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A New Era of Advertising in the NBA

The NBA has decided to make a little more money in 2017. When the association ends their current uniform deal with Adidas, and begins a new era with Nike, advertisements will be incorporated on team jerseys. That’s right folks, ads right smack on the jersey! According to reports, a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square will be placed on the right side of the chest. This square will be home to future advertisements. NBA commissioner Adam Silver is rolling out this change as a test, allowing teams to sign deals for up to three years for the precious advertisement spot. The revenue gained from this new change is estimated to bring in $100 million. Now that’s a lot of money!
Now the NBA isn’t the first sport to have ads placed on the jersey. European soccer clubs are infamous for having large advertisements or company logos across the jersey. In the United States, MLS incorporated logos and ads on their jerseys in 2007, while the WNBA has had them since 2011. Even though these other sports and leagues have had this going on for a while now, the NBA will be the first MAJOR sport in the U.S. to begin advertising on their jerseys.
It’s always a plus to have our sports and leagues gain new revenue. If they’re getting money from other places, it could potentially lower ticket prices and beer prices (please do!). That being said, $100 million won’t all of a sudden cut ticket and concession prices in half. And what cost is there to the fan or consumer with these new ads? Honestly, there probably won’t be any interference in watching or enjoying the game. BUT, this is just a start. One can only ask: what’s next?
Will we eventually see ads get an even bigger space on the jerseys? Will we ever see these ads consume the entire jersey, leaving our well-liked team logos to fall to the wayside? How about in the stadiums? Are advertisements eventually going to spread so much, that we lose many of the patron-friendly amenities? Will Jumbotron’s and scrolling marquees get smaller and smaller, in place of bigger and bigger ad space? I would hate to see the day that companies and corporations get a bigger grab on our beloved sports. Pretty soon, we may be watching the Denver Budweiser’s play the Carolina Coca-Colas in the next Super Bowl. Be sure to drop your thoughts and comments below. We’d love to hear what you think about this corporate takeover.
One logo that will never succumb to any corporate takeover belongs to the New Orleans Curse.
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Emoji is the Hot Word for the NBA All Star Game

All eyes will be on today’s All Star Game in Toronto. Kobe Bryant’s final All Star hoorah. Meanwhile teammate Steph Curry who casually made two half court shots in practice will put on his normal show. Then there is LeBron and so many other talented players. 
Eyes will be wandering on social media as this week, the NBA unveiled Twitter emoji’s as part of MVP voting. For those that don’t know, an example of an emoji is those smiley faces or other small logos that people put at the end of a tweet or a text. An emoji is basically a logo and the NBA deserves credit for doing this. Twitter timelines will be filled with these emoji’s and each will be a reminder to turn on the festivities. 
Here are your West MVP Emoji’s
Emoji's courtesy of the NBA 
To me, the most identifiable in these are James Harden with the signature beard and Anthony Davis with the Unibrow. I don’t think I’d think of Kobe Bryant if I saw a snake. Chris Paul’s is easily recognizable because of the CP3 nickname. Of no fault of Paul’s is that bland new Clippers logo that is part of the emoji. 
On to the Eastern Conference
Clearly King James is tops on this list. If I see his emoji, I automatically think of King James. I like the emoji for Dwyane Wade. The emoji is very simple but effective with the Heat logo coming from his number. Carmelo Anthony’s emoji looks like he is lacking interest in this game and with the most recent trade rumors, the emoji might not be far off. Some other nice touches is the drum for Andre Drummond and the Celtics shamrock is always identifiable, probably more than their all-star representative Isaiah Thomas. 
There are even emoji’s of the TNT crew.
It’s Pretty amazing how popular the hosts of NBA on TNT are but it comes down to the personalities and the on air chemistry they share. I love the food emoji’s of Shaq and Charles Barkley. I know if you see a drumstick, you won’t think of Shaq and you might think of Homer Simpson if you see a donut with a bite in it but these guys are actually bigger than the sport. The most recognizable emoji’s of this bunch are the Craig Sager colorful tie and the Ernie Johnson bow tie. 
So don’t be surprised if your twitter timeline is filled with emoji’s. It’s a nice twist by the NBA and a great way to get the younger generation involved. Let’s give kudos to the Association for giving this a try. 
Thanks as always for reading. We love to talk about sports logos even if they are in emoji form. You can always support us by picking up one of our t-shirts or even better, get yourself a nice discount and some future closet favorites by joining our T-shirt of the Month Club. We promise to bring a smile to your face.

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Review of the 2016 NBA All Star Logo

With every All-Star Game, there comes a new logo and the NBA's All Star Game logo for 2016 is outstanding. Hosted by Toronto this year, the game's logo features all the two characteristics that make up a great logo: city, state, or regional relevancy; and simple detail. 

