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Sports Logo Spotlight on the Frederick Keys

In today’s Awesome Sports Logos spotlight, we shine the light toward Maryland and the Single A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, the Frederick Keys.

Lets begin with the history. Frederick is the Key capitol but not the key that lets you in the door. Frederick County is the former home of Francis Scott Key. Not familiar with this famous poet’s work? You would be if you heard the song that always gets a standing ovation. Begins with “O Say Can You See”, ends with “And the Home of the Brave”.  That’s right, this team is named after the author of the Star Spangled Banner, our nations National Anthem.

So lets take a look at the logo.


Logo courtesy of 


This is one of those rare minor league logos that hasn’t changed. Frederick has kept the same logo since The Keys made Frederick their home back in 1989. The colors of Black and Orange are also the primary logo colors of their parent club. That said, when you think of such a historic song, Red, White, and Blue does the trick for me.

I do like the explosions in the logo although they look a bit too similar to fireworks. That’s a nice tie in to the song where it says, “The bombs bursting in air.”

Other than that, the logo is just there. I would love to see them bring in patriotic colors and possibly a character of Francis Scott Key.

Love the name and the history behind it. Just hope they come up with a different design in the future. Go Keys!

We love baseball here at Awesome Sports Logos. Here are some of our favorite teams.

The Idaho Taters


This is the first sports logo that we created and its still one of our favorites. I’m still surprised that a minor league team hasn’t grabbed this name. Idaho is potato country and what better name for that region that also doubles as a great Home Run nickname.

The Middleton Fingers


This is one of our best sellers and for good reason. Huge props to our logo designer who jumped for joy when he heard this name. Love the creativity of the middle bat rising from the bunch. Very subtle but that’s what we’re all about.

The Boca Raton Cougars


Cougars are vicious, especially these Cougars who go after their prey at night. They love hitting Home Runs, that’s for sure. Love the double meaning of this sports logo.

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The United Shore Professional Baseball League has Awesome Logos

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, our promise to you was to bring you cool logos from all over the world. We especially like to bring you sports logos that aren’t as well known but are just as impressive. This is the case with the four teams in the United Shore Professional Baseball League.

About one year ago the league was formed in Utica Michigan. The goal of the league is to get young kids noticed and ready for Major League Organizations. In fact, nine USPBL players were signed by MLB organizations in just the first year. That is truly impressive. The league started as 3 teams and has since expanded to 4 with more to come. Two cool aspects of the league to point out before we look at the logos. The first is all teams play in the same stadium. While they may have different names from the area, they all play at Jimmy Johns Field in Utica Michigan. This to me is a terrific idea. No travel required and less expense. They also play all of their games Thursday through the Weekend. Prime time baseball watching in a gorgeous new ballpark and it’s so much easier to attend a game on these days rather than a Monday or Tuesday night.

One other note, the USPBL streams all of their games live on YouTube. It’s pretty awesome to see a league not afraid to lose box office draw by showing their games. I think it attracts people to the ballpark and I also love how family members of these young pros get to watch their relatives in action.

Let’s get into the logos. Even though there are only four, this logo designer absolutely deserves an A+.  The USPBL logos blow many other leagues away with their creative names and logos. Other designers and leagues should take note of these designs.

 The Utica Unicorns

Logos courtesy of

The red, purple and grey colors work really well. I love how the red mane of the unicorn also acts as an underline to the team name. A cool feature is the unicorn horn coming from the U in Utica. You don’t notice it at first glance. The horn going through the baseball ties in the sport perfect. In fact, from all four of these logos, they do a great job incorporating baseball.

The Eastside Diamond Hoppers



This is an awesome original name. Double meaning with Diamond Hoppers as a frog and also as someone speedy on the bases. Great touch with the frog catching a baseball with fly wings. You could even say that the Hopper is catching a “fly ball”. If that’s the case, then A+++ for that double meaning.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Beavers



Beavers make such great mascots and this is no exception. This Beaver looks like he is ready to launch one. My favorite part of this logo is the chipped wood bat that he is swinging. It’s those little touches that make a great sports logo.

