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The NBA Scheduling Needs to Change

There has always been debate about the scheduling in basketball. Many argue that the scheduling needs a change. Others state that the scheduling is fine. The main issue with the current scheduling is when players are getting rest. Back to back games are causing coaches to rest star athletes. It has caused some concern from the NBA. Lately, many notable names associated with the NBA have been vocalizing their thoughts on the subject.

Doc Rivers, the head coach of the LA Clippers, is just one of many who are making their opinions heard. In a recent game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Doc Rivers’ team saw a plus to having star players getting rested. The Cavs rested LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love that game. The Clippers easily toppled the Cleveland backups. Even though his team won, Doc Rivers was critical of the NBA scheduling that caused the Cavs to feel the need to rest their stars.

In a report from, Rivers made it clear that he wasn’t upset with the Cleveland coaching staff. However, he was critical of the NBA scheduling a team to play back-to-back nationally broadcasted games. In that same report, Rivers mentioned the true victim of the current NBA scheduling: the fans.

When a team has to play on national TV for two days in a row, the fans ultimately suffer. Coaches and team medical staffs will want to ensure the players aren’t getting overworked. If that means sitting a player, or limiting minutes, then so be it. They don’t care if it’s on TV across the country. They are there to ensure the safety and health of their players.

But when the fans want to watch LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, they get upset when those marquee players are riding the bench. It really stinks for the fans that actually take the time to buy tickets to the game, pay for parking, and hit up the concession stands. Could you imagine their reaction when they finally get to their seats? What about the little kiddos that were probably pumped to see their favorite player?

Karl Malone, a former player and two-time NBA MVP, has essentially told players to suck it up. He is among several other people that are tired of seeing NBA stars getting rested.

Malone reportedly told ESPN’s Sage Steele "If you don't have at least 10 years experience, get your ass playing. It's not work, it's called playing. Besides, tell our underpaid service members and police and first responders to rest. Dammit, they can't."

The NBA has often times told teams that the association isn’t happy when they sit their stars. While I can understand that the NBA wants to display a certain quality of product, they are hurting themselves. Spread out the schedule and cut out back-to-back nationally televised games. That’s a start to making both sides of this argument happy.

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Emoji is the Hot Word for the NBA All Star Game

All eyes will be on today’s All Star Game in Toronto. Kobe Bryant’s final All Star hoorah. Meanwhile teammate Steph Curry who casually made two half court shots in practice will put on his normal show. Then there is LeBron and so many other talented players. 
Eyes will be wandering on social media as this week, the NBA unveiled Twitter emoji’s as part of MVP voting. For those that don’t know, an example of an emoji is those smiley faces or other small logos that people put at the end of a tweet or a text. An emoji is basically a logo and the NBA deserves credit for doing this. Twitter timelines will be filled with these emoji’s and each will be a reminder to turn on the festivities. 
Here are your West MVP Emoji’s
Emoji's courtesy of the NBA 
To me, the most identifiable in these are James Harden with the signature beard and Anthony Davis with the Unibrow. I don’t think I’d think of Kobe Bryant if I saw a snake. Chris Paul’s is easily recognizable because of the CP3 nickname. Of no fault of Paul’s is that bland new Clippers logo that is part of the emoji. 
On to the Eastern Conference
Clearly King James is tops on this list. If I see his emoji, I automatically think of King James. I like the emoji for Dwyane Wade. The emoji is very simple but effective with the Heat logo coming from his number. Carmelo Anthony’s emoji looks like he is lacking interest in this game and with the most recent trade rumors, the emoji might not be far off. Some other nice touches is the drum for Andre Drummond and the Celtics shamrock is always identifiable, probably more than their all-star representative Isaiah Thomas. 
There are even emoji’s of the TNT crew.
It’s Pretty amazing how popular the hosts of NBA on TNT are but it comes down to the personalities and the on air chemistry they share. I love the food emoji’s of Shaq and Charles Barkley. I know if you see a drumstick, you won’t think of Shaq and you might think of Homer Simpson if you see a donut with a bite in it but these guys are actually bigger than the sport. The most recognizable emoji’s of this bunch are the Craig Sager colorful tie and the Ernie Johnson bow tie. 
So don’t be surprised if your twitter timeline is filled with emoji’s. It’s a nice twist by the NBA and a great way to get the younger generation involved. Let’s give kudos to the Association for giving this a try. 
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Can LeBron Really Help Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel’s services as a brand and an athlete are now for sale.  To the surprise of no one, Sir Football announced his eligibility for the 2014 draft last week.  Much sexier news came when it was revealed that Manziel would be represented by LeBron James’ marketing company headed by Maverick Carter. 
Side Note: How about the news that the two coolest names in athlete entourages will be under the same roof, in Carter and Uncle Nate?
It’s no wonder that James and Manziel would be friends, or even partners.  Athletes support each other heavily and loudly these days, most of the time without seeing each other in person (thanks again Twitter).  LeBron says he’s willing to give Johnny advice, and is “happy to help” the firecracker.  
But how much help can King James really provide for young Johnny? Sure, LeBron’s been under a microscope from a young age, overcome some poor “decisions”, and of course, met and exceeded expectations as the class of his sport.  At first glance, these reference points seem to beget the opportunity for an effective LeBron/Manziel stewardship.  But I see these athletes at very opposite ends of the “golden boy” spectrum.  If the following concerns have any bearing on Manziel’s development under LeBron, it may not be smooth sailing for the new couple.  
All professional athletes are a product of their upbringing.    LeBron and Manziel have reached the professional world by way of incredibly different paths.  While both were faced with the temptations of fame at an early age, Lebron beat the distractions.  It’s as if, molded by a tough childhood, Lebron was acutely aware of what he had to gain and lose. Johnny’s privileged background and limited restraint make for a much uglier baby than Pre-Draft LeBron James.  When the two get together to rehash their rise to fame, they will have no common ground.  It’ll be hard to get to the “Let give you some advice son” part of the conversation if they can’t get past “Where are you from?” 
LeBron and Manziel have both dealt with infamy, but on completely different levels.  LeBron’s brush with villainy was misguided and insensitive.  Johnny’s transgressions with the NCAA, twitter, and America’s moral compass are both of those things…plus… pompous, ignorant, spoiled, and possibly illegal.  LeBron James has never been photographed in a compromising position (unless you count not covering his receding hairline).  Johnny Manziel is the poster-child for compromising photos.  All it took James to overcome his mistake was winning.  He didn’t have to become a better person; he was already a good guy.  He didn’t even have to apologize; because what he did wasn’t heinous.  Lebron hasn’t the first clue how to teach Manziel to grow up.
There’s a clear hole in my argument.  LeBron can help Manziel by leading by example.  LeBron can keep being himself, hoping that Johnny takes notice and takes action.  LeBron said himself that he would give Manziel his advice, “if he’s willing to listen.”   I didn’t hear the tone in James’ voice, but that’s a glaring distinction.  Johnny Football doesn’t have a track record of listening to anyone (except for Drake, he listens to his music).   This kid is so talented, I’m not sure he’s ever had to listen to a coach.  LeBron is hoping for an apt pupil, but Johnny doesn’t fit the bill.  
Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for Johnny  Football.  I hope he’s everything on the field that so many college freaks were supposed to be.  Manziel may take the NFL by storm, but it won’t be because LeBron James taught him how to be a man.  
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