Let's start with the iconic CN Tower as the logo's centerpiece. That particular building is the most known structure in Toronto--and maybe even the entire country of Canada. It's a big part of Toronto's identity and being that the Raptors are the country's only team, it does a great job of representing Canada too. 
I think having such an icon is so important, in general, but specifically for an event like this because it is a truly a showcase for a specific city while opening doors to an entire NBA community. You want to show off what you're about and the CN Tower does that. And how about the simple detail? It's magnificent. Let's start with the glass floor at the base of the actual tower: it's lined like the black indented seams of an actual basketball. Beneath than, consider how the tower's shaft is colored and decorated. To me, it looks like paint or the key of a basketball court. 
These are simple examples, but these examples, tastefully injected and not obnoxious at all, are part of what makes this logo so special. 
Beyond those two important elements, I think the logo has a strong supporting cast of characteristics starting with the placement of the necessary information. This logo specifically places four key things: the “All-Star” lettering, the NBA logo, the host city, and the year. They all blend in so well. It’s seamless, quite frankly. Part of what allows this is the geometrics of the logo itself. The vertical nature of it makes the vertical NBA logo fit perfectly. Pair that with the horizontal shape of the CN Tower’s observation deck and, boom, you’ve got a perfect landing spot for “All-Star” and “Toronto.” I like that the former is placed above the latter because that’s how they rank in terms of importance to the logo relative to the event. Finally, the year is fit nicely on the vertical shaft.
In addition to the shaping and the placing of elements, the coloring makes sense. Grey is the dominant color, but after initially being disappointed that red wasn’t featured more, it would be unfit to color the CN Tower red. Instead, red is featured nicely within the logo and outlining the CN Tower, making it the more dominant of the actual colors.
Overall, this is a perfect example of a job extremely well done. Toronto is an awesome city and we can’t wait to see it featured in full display this upcoming All Star Weekend.
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Mess with this basketball team and you are in some serious trouble. Love this logo of a voodoo doll going up for the two handed slam.
How about the El Paso Luchadores?
This basketball themed masked celebrates the Luchador tradition in one of America’s border towns.
We also feature several real Panamanian Basketball League logos. One of our personal favorites is the Caimanes de Rio Abajo. No Caimanes have ever been caught in this region but the locals have sworn that they are in these Panamanian waters. Real or not, the Caimanes have an awesome logo.
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On and Off The Court Success with the Toronto Raptors Logo

The Toronto Raptors (NBA) debuted a new logo before this season started. The update was much needed, and it’s bringing the team some success! Currently sitting in the top five in the Eastern Conference, with one of the best records in all of basketball, the Raptors are giving everyone a fight! With a mean new look, they are taking the court by storm! Let’s take a look at their old and new logo, side by side.

(photos courtesy of
On the left, we have the old Raptors logo, followed by the new look on the right. At first glance, it’s a major upgrade. Once you go over it in detail, it’s a MAJOR upgrade! The old logo featured a cartoon-esque dinosaur. It’s showing its teeth, so it has a bit of a scary feel. But overall, it looks pretty silly. I think it’s looks like something out of a kids cartoon show, teaching the youngsters about dinosaurs on a Saturday morning. The red color is overpowering. There’s too much of it. Yes, red is the team color, but the way it consumes the logo, coloring the dingy dino and and the top border, makes it an eyesore.
Now let’s take a look at their new 2015-2016 emblem. THIS is a logo. The red has been scaled back immensely. It still exists, highlighting the outer edge of the picture, giving it a wonderful accent. The words “Toronto Raptors” circle around the center image, with a bolder look than in their previous logo. It clearly defines itself, and stands out. This is a great way to shout out who you are, and where you’re from! Of course, the best part of this new logo is front and center. A simple basketball, turned deadly. Raptor claws have grabbed the ball, tearing it to shreds. Surely, this is a metaphor for the team tearing it up on the court! This image of the claw marks keeps the feeling of a mean, fierce Raptor in your mind, but without the silly cartoon look.
Overall, I give the new Raptors logo an A+ in improvement. This team is displaying a new look, and complementing it with exceptional results on the court. You know who else is rocking the game of basketball with an awesome logo? The Toros Del Chorillo. Chorillo is one of the poorest parts of Panama. This section of town has in fact been through a lot. We’ve heard that they selected the bull logo because a bull is a true fighter and a sign of strength, something that the residents of Chorillo have needed to survive.
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A Look at the Philadelphia 76'ers New Sports Logo

It seems the NBA is in the midst of a self-confidence crisis. Because over the last few weeks, 10% of the league underwent “plastic surgery”.
First it was the Milwaukee Bucks. Why have an 8 pointed buck when you can bolt on 4 more? Then the Washington Wizards followed suit. A Wizard logo for a basketball team named The Wizards? That’s not nearly…artistic enough. How about the Washington Monument instead?
The latest change? The Philadelphia 76ers. Out with the old . . . 
Photos courtesy of 

And as of May 12th, in with the new.