We saved the newest member of the United Shore Professional Baseball League for last.


The Westside Woolly Mammoths


 This logo has some terrific details. I love the lettering especially the bottom of the lettering. That little touch throws you back 10,000 years ago like a caveman chiseled it. You didn’t need a baseball cap on the Mammoth but it’s a great little touch. As is the ball curled up in the trunk. To top it off, the Mammoth is stepping on a base. Even their team saying, “Go Big or Go Home” is a great tribute to the ice age era beast. There is also some history here. A Woolly Mammoth fossil was actually unearthed in Michigan back in 2015 so it’s a perfect tie in.

I can’t say enough about the coolness of this league and their logos. Four for four with sports logos with some terrific baseball in a cool stadium.

Awesome job USBPL!!

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Awesome Sports Logos

The Lowell Spinners Have a New Logo

Today’s Sports Logo Review takes us to Lowell Massachusetts, home of  the Lowell Spinners of the Single A New York Penn League.

The Spinners recently unveiled a new logo so lets take a look.


The name and logo have great history in this region, a history that many may not know. You may have never heard of Lowell but back in the 1800’s Lowell was a textile giant. Cotton was grown in the south and shipped to Lowell. At one point there were more cotton spindles in Lowell than anywhere else in the United States. That’s why this logo makes so much sense. Many of the plants are now historically preserved and turned into museums. I love the name Spinners.

Here’s what team owner Dave Heller had to say. "Our new logos better reflect exactly who we are," said team owner Dave Heller. "The old logos did not even mention the word 'Lowell.' We are proud not merely to be from Lowell but of Lowell; the canals that run through this great city are a big part of our DNA, and we are proud to put the Lowell name back on our logo, jerseys and caps. We also wanted to incorporate our affiliation with the Red Sox as well as the factories and mills that define Lowell. Like the Spinners, they are an integral part of Lowell's past, present and very bright future."

 Great explanation by Mr. Heller. The factories and mills are a nice touch to the logo and I also like the Red Sox formatted lettering. It’s a great way to tie in the parent MLB club without calling it the Lowell Red Sox which happened in the past with many big league teams.  One explanation left out is the Gator. As a guy that grew up in the Bay State, I can tell you, Alligators in Lowell, MA are few and far between.  A bit too chilly in the channels of Lowell but I don’t mind the Gator touch. In fact, the club has named it a Canaligator after the six miles of Lowell canals.

Great job Spinners. You have an awesome logo and you run a fine organization packing the house year after year. Well done Lowell!

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature two Massachusetts baseball logos on our t-shirts.

The first is the Boston Accents



Baseball has such a rich tradition in Boston and Bostonians also have a distinctive Accent. You’ll certainly hear it if you ever take in a game at historic Fenway Park. We put the two together and created this tribute to the great baseball city of Boston.

Our other awesome t-shirt pays tribute to one of the best collegiate leagues in the country. Each summer, many of baseball’s top prospects descend upon Cape Cod. Just like the Majors, only wood bats are used in the Cape Cod League and the best part, there is no admission to the games. They pass around a hat in the stands and everything is paid for in donations. It’s a great league and a great way to see the stars of tomorrow. We love it so much that we came up with our own Cape Cod baseball logo, the Cape Cod Scrod.


What exactly is a Scrod? Now that is a great question. A Scrod is a Cod or Haddock used mainly in New England dishes. Cape Cod is know for it’s awesome fishing and this logo shows this fish swinging for the fences. Cape Cod is an amazing place and we’re so proud to have a t-shirt that represents the Cape.

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Awesome Sports Logos

Check out the Frisco RoughRiders Awesome Logo

Major League Baseball has officially begun. And what’s one of the best things about that? Minor League Baseball is starting as well! There’s nothing like watching the future superstars of the big league clubs. Fans go to MiLB games and get a glimpse of the talent that is bound for their Major League club. And while these prospects are battling it out, they are sporting some of the most awesome logos in the sports industry. One Minor League Baseball logo that we love, belongs to the Frisco RoughRiders.

