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Remembering the XFL

If you haven’t seen the 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on the XFL, you have to check it out. Getting the two point men WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and NBC Exec Dick Ebersol to talk about the creation, promotion and struggles of the league was much watch TV. Kudos to Ebersol’s son Charlie who spearheaded this project. Just like the XFL getting everyone hyped for the league, the same can be said about this 30 for 30 trailer that got everyone excited to watch.


One aspect that is fascinating is how many ideas are now used by the NFL, which helped take the league to new heights. Mic’d up players and overhead cameras are just two of the innovative tactics used by the XFL that translated over to the NFL.

Since it was 16 years ago, I forgot about the various logos used by the teams in the XFL. Here are my favorites from the league.

Lets begin with the league logo.

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I always loved the name. Had the players had more time to develop and the league not rushed, the play might have been good enough to sustain this project for more than just a year. The logo mirrored the theme colors of the WWF at the time with the dominant black and red colors. The colors made the football look cool along with the league merchandise worn.

My favorite logo was the San Francisco Demons.



This four-color design looked so cool. First off, this name screams that they players aren’t “choir boys” which the XFL wanted to portray. While black dominates the Demon face, I love the orange and red colors on the connected outline that gives off a fire look. The Demons lost out in the Million Dollar Championship game to our 2nd favorite logo.



The Los Angeles Extreme



You have to respect a sports logo that looks like a Chinese Throwing Star right?  Just like the Demons, Extreme is an intimidating name and in the middle of the logo the centerpiece is a cool looking X which blends in and brings to mind not only the team name but the league name. Can’t go wrong with the black, gold and white colors and I really like the lettering “LA” on each side of the logo.


The Las Vegas Outlaws


It’s truly hard to believe that I was at the very first game between the Las Vegas Outlaws and the NY/NJ Hitmen. I was a Las Vegas resident at the time and the hype for this game was huge. A sold out Sam Boyd Stadium witnessed a pretty ugly game with the Outlaws defeating the Hitmen. Although the league didn’t last, my memory of that game and our introduction to “He Hate Me” is a lasting memory.


As for this logo, you’ll find a few skulls in the Nevada desert so this logo fits in with the local landscape. Since Vegas is part of the “Wild Wild West”, the name fits in as well. There are a couple of cool aspects to this logo that you might not catch at first glance. First, the antlers curl upwards to create an “O” for Outlaws. Check out the nose of the logo. It’s actually a spade in tribute to the gambling capitol of America. A red “V” also accents the nose for Vegas. Despite the team and league folding, Vegas supported this team pretty well.

Those were my favorite XFL logos. I’m biased but I don’t have a favorite when it comes to my Awesome Sports Logos collection. I love them all. They are my kids and I love getting awesome feedback about the quality of our t-shirts. We have some great football logos including our Cocksville Blockers awesome t-shirt as well as the Nashville Bootleggers. I’d also like to remind you of our t-shirt of the month club. It’s your chance to get several of our awesome t-shirts at a discount price. We also offer free shipping inside of the US. We want you to smile once a month when you go to your mailbox.

Thanks for reading everyone and thank you for supporting Awesome Sports Logos

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