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Sports Logo Review of the Guangdong Southern Tigers

Emmanuel Mudiay made headlines months ago by announcing that he'd become the latest would-be blue chip prospect to forego the D1 dream and instead play professionally overseas. Instead of becoming an SMU Mustang, he decided to become a Guangdong Southern Tiger in China. Despite the Tigers' antiquated logo, I can confirm they do exist in 2014.
My familiarity with international logos and, specifically, the evolution of international logos, is limited. With that said, I'm comfortable proclaiming that graphic designers in China are using more advanced technology than dial up Internet and the old school "paint" program on Windows.

Leave it to the ignorant American to question the ways of the Chinese, but here goes it...

The logo gets points for looking intimidating and for resembling a tiger.

I'll even throw some love for the "Southern Tiger," an endangered species in the Guangdong region. While a tiger is rather generic, it does make sense and offers some cultural insight for this specific team.

The red and yellow flames are an interesting touch. I'm not opposed to that motif but it seems out of place here. If you're using flames for the tigers, I think orange flames would have made sense and Orange and black striped flames would have certainly been unique.

The geometry looks dated and sketched into submission. In the 80s it was probably sweet but, as sad as it is, we've become digital and dimensional--at least, I have. The logo in general looks rather old and just doesn't do it for me.

4.5 out of 10.
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