In fact, the RoughRiders garnered a lot of viral attention today offering Phil Simms a position in their broadcast booth now that the Super Bowl MVP has been moved aside by CBS to make room for Tony Romo.

The RoughRiders are the Double-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers. Unlike some MiLB teams that are a long distance from their MLB parent organization, Frisco’s stadium is just 35 miles from Globe Life Park in Arlington. This allows the RoughRiders fans to get a look at Major League players, as the Rangers often send players to Frisco on rehab assignments, since the club is so close. In 2002, the RoughRiders unveiled their team name and logo. "The Rough Riders" was the name bestowed by the American press on the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry Regiment during the Spanish–American War, headed by to-be American President Theodore Roosevelt. The team was named after a historical division in order to comply with the tradition of the major league affiliate, the Texas Rangers, who were named after the Texas Ranger Division.

Let’s take a look at the original Frisco RoughRiders logo.


Logos Courtesy of 

The image represents the club’s namesake very well. Here, we see a cowboy riding a horse, with the team name scripted above. I’m not a big fan of the font here. It seems like it could have been styled to be read easier. I love the horse. It’s charging forward, reared up. The display is an obvious sign of strength and fortitude. The redesign for the 2015 season looks even better than what we see here.

And here is a close up of the new logo



This logo is awesome! We mentioned how the RoughRiders got their name, and here we see Teddy Roosevelt himself! Teddy has a great look and he’s swinging away with a fine piece of wood. Next to Roosevelt, we have the team name scripted in a much improved font. It is way easier to read, now that the lettering is a bit more spaced out. “Frisco” is donned in blue, and the cursive style seems to flow quite nicely. “RoughRiders” is show in red, and flows just as easy as the city name. One important thing to notice here, is how “Rough” flows right into “Riders” seamlessly. That’s by no mistake. RoughRiders is written as one word, even though it is often mistakenly split into two words. I love the detail of using stars to dot the letter “i” in each of the words. It’s fitting for a team located in the Lone Star State.

Overall, the Frisco RoughRiders have a well-built, solid logo.

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This was our contest winning entry sent in by Lee B. in California. This is an awesome name Lee! We proudly present the Middleton, Mississippi Fingers. There are many Middleton’s in the United States. We could give you a fancy explanation and try to spin it but let’s just say if we did an alternate logo of the Fingers, it would be for the birds.


Middleton is actually an extinct town and has been for a while. We think this logo is so creative yet so simple. Huge props to our designer Matt on this one! This is one funny Middleton, MS sports logo t-shirt that will have people laughing when they see it! Add this super soft tee, and any of our other awesome shirts, to your wardrobe today! If you sign up for our t-shirt of the month club, you can have a new tee on your doorstep at the first of every month!

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Awesome Sports Logos

Sports Logo Spotlight on the Down East Wood Ducks

Earlier this week, the Down East Wood Ducks, the new Carolina League Single A affiliate of the Texas Rangers released their logo and it’s awesome.


This isn’t surprising since Brandiose was behind the logo design. Brandiose is our favorite professional logo designer and they have been on a tear bringing back the fun and creativity to minor league logos with a local flare. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, The New Orleans Baby Cakes, and the Norfolk Tides are just a few of the many logos that they’ve worked on for the 2017 season.

This is actually the second Duck logo that Brandiose has recently designed. We did a blog on their other release the Akron Rubber Ducks, a tribute to the tire industry based in Akron. The city was given the nickname, “The rubber capital of the US”.



How much can a logo have an effect on team attention? Here’s a great article where the New Orleans Baby Cakes change has vaulted them into the top 10 in merchandise sales in just five weeks.

Let’s dive into the Wood Ducks name and logo. Hunting is a major part of Down East North Carolina so Wood Ducks fits in perfect with the local lifestyle. After unveiling the logo, the team held an open house selling tickets as well as merchandise. They are off to a great start. 



The team has put an emphasis on presenting bright colors but also colors that are true to a Wooden Duck. A couple of nice touches on the logo is the neon like sign surrounding the Duck. The other is the wooden bat in the shape of a tree branch. The bottom of the branch replicates the bottom of a baseball bat. You might not see it at first glance.

