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NFL Teams Are Desperate To Find The Next Big Quarterback

NFL Teams continue to reach for potential franchise quarterbacks, and bad teams stay bad. At approximately 3:15 central time on Sunday August 11th, two of ESPN’s top national web stories concern rookie quarterbacks.E.J. Manuel and Geno Smith are currently more relevant than they should or will be again. A good case can be made that it takes time to judge a young quarterback. I’m going to boldly claim, before these hopeful superstars take a regular season snap, that both of these quarterbacks will join the list of disappointments. Yet, when the tomatoes and cabbage come out at the press conference, it won’t be their fault.

You would think that after years of hard evidence, empirical and subjective data, teams would wise up. Do we really need another Tim Couch or Akili Smith to inflate conjecture? You wouldn’t be wrong to contend that this happens every year. What’s new? What’s new is that in the past three years, there’ve been a multitude of absolute reaches. Due to this impossible ignorance, the league deserves to be called out, loudly.

Exhibit A: The 2011 NFL Draft.

In 2011, three quarterbacks were illogically and confoundedly taken high in the draft. Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder. Locker hasn’t stayed healthy enough to prove he’s not terrible. Gabbert “leads” an awful team (chicken or the egg?). Sure, Ponder reached the playoffs, but his new bride and Adrian Peterson are both more impressive than his poise. Something outside of the numbers convinced these teams to take big chances on these players. All three had glaring red marks next to their names going into the draft, and yet all of them were off the board before pick #13.

Exhibit B: The 2013 NFL Draft

With decent value, and less risk in the second round, we’ll leave Geno alone for the moment and focus on Manuel. The Bills picked a quarterback at #16 that (much like Ponder) gave little sense of neither vigor, nor relief at Florida State.

There are only two possible answers for these travesties: Potential and need. Teams see a skill set that’s almost there but has yet to materialize. They also see young quarterbacks around the league having unprecedented success (some accidental) and want a piece of the magic.

As I type this response, I almost want to break the keyboard. There should be no excuse or silver lining for this demonstration. I won’t suggest an alternative for teams in need of a franchise QB. All the propositions are available elsewhere (build from within, focus on defense, etc.). I just want the NFL to know how frustrating it is to see the World’s greatest sports organization make the oldest mistake in the book in perpetual ignorance.

While a franchise QB might be hard to find, a quality funny sports t-shirt that wins every time you wear it is just a few clicks away. Since we are talking football, let’s feature the Nashville Bootleggers awesome t-shirt. Bootlegging history and Nashville, Tennessee go hand in hand. I love this logo how the Bootlegger is giving the Heisman to anyone in his way. In place of a football is his favorite barrel of whiskey. You’ll get plenty of compliments when you wear this funny football t-shirt.


Thanks as always for reading and supporting Awesome Sports Logos.

Jake Springer
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Whiskey Cures Blindness and This Awesome Whiskey T-shirt Will Make People Stare

So trending worldwide right now on Yahoo is a story that had me clicking immediately. Whiskey cures blindness? At that moment I clicked, I swear I could hear glasses clicking together in a toast as people were rifling down their favorite spirit.

Here’s the real story. A man in New Zealand was blinded because of drinking way and we mean WAY too much vodka. He was also on diabetes medication. I’m just guessing that this wasn’t an Ivy League graduate. When doctors found 65 year old Denis Duthie, they realized that he had formaldehyde poisoning from too much methanol. What can stop methanol poisoning? That would be ethanol. Boy I’m really sounding smart right here. My chemistry teacher would be proud. Where is one of the places that ethanol can be found? That would be whiskey. Now bartenders, don’t try to play pharmacist because I have a feeling as this story spreads, so will blurry vision stories across establishments so they can get a free shot of the finest whiskey.  Let’s remember, Mr. Duthie was in this situation in the first place due to too much drinking. My favorite part of this story is that he thought he had lost track of time because it was dark out even thought it was 3:30p. YIKES!!

So what have we learned from this? Whiskey cures blindness. I guess in a pinch. Call poison control or emergency services first before breaking out the Crown Royal or Jack Daniels. Hell Yes! Should we consider Denis Duthie among the great discoverers of our time? Hmm, let me see, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Curie, Ben Franklin, Denis Duthie. I just don’t see a statue being created Denis, I’m sorry.

