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Our Top 3 Major League Lacrosse Sports Logos

Lacrosse. It’s a sport that goes almost completely ignored in the United States. While the Northeastern part of the country may love it, the majority of the U.S. couldn’t tell you anything about it. Major League Lacrosse, a nine team lacrosse league here in the States, averaged just 4,268 spectators per game in their 2016 season. That statistic alone should prove that the sport doesn’t get a lot of attention. Honestly, that’s a shame. Lacrosse is extremely fun to watch, being a completely full contact sport and all. Of course, here at Awesome Sports Logos, we managed to find some totally awesome team logos in the MLL as well! Let’s see just how awesome these logos are.

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Even people who know nothing about lacrosse can see the true awesomeness of this logo. The Rochester Rattlers may have had a shaky history in the MLL, but their look has never wavered. The best part of this logo is in the snake. When some snakes get angry, they stretch out the skin around their neck, to appear bigger and meaner. That’s exactly what’s happening right here in this logo. Where the stretched out skin would be, we see the netting of a lacrosse stick. This rattler is angry, and he means business on the field. We don’t go into font details a whole lot when discussing logos, but I think the Rattlers picked the perfect font for the script of their name. It isn’t boring and plain. It looks edgy and modern. The Rattlers have one awesome logo!  

This reminds me of our awesome t-shirt that we feature, the Las Vegas Snake Eyes!
I love when sports teams can work in the tools of their game into a logo. The Boston Cannons have done this in a very cool way.
The background of their logo is the netting of a lacrosse stick just like the Rattlers, shouting out loud and proud just what they are playing. Sitting front and center are crossed cannons. This is an intimidation factor, plain and simple. It screams that Boston is coming, prepared for war on the field. Of course, just below the crossed cannons sits what one would assume is a cannon ball. BUT, I would challenge that thought. My bet is on it being a lacrosse ball. The whole logo now makes sense! Just like a cannon firing in war, the Boston Cannons plan on using their sticks to fire that ball right into the back of the net! It’s metaphorical. It’s awesome.
Even though it's a baseball logo, you can actually hear this logo from the fans in the stands at the Cannons games. Who doesn't love a good accent, especially a Boston Accent!


The Atlanta Blaze had their first season in Major League Lacrosse this year. That’s right, they are the new kids on the block. And I hate to say it, but the new guys are putting the others to shame in the logo department.
When I first saw the Atlanta Blaze logo, the first thing that jumped out at me was the lacrosse ball that was on fire. It looks like someone swung that thing so hard, it was set ablaze! Perhaps it was Kevin Rice who fired that shot, seeing as how he scored the Blaze’s first goal in franchise history, just 44 seconds into their very first match! The “A” has been shaped to appear like a goal, and that flaming lacrosse ball is heading right for it. The overall look of this logo is great. The edges are on fire, the lettering is consistent and trendy, and the elongated shield is pleasing to the eye. Congratulations Atlanta Blaze, we think you have the BEST logo in Major League Lacrosse!

Since we’re discussing how lacrosse is one of the less popular sports in the United States, let’s take a look at one of our logos from a lesser known about town in America. We present the Intercourse Witnesses logo!


I know, we couldn’t believe it either. There is actually an unincorporated village in Pennsylvania named Intercourse. Intercourse is a popular place because of its name and because it’s in the heart of Amish country. The Amish sell crafts and take tourists on horse rides. Visitors also have a knack for stealing signs because of the Intercourse name.

This village was the setting for the 1985 movie Witness starring Harrison Ford. The movie was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won two. Thus, the Intercourse Witnesses were born. We love this funny t-shirt that pays tribute to the village that makes many snicker each time it’s said - Intercourse.  

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