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Vegas Unveils The Golden Knights as Their NHL Name

We can now say that the NHL has officially arrived in Las Vegas. In a rally in front of their brand new arena, fans were treated to the official name and sports logo unveil of the first major sports franchise in Nevada.

The team did a really good job keeping the fans and media guessing what the official name would be. The three names that became final speculation were the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Desert Knights, and the Las Vegas Silver Knights. Everyone pretty much knew Knights would be in the name. Owner Bill Foley also mentioned that Sidewinders and Nighthawks were discussed.

So here is your winner, the Vegas Golden Knights.



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Let’s start with the name. It’s not the Las Vegas Golden Knights, it’s the Vegas Golden Knights. As a person who lived in Las Vegas, I can relate to just Vegas. When you live in Las Vegas, you drop the Las. “I’m from Vegas”.  It’s a nice touch and a tribute to the thousands of residents who created the ground swell to make this franchise happen.

As for the logo, Foley attended West Point. Here is his quote from, "The Knights are the epitome of the warrior class," the U.S. Military Academy graduate said. "They're team-oriented, they always stick together, they never give up, they never give in. And hockey players are warriors. They've always been team players, all for one. That's us. That's what we'll be." You may not notice it at first but while it looks like a Knights mask, the part where the eyes, nose and mouth would be is shaped like a "V" symbolizing the hometown. 

The team explained the colors in the logo.

Steel Grey- strength and durability;

Gold-The state of Nevada is the largest gold producer in the United States

Black- Power and Intensity.

Here is the secondary logo of the team.


I actually like this logo better than the primary. You have some great Knight swords and together they create a star that resembles the star on the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign. The team explained that the red in the logo stands for the desert skyline along with the famous Red Rock in the surrounding mountains.

Finally, here is the word mark for the team which you will see on various merchandise. 
Unfortunately, the logo unveiling didn’t go as planned. As you can see in this video at about the 8:49 mark, the video started with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman but quickly went to a place holder which is basically a blank screen with the name.

Foley jumps on the microphone with the quote, “We’re going to do better on the rink, I’ll tell you that”. Good save Bill Foley. I can only imagine what was going through your mind. You’ve spent millions of dollars on this franchise and this is your day. North American hockey fans have their eyes on you and that happens. I feel as though the video production team won’t be sleeping too much tonight. Vegas is one of the worlds top entertainment destinations, how can you not get a video on the screen?

So here’s my take. I hate to knock this logo because as a former Vegas resident, I couldn’t be more excited for a community that I have grown to love. That said, there are so many unique features of Southern Nevada and that’s what the logo should have focused on. Reading various articles, it seems as though the team wanted to stay away from anything associated with gambling. To me, that’s what you are known for so embrace it.  If I say Golden Knights, does Vegas come to mind? 

Full disclosure, I reached out to the team and offered up our Las Vegas Snake Eyes logo.

Some in the city think that our logo signifies losing because that’s not the best role in Craps. Snake Eyes to me rolls off the tongue and has a cool double meaning with snakes in the desert as well as the subtle gambling reference. Oh well, they didn’t get back to me. They have their vision and I’m excited for them. I just think this franchise would have exploded with the right creative name. I’ll be rooting for them on the ice! Go Knights!!

Thanks as always for reading. Our Las Vegas Snake Eyes logo is one of 42 logos that you can choose from. Our t-shirts are super soft and I promise you, they quickly become closet favorites. We also feature our T-shirt of the Month club which is that perfect creative holiday gift for yourself or that special someone. You pick out the t-shirts and we customize the club for you. Our shirts in the T-shirt of the Month club come at a discount price with free shipping. Now that’s VIP all the way, VEGAS Style!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

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A Great Reason to Call The Las Vegas NHL Franchise The Snake Eyes

Dear Las Vegas and everyone that lives in Clark County,
As a former proud resident of the area, let me congratulate you in advance. You have done everything necessary to finally bring one of the four major sports to town.
There have been Outlaws, Posse, Locomotives, Wranglers, Sting and others that have tried and failed but to me that was more the league than the locals. Detractors will say that there is not enough support for a professional team. I say, Nevadans have never had a good enough product. A legitimate franchise that they knew would set up, embrace the community and become a fixture.
The new arena is gorgeous so all that is left is an announcement from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Oh yeah, one other aspect and that’s where we can lend a hand, a sweet Las Vegas NHL logo and team name. 
Let’s call the newest NHL franchise The Las Vegas Snake Eyes!

You are awesome for bringing this franchise to town Bill Foley and you had mentioned during an interview with radio station KHSP back in April that the domain names you are interested in for the team are gone.  The good news is you found the right place. 
At Awesome Sports Logos, we have the rights to:
They can all be yours along with the logo. We want the Snake Eyes to be among the top selling merchandise and we truly feel as though that can be accomplished. If the dice are an issue, we’ll take it out. We’ll even change the Snake if you want to but if you do a search of the term “Las Vegas Snake Eyes for NHL Team Name”, numerous pages come up.
What do we want in return?  Nothing for us but we would be honored if in exchange for the logo and website domains that you make a donation to Opportunity Village. If you live in Southern Nevada, then you know the amazing work that this charity does.
Cool Logo that supports an amazing local cause. Sounds Awesome to me!  Spread the word about the Snake Eyes by sharing this blog on your social media. You can also email me directly at
We can’t wait for the puck to drop!   Let’s do this Snake Eyes Fans!!
Gavin Spittle
Awesome Sports Logos
“Bringing back the fun and creativity to sports logos”