From the teams website, here is the description of the logo change: The team’s new primary logo is a modern interpretation of the classic Sixers insignia, stylistically redeveloped to include a patriotic blue border with six white stars and “PHILADELPHIA” adorned across the heading. The familiar white basketball has been visually updated with a positional rotation of the seams. The emblematic ring of 13 stars present in the primary, partial and secondary logos continues to represent the original American Colonies.
Yes, there actually is a difference in this before and after photo. Now there are stars on the border. Plus “Philadelphia”. And the ball? Kind of rotated to the left. A dramatic shift! 

When a team is openly “tanking” – losing and losing to get the highest possible draft picks – a minor logo change like this isnt going cause merchandise sales to skyrocket whereas winning will. Luckily, this wasn’t the only change that Philadelphia made. They also introduced a secondary logo. One that blows the primary one out of the water:

Benjamin Franklin. Dribbling a basketball. And smirking at the same time. Seriously, how isn’t this the Sixers’ primary look?

The team name 76ers is already mildly confusing. Is the average American going to know that the ‘76ers go by that name because the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776? Though, maybe now they will.

The San Francisco 49ers have that same “What the hell is a 49'er?” problem. They are named after the California Gold Rush, which took place in Northern California in 1849. At least San Francisco got it right by making its logo the city letters:

If it were up to you, what would make more sense as your team’s primary logo? A number with “-ers” at the end of it? Or one of the founding fathers – who also happened to be an inventor among other things – dribbling a basketball?

We know what we would prefer the latter. If you are into the logos that require a little explanation, why not treat yourself to another one of our awesome t-shirts? For example, the Canguros De Parque Lefevre?

Or perhaps the Caimanes de Rio Abajo ?

Or maybe this sweet New Orleans Curse awesome basketball t-shirt will bring some positive voodoo power to your closet. 
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The Clippers Are Making A Mistake With a Logo Change

We’ve seen plenty of make-overs across the NBA of late. Recently, two teams changed their looks: the Milwaukee Bucks and Washington Wizards. Now – according to a great article at, ANOTHER team may be on the verge of a shakeup: The Los Angeles Clippers.
The high flying Clippers are in the heat of the Western Conference Playoffs and Doc Rivers have them playing some great hoops, even with a hobbled Chris Paul. Over the past two years, the Lakers, their stadium partner/rival have become real bad so for the first time, the Clippers are the hot item in the trendy town. No longer is it embarrassing to wear Clippers gear. They have young stars like Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan that you gravitate towards. They are the hip team right now which has us puzzled why the Clippers would want to change their logo at this point in their evolution? Here is the logo that was leaked.
Photo courtesy of 

The Clippers have looked like this since their 1982 days in San Diego. And after 30+ years - not to mention the whole Donald Sterling racism, controversy, maybe they feel like a change is necessary? 

One curious aspect regarding their current logo is their name doesn't match the logo. Per Wikipedia: “a Clipper is a very fast sailing ship of the middle third of the 19th century”. Some kind of ship would have been a nice addition.  

Or, maybe it’s time for a throwback look AND an entirely different nickname. The Clippers were originally known as the Buffalo Braves, sporting these two logos during their time in Western New York from 1970 to 1978.


Neither of these logos are particularly great. But the nickname works. Rhetorical question time. What’s more intimidating – a warrior…or a boat?

At, we think we have a better solution. Between the 122 teams across North America’s four major sports leagues, there isn’t one team inspired by our eight-tentacled-brethren under the sea: the octopus. It’s time to change that. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the California Crazy Eights!

We’ve even got the logo en espanol: The Ochos Locos.

You don’t want to mess with an octopus but it's pretty awesome to wear an octopus t-shirt. Yeah, they may not have a backbone. But they still have 8 tentacles and can shoot ink. AND on top of that? They’re one of only a few animals on the planet that are known to use tools. Yes, tools.

Now that we’ve scared you from going into the ocean ever again, how about a little levity? These Awesome Sports Logos franchises are not exactly intimidating but they do feature a nautical theme. It's the San Francisco Swallows and the Savannah Seamen. Both have great back stories on how they were created and how we linked the logos to the cities. 

We'll see what happens with the Clip show both on the court and with their sports logo. In the meantime, if you dig any of our gear, you can get sweet discounts by joining our t-shirt of the month club.
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