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The Calgary Flames Sports Logo is Burnt Out

The Calgary Flames were established in 1972, as the Atlanta Flames. The team relocated to Calgary in 1980, and were the third team to represent the city. Previously, Calgary hosted the Tigers (1921-1927) and the Cowboys (1975-1977). Since their existence, the Flames have won two President's Trophies, for being the league's top regular season team, and have claimed five division championships. In all, nine people associated with the Flames have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

That sounds like some decent accomplishments, right? Well, in a span of 45 years, it really isn’t a lot. Being that they are the third team to call Calgary home, could the city be a curse to National Hockey League franchises? One thing is for sure, and it is that the team’s logo isn’t doing them any favors. The Flames’ original logo ran from the 1980/81 season, until the 1994/95 season. The franchise revamped their logo, and failed to improve the overall look. Let’s do what we do best, and analyze the two Calgary Flames logos.

Logos Courtesy of 

As you can see in their original look, it was a poor design. The logo is a large, red letter “C” with the left side made up of flames. The flames burst out into to the left, with multiple legs of fire. The logo is outlined in yellow, attempting to accent the overall look. This might have been sufficient in the 1980s, but with today’s technology and advances in graphic design, it isn’t really cutting it. The team must have realized this, and made up their minds to changeup their logo for the start of the 1994/95 season. Let’s see how they did.


Well ladies and gentleman, they did not get this one right. The franchise chose to stick with the large, red letter “C” image. The font of the letter was somewhat changed, but was insignificant to the overall appearance. The largest change to note is the addition of the black outlining. The original yellow outline was kept, and a thin layer of black pencil lining was added to the outermost layer. Really, not a large change.

The Flames did have a really cool alternative logo up until 2007. This logo looked great on their sweaters.


While I have always been a fan of, and have constantly talked about simple logo designs, there still has to be an aura of interest around any team’s logo. It is the entire representation of your franchise. It is printed on hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and tons of other merchandise. It gets plastered everywhere! It should be something that the fans and the franchise can be proud of.

While I am not a fan of the logo, credit must go to the fan base of Calgary. Whether it’s a winning of losing season, Flames fans support their team in the historic Saddledome.

We at Awesome Sports Logos are proud of every one of our sports logos. Especially our Texas Roadkill logo!

Seriously, have you ever seen a live armadillo? In Texas, everything is big; including unfortunate animal fatalities on the Lone Star’s various interstates. One of the more common animals seen on the side of the road is the armadillo. While hawks and vultures refer to this as dinner, we prefer the name Texas Roadkill.

We think this is one of our coolest logos. This beat up Armadillo still looks pretty tough holding a hockey stick even with the black eye, surrounding flies and tire tracks. We hope you dig this funny Texas t-shirt as much as we do! And who doesn’t love free shipping and discounted prices? If that sounds like your kind of deal, take part in our t-shirt of the month club! You can get one of our awesome, super-soft tees delivered right to your doorstep at the first of every month! Check it out today!

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Vegas Unveils The Golden Knights as Their NHL Name

We can now say that the NHL has officially arrived in Las Vegas. In a rally in front of their brand new arena, fans were treated to the official name and sports logo unveil of the first major sports franchise in Nevada.

The team did a really good job keeping the fans and media guessing what the official name would be. The three names that became final speculation were the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Desert Knights, and the Las Vegas Silver Knights. Everyone pretty much knew Knights would be in the name. Owner Bill Foley also mentioned that Sidewinders and Nighthawks were discussed.

So here is your winner, the Vegas Golden Knights.



 Logo images courtesy of

Let’s start with the name. It’s not the Las Vegas Golden Knights, it’s the Vegas Golden Knights. As a person who lived in Las Vegas, I can relate to just Vegas. When you live in Las Vegas, you drop the Las. “I’m from Vegas”.  It’s a nice touch and a tribute to the thousands of residents who created the ground swell to make this franchise happen.

