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The Lake Erie Crushers Unveil an Awesome Logo

The Lake Erie Crushers of the Independent Frontier League have a new logo and boy do we love it. Not only is the actual logo cool, this logo pays tribute to the local community, which is equally important. Let’s dive into the Crushers with their logo unveil video.


Now lets give you a better look at the logo.


A couple of details I really like about the logo. The stem coming out of the cap along with the curly vine remnants is a real nice touch. Those little details really gives the grape that realism. The primary grape has some buddies in the logo at the end of the bat which is also cool. The lettering is a perfect fit as well keeping the purple theme which is a big color in their uniform scheme.

When you think of wine grapes, you probably think this baseball logo should be for a team in Napa or Washington State but Ohio has a bunch of wineries and is ranked as the 7th top producing win state according to Wine America.

Here’s what co-owner Jaqueline Kramig said of the logo decision according to "Most of the community believes it has to do with crushing the baseball," "It really doesn't. ... It's Ohio history. We would like to take it back to the vineyards of northern Ohio with a new logo and new uniforms to capture an old story."

The old owners of the club thought of Crushers more as a home run reference but that’s the thing about sports logos, sometimes the best ones have double meaning. That’s why we created our Idaho Taters awesome logo.


 Idaho is the potato capital of the United States and hitting a “Tater” is a monstrous home run.

 I will also add that I love food sports logos. Tigers, Lions or any other animal have facial features so you can make them cartoonish or ferocious by showing teeth. Food has shape and that’s it so you are essentially beginning from scratch giving it eyes, a mouth and body parts. Your creative thoughts really have to flow when working with food. We had this challenge with both the Taters and our other food sports logo, the Dade City Kumquats.


This logo celebrates the yearly Kumquat festival in Dade City. My two favorite parts of this logo are the Kumquat leaves which double as muscular arms holding the bat and the spots on the face. Just like a real Kumquat, it’s not a perfect color.

 I promise you, our Taters and Kumquats baseball t-shirts will become super soft closet favorites. Actually a great way to get discounts on these shirts is to try out our T-shirt of the Month Club.


Congrats to the Crushers and their new logo. I think it’s awesome!


Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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