Great stories like this give us an absolutely lame excuse to talk about our awesome t-shirts and today it is whiskey related. Here is a t-shirt that will have everyone asking where you got it. It’s the Nashville Bootleggers.   

Bootlegging is a fascinating story with a ton of history in Tennessee. Nashville is one of the coolest cities in the United States. The “Music City” is a must visit to take in an amazing atmosphere. If you love country music, great food and friendly people, I can’t think of a better place. Our logo is of a Bootlegger on the run giving “The Heisman” to anyone that gets in his way. Instead of carrying a football, this bootlegger is carrying a barrel of his favorite whiskey. Here’s a picture of our Nashville Funny T-shirt getting its picture taken with the real Heisman Trophy.

Learn from Mr. Duthie and be careful this holiday season. Be careful with your alcohol consumption and don’t drink and drive.

There is still time to get your holiday orders in. Our t-shirts are great white elephant or secret santa gifts. Then again, you’ll be giving up one of our t-shirts for a cheese wheel. Just buy the t-shirt and keep it for yourself!

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Awesome Sports Logos Random Thanksgiving Thoughts

Oh man, I am big time full! Thanksgiving is so awesome. Be safe on the roadways in the next few days. The Thanksgiving holiday is the most traveled holiday on the roads. It’s a good time of year to make sure your rubber is up to date. What were you thinking? I had tires on my mind as well as our funny t-shirt, the Akron Rubbers.
I thought I would do something different tonight and hit on a few random subjects in the news. Do they relate to t-shirts, well we’ll find a way to do that but with a full stomach and an overdose of sleep on the way caused by turkey, here we go.
Its official, Twinkies are no longer as the Hostess plant shut down this week. To me, the reason that everyone is up in arms is not because they enjoy a Twinkie or Hostess cake on a nightly basis. If that were the case, they’d still be in business. We are sad because a part of our childhood is saying goodbye for now. Remember when you didn’t have to look at the back of a label to see how bad everything is for you. When I was a kid, there was nothing better than having a Twinkie. Play baseball, wiffle ball or any game with a ball with my neighborhood friends and when it came time to come home, that snack was my go to comfort food. Now it’s gone. I’m like many of you. I haven’t had a Twinkie in nearly 25 years but it’s the same reason I don’t throw away the first baseball I caught at a Red Sox game or my 6th grade journal. You just don’t want to say goodbye. Here’s hoping that another company will pick up the Twinkie and many of the other brands.
I actually thought about paying tribute to the Twinkie by creating a team. The name “twinks” came to mind but I don’t think many people would purchase a shirt with “twinks” on it. Don’t look the word up on Google, just trust me. We do have some other t-shirts that are edible. These are two of my favorites!  Here are the Dade City Kumquats. Each January, Dade City Florida hosts a Kumquat festival that draws thousands of Floridians.  


We also feature the Idaho Taters awesome t-shirt. We were shocked that of all the teams that have played in Idaho, no one called themselves the Taters. Potatoes bring in approximately 2.7 billion dollars a year into the state economy. Now that’s a lot of cash and a lot of Taters to bring in that kind of money!

Here in our home base of Houston, Texans fans are breathing a sigh of relief today as they escaped Detroit with a 34-31 overtime victory in a seesaw matchup that had hearts pounding on both sides of the ball. Detroit fans have every reason to be upset about a Texans touchdown being allowed even though Justin Forsett’s knee was clearly down on a running play. The whistle was never blown and Forsett continued to run 81 yards into the end zone. All touchdowns are automatically reviewed and the play surely would have been overturned but Lions coach Jim Schwartz immediately threw his challenge flag. NFL rules state throwing a challenge flag on a scoring play negates the review and is an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. After the game, Schwartz told the Associated Press that he knew the rule but was so mad that he overreacted. The NFL rules committee will clearly look at this rule in the off-season. An interesting tidbit is that Texans GM Rick Smith sits on that committee. The rule needs to be adjusted but Schwartz is to blame. You can be mad, you can be frustrated but you also can’t give the other team 7 points instead of a 7 yard gain.
Two of our Awesome Sports Logos are football teams and they are also two of our bestsellers. Here’s our top seller, the Cocksville Blockers.

Cocksville is our only made up city but the name was just too good to pass up. This rooster looks like he could throw a few blocks. I wouldn’t mess with him.
Our second awesome t-shirt is the Nashville Bootleggers. Parts of Tennessee became famous for “Bootlegging”. In fact, Al Capone was known to hideout and stopover in this area. This Bootlegger logo is leading the charge with a Heisman like pose except instead of carrying a football, he is carrying Tennessee Whiskey.