As for the logo, Foley attended West Point. Here is his quote from, "The Knights are the epitome of the warrior class," the U.S. Military Academy graduate said. "They're team-oriented, they always stick together, they never give up, they never give in. And hockey players are warriors. They've always been team players, all for one. That's us. That's what we'll be." You may not notice it at first but while it looks like a Knights mask, the part where the eyes, nose and mouth would be is shaped like a "V" symbolizing the hometown. 

The team explained the colors in the logo.

Steel Grey- strength and durability;

Gold-The state of Nevada is the largest gold producer in the United States

Black- Power and Intensity.

Here is the secondary logo of the team.


I actually like this logo better than the primary. You have some great Knight swords and together they create a star that resembles the star on the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. The team explained that the red in the logo stands for the desert skyline along with the famous Red Rock in the surrounding mountains.

Finally, here is the word mark for the team which you will see on various merchandise. 
Unfortunately, the logo unveiling didn’t go as planned. As you can see in this video at about the 8:49 mark, the video started with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman but quickly went to a place holder which is basically a blank screen with the name.

Foley jumps on the microphone with the quote, “We’re going to do better on the rink, I’ll tell you that”. Good save Bill Foley. I can only imagine what was going through your mind. You’ve spent millions of dollars on this franchise and this is your day. North American hockey fans have their eyes on you and that happens. I feel as though the video production team won’t be sleeping too much tonight. Vegas is one of the worlds top entertainment destinations, how can you not get a video on the screen?

So here’s my take. I hate to knock this logo because as a former Vegas resident, I couldn’t be more excited for a community that I have grown to love. That said, there are so many unique features of Southern Nevada and that’s what the logo should have focused on. Reading various articles, it seems as though the team wanted to stay away from anything associated with gambling. To me, that’s what you are known for so embrace it.  If I say Golden Knights, does Vegas come to mind? 

Full disclosure, I reached out to the team and offered up our Las Vegas Snake Eyes logo.

Some in the city think that our logo signifies losing because that’s not the best role in Craps. Snake Eyes to me rolls off the tongue and has a cool double meaning with snakes in the desert as well as the subtle gambling reference. Oh well, they didn’t get back to me. They have their vision and I’m excited for them. I just think this franchise would have exploded with the right creative name. I’ll be rooting for them on the ice! Go Knights!!

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The Florida Panthers New Sports Logo is Awesome

There are four sports that make up “The Big 4” in the United States. In no particular order, they are football, baseball, basketball and hockey. The NHL isn’t as widely covered on television and other media outlets, as compared to the other three. Last week, while hanging out at my local sports bar with some buddies, there was a hockey game on TV. Something about this game caught my attention. It was a glimpse of something I haven’t seen before, and it got my sports logo loving brain working! I noticed that the Florida Panthers had changed their logo. And man, it was beautiful! First, let’s talk a little bit about this Florida hockey team.

The Florida Panthers were founded in 1993, as an expansion team. After just three years in the league, they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Panthers ended up losing in four games, to the Colorado Avalanche. The immediate success was well received by Florida residents. With two hockey teams in the state, the Panthers helped shape Florida into the hockey-loving state that it is now.

In recent years, the Panthers have failed to find much success. They did make it to the playoffs last season, though they lost in the first round to the New York Islanders. The three seasons prior to that, the Panthers finished 5th, 7th and 6th, respectively. Looking to mix things up, the team started working on a new look. Prior to this season, the Florida Panthers unveiled their new logo. And it is AWESOME! Let’s look at the two images, and do what we at Awesome Sports Logos do best: compare!

Logos Courtesy of 

The Panthers’ original logo is, without a doubt, ferocious. The image shows the big cat in a leaping motion, claws forward and mouth ready to consume the opposition. The coloring is simple, clean and consistent. There isn’t really anything that would immediately draw negativity to this logo, but when you get into the finer details, it’s missing a lot. There is no lettering to state the team’s name or home city/state. While the logo itself looks good, one can also tell that it’s dated. It was a fine image for the 90s, but we’re in the 21st Century now. They were due for an upgrade. And what better time to upgrade than when your team just had three back-to-back terrible seasons? Let’s see what the Florida Panthers came up with.


