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Sports Logo Review of the 2017 MLB All Star Game

The 2017 MLB All Star Logo is out and we are impressed. For Sports Logo designers, a design centered around Miami opens up so many possibilities. The various colors, cultures and flavor make the “Magic City” unique.  So here’s what they came up with:

 There are so many things I love about this logo. First and foremost, they did a great job honoring the host team, the Miami Marlins. They used the primary colors of the team and at first glance, it looks like a slick star. As you look at the top of the logo, the star turns into the shape of a Marlin. I’ll admit, I didn’t see it at first glance and I love it when logos can fit in what we call a “hidden image”. The letter shadowing with the brighter colors is also a nice touch.

Sometimes a sponsor image can take away from the primary part of a logo but that’s not the case here. The colors of MasterCard fit in nicely with the rest of the colors and I also like the lower case on the name.

The MLB Primary Logo slides in nicely and doesn’t catch the eyes immediately. I like it because the focus isn’t on the league, it’s on the host city.

High marks to the 2017 MLB All Star Logo. This logo celebrates Miami as well as the Miami Marlins.

While we don’t have a logo yet for Miami, we do have two baseball logos from the great state of Florida.

If you head up Interstate 95 about 45 minutes you’ll hit the city of Boca Raton. If you cruise Mizner Park, you might catch a Cougar or two coming out of a shop but these predators mostly hit the bar scene at night. Introducing, the Boca Raton Cougars Baseball Club.


I love silhouette logos and I wanted to create a logo that celebrates the beautiful animal and also the beautiful woman that has created the world famous nickname. We have two ladies holding baseball bats and the Cougars lettering has a paw scratch through it.  Go Cougars!!

Our second logo hails from Dade City. Every January, 40,000 people descend on this area for the one-day Dade City Kumquat Festival. Who would have thought a kumquat would attract so many people?


A kumquat is in the citrus family and looks like an orange, but it’s the size of an olive. Our logo designer Matt did a great job making the leaves into arms. This Kumquat looks like it’s ready to hit a fastball out of the park.

I love food sports logos. Some of my favorites include the Savannah Bananas, the Normal CornBelters and one of our own, the Idaho Taters.

Okay, I admit it, I just love sports logos and hopefully you share my passion. Thanks to all of you for your support of Awesome Sports Logos. We continue to have people sign up for our T-shirt of the Month Club and that is awesome. Unlike other t-shirt clubs who send you their choice each month, you get to choose your favorite shirts. We include free shipping and it’s a cheaper way to buy our shirts. The best part, you have a smile on your face when you open your mailbox.

Thanks again!

 Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, Super Soft T-shirt Fanatic

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