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Mark Cuban is a Class Act


When you own a business, you need to market your company as much as possible and in any way possible. Going “Viral” is an amazing way to spread the word at little or no cost. I’m always skittish taking pictures with celebrities because there is a huge part of me that thinks it’s unfair to use their brand to promote our merchandise. That’s why I will always talk about the t-shirt that I’m wearing and not say, “They dig this t-shirt”. If they say they like the t-shirt then it’s fair game.

So I had a chance to meet Mark Cuban on Friday and yes, he was nice enough to take a picture. The picture to me became secondary. Mr. Cuban just came off hip surgery and I told him my mother just came off her second hip surgery. He has had two as well. In the minute or two that we conversed, he asked me how she was doing, when she had it done and told me about the incredible advancements they have made with this surgery. Then he told me, “Please tell your mother best wishes on a speedy recovery”.  

On my way home I called my 70 year old mom and told her the story. After about 30 seconds she was referring to him as “Mark” as if they had known each other for years.  I told her he was hopping up and down and she would be as well in no time. Of course both my parents asked if I pitched him on our t-shirt company like any proud parents would. “I think he’s been pitched enough” I replied. I can’t imagine how many times a day or during the week he gets told about the next big thing.

Usually we save this space to promote one of our t-shirts. Today, I’d like to use it to promote a charity which Mark has contributed to called the iBellieve Foundation. This foundation funds research to find a cure for Hunter’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes permanent, progressive damage affecting appearance, mental development, organ function and physical abilities. There is no cure as of yet. Hunter’s Syndrome won’t get the publicity like many other charities because it is rare but just it certainly deserves our attention.

Because of a simple conversation, I have now found this amazing charity that I would love to bring awareness to. It’s the little things that become difference makers and Mark Cuban moved way up on my list of “class acts”.

Thanks as always for reading,

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Logo Lover, T-shirt Wearer

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