This new logo is one of my personal favorites in all of the National Hockey League. This new image is a clear upgrade, and one for the better. The Panthers went with an increasingly more popular shield look. It’s a traditional shield, in shape and features. It gives off the overall appearance of one of the well-respected soccer logos from overseas. It looks classy, modern and sleek. More importantly, it encompasses what the old logo was missing: lettering. You see “FLORIDA” clearly and plainly across the top of the shield, arching across the red background. I like the way the Panther itself is presented. This big cat still has the look of intensity in its eyes, but in a more honorable and sophisticated manner. The Panther is featured turned to its profile, looking ahead at what’s to come. The symbolism in that is intense, as the team moves on from its previous logo. They are ready to look ahead, and seek out success. Overall, I think the Florida Panthers did one heck of a job in creating their new look.

On the opposite coast, there’s another hockey team with one heck of a logo.

Oregon is one of the greenest states we have. Portland is one of the more eclectic cities in America, with a huge emphasis on the environment. Thus, the meanest hockey team in the northwest is born, the Portland Tree Huggers. I wouldn’t want to skate against this tree and if I did, I hope that it has more bark than bite. We think this Portland sports logo t-shirt will draw some attention when you wear this super soft, cool t-shirt around town. Get it today solo or add it to your list when you join our T-shirt of the Month Club

We’d love to hear what some of your favorite sports logos are. Comment below, and tell us what team you think has an awesome look!

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A Great Reason to Call The Las Vegas NHL Franchise The Snake Eyes

Dear Las Vegas and everyone that lives in Clark County,
As a former proud resident of the area, let me congratulate you in advance. You have done everything necessary to finally bring one of the four major sports to town.
There have been Outlaws, Posse, Locomotives, Wranglers, Sting and others that have tried and failed but to me that was more the league than the locals. Detractors will say that there is not enough support for a professional team. I say, Nevadans have never had a good enough product. A legitimate franchise that they knew would set up, embrace the community and become a fixture.
The new arena is gorgeous so all that is left is an announcement from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Oh yeah, one other aspect and that’s where we can lend a hand, a sweet Las Vegas NHL logo and team name. 
Let’s call the newest NHL franchise The Las Vegas Snake Eyes!

You are awesome for bringing this franchise to town Bill Foley and you had mentioned during an interview with radio station KHSP back in April that the domain names you are interested in for the team are gone.  The good news is you found the right place. 
At Awesome Sports Logos, we have the rights to:
They can all be yours along with the logo. We want the Snake Eyes to be among the top selling merchandise and we truly feel as though that can be accomplished. If the dice are an issue, we’ll take it out. We’ll even change the Snake if you want to but if you do a search of the term “Las Vegas Snake Eyes for NHL Team Name”, numerous pages come up.
What do we want in return?  Nothing for us but we would be honored if in exchange for the logo and website domains that you make a donation to Opportunity Village. If you live in Southern Nevada, then you know the amazing work that this charity does.
Cool Logo that supports an amazing local cause. Sounds Awesome to me!  Spread the word about the Snake Eyes by sharing this blog on your social media. You can also email me directly at
We can’t wait for the puck to drop!   Let’s do this Snake Eyes Fans!!
Gavin Spittle
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The Future is Bright for the Dallas Stars

