6 for the Wild.  These guys deserve to wear the jersey they played in. I saw for myself what losing a franchise does to those that played for that city. When I worked in Houston, I became friendly with many alumni of the Houston Oilers. Names like Dan Pastorini and Robert Brazile from the “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers. Except the Oilers rights are owned by the Tennessee Titans. The Titans don’t embrace these guys and as Brazile told me, “We don’t have a home city”. Luckily the Houston Texans after establishing their own identity are now embracing several of the Oilers and what they meant to the Houston area. They are part of the city’s history. The same can be said with names like Bobby Smith, Brian Bellows, Dino Ciccarelli and even Neil Broten. Although he played in Dallas, and his number is retired in Dallas, Broten was voted by Wild fans as the greatest hockey player ever from Minnesota.
Even the DFW ambassador of hockey Mike Modano loves this idea. Modano will be playing in this game. He was drafted by the North Stars. Of course he loves Dallas/Fort Worth but Minnesota also holds a special place in his heart. If the face of Dallas Hockey and the greatest American goal scorer thinks it’s cool, then we should let it happen. 
Finally, it’s brand extension for the Stars. If someone buys a North Stars jersey or any kind of merchandise, it benefits the Stars and the NHL. How can that hurt? 
Hopefully we will somehow pull off a Winter Classic in DFW at some point and 1999 Stanley Cup Stars Jerseys or North Stars Jerseys will be worn. As for now, let those former North Stars that gave blood, sweat and tears to the game we love enjoy the day. Besides, I think our full attention should focus on the current Dallas Stars team who are in the midst of a special season. And those games count.
One team that won’t change their logo is the Texas Roadkill. This Awesome Sports Logo is ready for the puck to drop despite being run over. In Texas, everything is big; including unfortunate animal fatalities on the Lone Star’s various interstates. One of the more common animals seen on the side of the road is the Armadillo. While Hawks and Vultures refer to this as dinner, we prefer the name Texas Roadkill. We think this is one of our coolest logos. This beat up Armadillo still looks pretty tough holding a hockey stick even with the black eye, surrounding flies and tire tracks. We hope you dig this funny Texas t-shirt as much as we do! Why not make it part of our T-shirt of the Month Club where you get awesome deals and free shipping.
Happy Holidays and as always, You are Awesome!!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer
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