Finally, today marks the 68th day of the NHL lockout. I am a huge hockey fan and I truly miss the sport. The problem is I’m part of a dwindling fan base. The longer this continues, the smaller the crowds will become. Yes the original six cities of New York, Montreal, Boston, Chicago, Toronto and Detroit will always draw great crowds but what about cities like Dallas, Phoenix, Anaheim and Columbus. I was a Stars season ticket holder during the last work stoppage. I saw a difference in attendance and they did nothing to win me back over. Sit in a room and don’t come out until you have a deal. Split revenue 50/50 and call it a day. Guys, no one even talks about you guys being locked out. You cancelled the one game a year, the Winter Classic on New Years Day that people actually watched. One of the great games who most agree is the best sport to watch in person is being ruined by greed on both sides, pure and simple.
On a lighter note, we end with a few hockey t-shirts that we offer at Awesome Sports Logos.
Don't mess with these three characters:
And last but not least, The Texas Roadkill. I guess you could mess with this Armadillo since Roadkill tends to be deceased as you pass it on the highway.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Tell me you’re not going to wait in line tomorrow for Black Friday. You could easily get a lot of your shopping done just by going to our site and purchasing our cool t-shirts that are receiving great reviews. Super soft and super entertaining with satisfaction guaranteed. I promise!!
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Awesome Sports Logos T-Shirts & Thanksgiving go Hand in Hand

Some of our Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts and Thanksgiving go hand in hand!

Hey guys, Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Awesome Sports Logos. Tomorrow, I’ve picked out just the right outfit, a Cape Cod Scrod t-shirt to sit at the dinner table with my family, stuff my face and watch football all day long. I’m sure I’ll fit in a sweet nap as well waking up several times with potential new team names. I do that a lot. Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head, it’s cities with potential logos to match up. You don’t have to say it, I know, it’s a sickness.
I’m writing this latest blog from my in-laws abode in Dallas, TX. Here is our Dallas t-shirt, the Dallas Doughboys, a baseball team which celebrates the history of our military.

So how do our awesome t-shirts relate to Thanksgiving? Read on my friend and you’ll see why.

1.)    Potatoes are such a critical part of Thanksgiving. Whether they are smothered in gravy or chopped up with onions and herbs, there is always a spot on the plate for some Taters. Idaho is known for its potatoes and the climate is perfect Tater growing weather. Over 30 different kinds of potatoes are grown in Idaho. The Idaho Taters was the first sports logo that we created and is still one of our favorites.
2.)    The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most traveled holidays on our roadways. Akron is the Rubber Capital of the World and the headquarters of Goodyear. Thus this Thanksgiving holiday, the roadways will be filled with a lot of rubber from Akron so we present the Akron Rubbers.


3.)    Not only is there a lot of food consumed, many get in the Thanksgiving spirit by drinking spirits. One of our awesome t-shirts is the Nashville Bootleggers. Our guy on the logo is giving the Heisman but instead of carrying a football, he’s securing a whiskey barrel, a drink that Tennessee is known for dating all the way to back to pre-prohibition.


4.)    Throughout parts of this great country of ours, Thanksgiving gets a little chilly at night. One thing that never gets old to me is a sweet wood fire. The snapping sounds and awesome heat is the only part of cold weather that I enjoy. One of our favorite hockey teams that we created is the Portland Tree Huggers. Although you’re not going to cut down this tree without a fight. This is one scary piece of lumber!
5.)    You know how your Aunt shows up with that random casserole that no one wants to touch? When your Aunt is sketchy with the details of the various meats that are in this mysterious dish, I’m betting it’s some form of Roadkill. Armadillo anyone? We bring you the Texas Roadkill.


6.)    And last but not least, Thanksgiving is the time of year when we bond with our family. Sorry, I really tried to write that last sentence trying to remain serious. Listen, we all love our families but spending all day in one house stuffing our faces with alcohol flowing can create some tension. Therefore, we bring you the Middleton Fingers.
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and remember that you can avoid Black Friday with a couple clicks of your mouse which will produce some of the coolest t-shirts around from Awesome Sports Logos. Hint, hint…
As always, thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it.
Gobble, Gobble!
Gavin Spittle
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