Since our Awesome Sports Logos World Headquarters is in Dallas/Fort Worth, it was awesome to see that hockey took over recently in an area that is not known for their skate lacing. That was not a game to remember against the St. Louis Blues. That was a Game 7 that Stars fans want to forget. 
Logos courtesy of 
Hopefully I can be your sports psychologist here at Awesome Sports Logos and turn that frown around. First and foremost, we can’t talk enough about the absence of Tyler Seguin from this series. This is a different series if #91 is in the lineup. To say that the Stars would win the series with Seguin isn’t fair to St. Louis but the Blues would certainly have to game plan for him. 
Learning to win in the NHL is a process. The Chicago Blackhawks are a perfect example. Before winning 3 Stanley Cups they were ousted in the Western Conference Finals in 2008-09. The following year, they won their first Cup since 1961. Let’s look at the steps this season. Winning the Central Division is a huge step. Winning your first playoff series since 2008 is an even bigger leap. It’s happening so let’s be patient. 
You remember how excited you were when Nomar Mazara got called up and made an impact for the Texas Rangers. Take that enthusiasm and double it because the Stars are stacked in the minors. How quickly we forget that two integral members of this team, Stephen Johns and Radek Faksa didn’t even play the full year with the team. They were call up’s. If he didn’t get injured, Brett Ritchie would have started the season on the main roster. You have Jamie Oleksiak and Patrick Nemeth waiting in the wings to play. Defenseman Esa Lindell is ready to come up and recent first round pick Julius Honka is close. Names like Curtis McKenzie, Jason Dickinson and Devin Shore will be fighting for roster spots.
The talent in the minors is deep and if you need to, you can use some of these guys to bring in another marquee name or two to take you over the top. If you don’t go that route, GM Jim Nill has salary cap money to go out and improve the club. Nill is quickly becoming one of the top executives in the NHL. If I was an opposing team and Jim Nill wanted to wheel and deal with me, I’d be nervous. He’s acquired big time talent without giving up a lot. Stars fans need to trust him and Lindy Ruff. They’ll fix the defense and the goaltending. If we see it, they see it. This combo has turned this franchise around in three years. 
This will be an interesting offseason and before you know it, they’ll be dropping the puck in September. This year wasn’t a fluke. This team is going to get better not just for next year but for many years to come. Heads held high Stars fans, the future is bright. 
How did I do? I love writing stories about teams in areas of our great country because there is such passion about sports. We actually have our own Texas hockey team and the logo hits close to home if you’ve ever traveled through the Lone Star State. In Texas, everything is big; including unfortunate animal fatalities on the Lone Star’s various interstates. One of the more common animals seen on the side of the road is the armadillo. While hawks and vultures refer to this as dinner, we prefer the name Texas Roadkill

We think this is one of our coolest logos. This beat up armadillo still looks pretty tough holding a hockey stick even with the black eye, surrounding flies and tire tracks. We hope you dig this funny Texas t-shirt as much as we do!
Thanks as always for reading!
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The Tampa Bay Lightning in the Sports Logo Spotlight

The NHL playoffs have been exciting this year! Fans are seeing multiple goals in a game, and what feels like more fights than ever. Of the teams that are left, battling for a chance at the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Lightning have turned some heads. After a tough loss in game one of the second round, the Lightning went on to win four straight. Those four wins include two overtime victories, and one impressive 4-0 shutout in game five.
The Lightning goaltender, Ben Bishop, was impressive in the game 5 shutout, managing to stop a whopping 28 shots! Even under the constant barrage of flying pucks, Bishop made the job look easy. Tampa Bay, the first team to make it to the Conference Finals, will look to continue their success on the ice. They do so with one heck of a team logo behind them. Of the teams still left in the Stanley Cup hunt, I have selected the Lightning as having the best logo. What’s so impressive?
Image courtesy of
Just look at it. It’s a lightning bolt. What’s so special about it? Simplicity! Simplicity is a wonderful thing in a sports logo. You don’t want your team to have a busy or jumbled image, straining the eyes and making it hard to interpret. You don’t want a bunch of symbolism that’s hard to interpret. A nice, clean and straight-forward logo is the way to go. The Tampa Bay Lightning have accomplished just that. The lightning bolt itself is strong, dangerous with a simple Blue and White color scheme. The team is truly living up to their name, just like the Brooklyn Leg Breakers!
Are you talkin’ to me? The Brooklyn Leg Breakers play hockey, hard core style. If they could break through the ice and make you swim with the fishes, they would. This logo was inspired by the many New York mafia stories of old. We love the detail of this logo including the pinstripes on the suit, the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline as the backdrop as well as the NY lettering inside the tape of the stick. “Forget about it,” and pick up this awesome Brooklyn sports logo t-shirt today.
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