How To Save Money in Las Vegas

Usually I love to blog when I’m out traveling this great country of ours. Only in Las Vegas would there be a “hackers” convention and I was told by multiple people not to go online if I didn’t have to. Thus I write this 30,000 feet in the air as I make my back to our home base of Dallas. Let’s start with some great news. The locals love the Las Vegas Hookers Fishing Club t-shirt. I was stopped multiple times by people asking where they can get that awesome t-shirt. 
When they asked if it was a real fishing club, I told them that they were guaranteed to catch something in this club but it’s not real. That got a chuckle every time. You wouldn’t think of the desert as a fishing attraction but there is actually some really good fresh water striped bass fishing in Lake Mead about 30 minutes south of the strip. I know you go to Las Vegas to party and win tons of money (You’re the one) but there are some hidden gems and tips that will payout more than that Wheel of Fortune slot machine you are addicted to.
1) Hiking in Red Rock Canyon. For Seven Dollars or a few spins on the slot machine, you can witness breathtaking views, spot desert wildlife and enjoy the amazing color blend of these mountains. Red Rock Canyon National Park offers a wide variety of hiking trails from beginner to expert and if hiking isn’t your thing, the 13 mile scenic drive with overlooks along the way make for some great pictures. You don’t have to spend huge bucks to take a helicopter ride or 100 mile car ride to Grand Canyon. Views are just 20-30 minutes away at Red Rock. I would also suggest the Valley of Fire. It’s about an hour ride but just like Red Rock, you will remember it forever. 

2) Within a couple of miles of Las Vegas Boulevard the food is just as good but 50% cheaper. Many of you live near major tourist attractions. Do you eat there or do you avoid it? Las Vegas is the same way. There is a reason all the big name chefs have restaurants on the strip. Venture a few miles away and you get more food a lot cheaper. For instance, we hit I love Sushi one night. 

I know, the name isn’t as appetizing but forget about that part. The Sushi is outstanding as is the local atmosphere. The same goes for breakfast hangouts like Jams and Black Bear Diner. If you can’t get off the strip, save money by hitting their one of the hotels cafés. People don’t realize that the chefs basically train and work together. Might not be as fancy and the menu might be all over the place but these cafés take great pride in their service and meals at reasonable prices. At the Palms Casino where we were staying, we went into their café which offered both an American and a Chinese Food menu. I had an amazing salad that had me coming back a second time. 

3) Happy Hour research- In Vegas there are usually two Happy Hours, 5-7 like the rest of the country and then many places give deals starting at midnight or even as early as 10p. You don’t even have to do the research. The Concierge is there for a reason. They are your Google and their best interest is making you happy. Ask them where the best deals are. They might even have a coupon book and no, don’t shake your head, you can still carry around a coupon book and look cool. 

4) Remember the term “local”. That’s a key target word in Las Vegas. If someone tries to give you a great deal, tell them you are a local and they will shut down immediately. Casinos rent out space to time share companies who will pitch you on ticket deals as well as free stays in return for a presentation. They realize that their time is better spent with tourists and you won’t be bothered just by politely saying that you are locals. If you eat at a casino, ask about their local specials. Many times, they might have a different price point on certain items or may offer a local special. Here’s the catch. They might ask for your ID so if you can show a good poker face, tell them that you left it in the car or don’t have it on you. They will likely honor that price. Is it dishonest, maybe but so is not allowing people that can count cards. That’s a skill, not a crime. Local also applies with the cab companies. In conversation with the cab driver, mention you lived in Las Vegas. The city is a grid and they have ways to keep you in a cab longer if they want to. I’m not saying they will but telling them that you lived there will certainly lessen your chances. Remember this street name, Koval. Koval runs parallel to the Strip and only locals travel on that street. You know how it can take up to 25-30 minutes to drive down Las Vegas Boulevard? If you take Koval your trip becomes 5-10 minutes. To make things even easier, most of the casinos on that side have back entrances to Koval. Even if your hotel is on the other side of the strip, there are several streets that run through the strip that you can use to save time, fuel and money. 

5) Ask for an upgrade. Always be extremely nice and more than likely the hotels, car rental companies will probably say no but there are those times where ask and you shall receive does apply. Many times, business might be slow and there goal is to make you a repeat customer. 

6) If you are traveling downtown, you shouldn’t pay for parking. Casinos are cutting down on the validation of parking but Binion’s is one that if you play games at their casino, they will validate. Throw in a couple quarters, remember what slot or table you played and ask for validation at one of their help desks. Act confident and be ready to tell them the exact slot or table you played and they will take care of you. 

Hopefully you like these tips as much as the two t-shirts we have to offer. You saw the Hookers and now we introduce you to the Las Vegas Snake Eyes. This was one of the first sports logos we came up with. When I lived in Las Vegas, I could never figure out why teams were so afraid to use the term “Snake Eyes”. I know it’s a bad roll in craps but it has great double meaning. Las Vegas sports logos should be anything but tame. 
Thanks as always for reading. Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities and hopefully these tips help you save a buck or two.

Gavin Spittle
Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Junkie
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