This logo gets high marks from us. Still to come is the new mascot as well as the uniform release which should be unique. Nice job Wood Ducks, you have an awesome sports logo.

 Speaking of some awesome baseball logos, we have a few of our own that you might enjoy. Quickly approaching in Dade City Florida is their annual Kumquat festival. On January 28th, thousands will descend on this festival to crown Mrs. Kumquat, do a Kumquat run and celebrate this hidden gem of a fruit festival style. I love this logo of this fruit that looks a little “juiced” if you ask me swinging for the fences.

Speaking of festivals, in July, Decorah Iowa goes from being a small town to an area that celebrates Nordic history. Similar to the Wood Ducks, our Decorah Trolls logo substitutes a club for a baseball bat.



If Cougars are your think, than we have a baseball team that fits your style in Boca Raton Florida.


If you dig Boston sports and the Accents shared by the natives then the Boston Accents is the perfect baseball team for you.


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Thanks for reading everyone. Go Wood Ducks!

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Awesome Sports Logos

New Team, New Sports Logo, The Florida Fire Frogs

The Brevard County Manatees in Florida have officially relocated. The Minor League Baseball team has moved about an hour West, deeper into Central Florida, to Osceola County. Now that they have moved to a new home, the club has a new affiliate. Along with their relocation, the team has adopted a new identity. The Brevard County Manatees are now the Florida Fire Frogs. In addition to the relocation and new identity, the Fire Frogs are leaving their 12-year affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers. When the new season begins in April of next year, the Fire Frogs will begin their four-year contract as an affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

The new team name was voted upon earlier in the year, and came from a list of finalists that featured some intriguing names. According to Baseball America, names among the final choices to vote on included: Toucans, Mud Kickers, Sorcerers, Rodeo Clowns, Dragonflies, and the winner, Fire Frogs.

The move will ultimately benefit the Braves in the long run, as their new high Class A club will be within 20 miles of the spring training facilities. The biggest benefit for the Fire Frogs, is that their new identity gets to come with a new logo. Let’s compare the two looks, old and new.

Logo Courtesy of 

The Manatees logo fits perfectly with other MiLB team looks. It has a playful, simple design. The manatee in the logo appeals to people of all ages. With a bat in hand and ballcap on, this look represents your typical baseball emblem. The baseball is centered, yet in the background, it is easily noticeable and doesn’t take away from the overall message of the logo. Nothing should take away from the mascot, which sits front and center. “Brevard County” is rightly featured, angled slightly and in great font. While the logo does incorporate the team colors, the overall color aspect is dull and boring. This can either be due to the team colors themselves being uninteresting, or a failure to represent those colors in a more eye-friendly fashion. All in all, the Manatees logo is solid.

Logo courtesy of 

The logo for the new Florida Fire Frogs is… well… this logo is on FIRE! I absolutely love this new look. The image is of a coqui frog, native to Puerto Rico. There is a lot of background to using a coqui frog as the new team logo, as Osceola County’s population features a large portion of people with Puerto Rico roots. I think incorporating that into the team look makes the Fire Frogs more personable to the fanbase around them. This can only serve to strengthen support for the team, and build a strong foundation of fandom. The coqui frog has flames running down its spine, and appears to have steam coming from its nostrils. While this frog may look little, you can easily tell it’s packing a punch! I say this new image is awesome!

Here at Awesome Sports Logos, we have our own baseball logo that hails from the great state of Florida. Today, we match the Florida Fire Frogs with the Boca Raton Cougars.

I could see these two teams playing each other. These Cougars knock it out of the park. Cougars swing for the fence. They know what they want and go for it. Pick up your Cougars today or add them to your t-shirt of the month club selection. Think about it, this super soft tee, and your other favorites, hit your doorstep on the first of each month! We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 month subscriptions, all at increasingly discounted prices. Be sure to check out the details! Whether you buy just one t-shirt or more than one, we truly appreciate your support.

Go Fire Frogs and go Cougars!

Come back again to see more AWESOME logos!

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