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Remembering the XFL

If you haven’t seen the 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on the XFL, you have to check it out. Getting the two point men WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and NBC Exec Dick Ebersol to talk about the creation, promotion and struggles of the league was much watch TV. Kudos to Ebersol’s son Charlie who spearheaded this project. Just like the XFL getting everyone hyped for the league, the same can be said about this 30 for 30 trailer that got everyone excited to watch.


One aspect that is fascinating is how many ideas are now used by the NFL, which helped take the league to new heights. Mic’d up players and overhead cameras are just two of the innovative tactics used by the XFL that translated over to the NFL.

Since it was 16 years ago, I forgot about the various logos used by the teams in the XFL. Here are my favorites from the league.

Lets begin with the league logo.

Logos courtesy of 


I always loved the name. Had the players had more time to develop and the league not rushed, the play might have been good enough to sustain this project for more than just a year. The logo mirrored the theme colors of the WWF at the time with the dominant black and red colors. The colors made the football look cool along with the league merchandise worn.

My favorite logo was the San Francisco Demons.



This four-color design looked so cool. First off, this name screams that they players aren’t “choir boys” which the XFL wanted to portray. While black dominates the Demon face, I love the orange and red colors on the connected outline that gives off a fire look. The Demons lost out in the Million Dollar Championship game to our 2nd favorite logo.



The Los Angeles Extreme



You have to respect a sports logo that looks like a Chinese Throwing Star right?  Just like the Demons, Extreme is an intimidating name and in the middle of the logo the centerpiece is a cool looking X which blends in and brings to mind not only the team name but the league name. Can’t go wrong with the black, gold and white colors and I really like the lettering “LA” on each side of the logo.


The Las Vegas Outlaws


It’s truly hard to believe that I was at the very first game between the Las Vegas Outlaws and the NY/NJ Hitmen. I was a Las Vegas resident at the time and the hype for this game was huge. A sold out Sam Boyd Stadium witnessed a pretty ugly game with the Outlaws defeating the Hitmen. Although the league didn’t last, my memory of that game and our introduction to “He Hate Me” is a lasting memory.


As for this logo, you’ll find a few skulls in the Nevada desert so this logo fits in with the local landscape. Since Vegas is part of the “Wild Wild West”, the name fits in as well. There are a couple of cool aspects to this logo that you might not catch at first glance. First, the antlers curl upwards to create an “O” for Outlaws. Check out the nose of the logo. It’s actually a spade in tribute to the gambling capitol of America. A red “V” also accents the nose for Vegas. Despite the team and league folding, Vegas supported this team pretty well.

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Super Bowl Commercials from the Past

 Many will be watching the Super Bowl for the Patriots. Many will be watching for the Falcons. Everyone will be watching for the commercials.

It’s amazing to think the Super Bowl commercials are just as popular as the actual game. They are talked about the next day as part of the game. They are dissected and ranked in order. The price increases year after year and some ads look like they are working on a movie budget especially with the surprise celebrity appearances. I know of many people that won’t go to Super Bowl parties not because they want to pay attention to the actual game, they want to concentrate on the commercials.

Before the new ads hit, lets take a look back at some Super Bowl ads from the past.

It’s hard to believe that this year is the 25th anniversary of Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi Super Bowl commercial.

Crawford still looks amazing today as witnessed by this awesome re-enactment of this iconic Super Bowl commercial on the Late Show with James Corden in 2015.


Whether you love the Pittsburgh Steelers or not, how could you not love this Coca Cola commercial with “Mean” Joe Greene from 1979. We used to replicate this commercial and throw towels to each other or t-shirts.


Joe Greene and the late 1970’s Steelers defense was vicious and that’s what made this commercial so awesome. We saw a different side of one of the best Defensive Lineman in NFL history.

This commercial is memorable but more for the story about the company than the actual advertisement.

With a bunch of money funding this startup, had a presence in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade followed by the 2000 Super Bowl. Later that year, went out of business and we never saw the dog puppet again. When we talk about the online startup boom in the early 2000’s, usually enters the conversation.

There are two companies that are known as Super Bowl mainstays bringing it every year. Tough to choose the best one from each so here are compilations of their ads throughout the years.

The first is Budweiser

Then there is Doritos


We end our Super Bowl videos with the ads that were too controversial to make the cut.


We don’t have the funding for a Super Bowl ad but we did put together a cute little commercial for our El Paso Luchadores awesome t-shirt.


Hope you enjoyed this trip down Super Bowl Commercial memory lane. If you like this blog, that would be awesome if you could show your support by buying one of our super soft t-shirts or even signing up for our t-shirt of the month club.

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Awesome Sports Logos

Sports Logo Spotlight on the Los Angeles Chargers

Last year, the San Diego Chargers announced their intentions to move to Los Angeles. On January 12 of this year, a letter written by Dean A. Spanos, Owner – Chairman of the Board, appeared on the Chargers’ Twitter account, making the decision formal and official. With the release of this letter, came a new logo for the Los Angeles Chargers. Honestly, it was kind of a letdown. Let’s take a look.


What are your first thoughts? Many on social media thought the Los Angeles Dodgers logo and the Tampa Bay Lightning logo have some sort of little logo baby?” The Tampa Bay Lightning took notice and made reference to it. I mean, if you look at it, you can see how it looks like a merger between the two teams. I am a huge fan of simple looks but this just seems unoriginal. All too often, teams try too hard and go over the top. In this case, it seems as though this logo was thrown together. 

The Chargers went a little too simple here. It isn’t really the kind of jaw dropping image that you would expect a team who is relocating to bring to the table. Leaving a fan base, and trying to gain the attention of another, is a lot of work. You have to perform almost seamlessly in the transition, leaving no room for anyone to question your franchise. A sports logo as we’ve seen can create some serious buzz. This logo created buzz in the wrong direction. The Chargers have since reacted and aren’t saying that it’s their primary logo. Here is the other logo that they have unveiled which is currently their twitter avatar.


The Chargers won 13 divisional titles in San Diego, while in the National Football League. They had one Super Bowl appearance, which resulted in a 49-26 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in 1994. The Chargers spent 50 years in San Diego.

A big question remains, and that is the status of quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers was noted to be completely against the move to Los Angeles, and many sources expect him to request a trade. This wouldn’t be the first major quarterback controversy for the Chargers. Back in 2004, the Chargers were surely going to take Eli Manning with the first overall pick. Manning absolutely refused to play for the Chargers, even stating that he would sit out the entire 2004 season. He even went as far to say that he’d rather go to law school than play for the Chargers.

The Chargers weren’t doing so well going into the 2004 season, only managing to pull off four winning seasons since 1983. They did end up drafting Eli Manning, but quickly pulled off a trade to the New York Giants. In return for shipping off Manning, the Chargers got Philip Rivers, a 3rd round pick in 2004 and a 1st and 5th round pick in 2005. Hopefully, the Chargers won’t have another quarterback controversy on their hands.

Even though the Chargers seem to be going the wrong direction with their new look for LA, we have on particular logo that fits perfectly for their hometown. And that’s the Beverly Hills Fighting Chiweenies!


This dog hybrid is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. A Chiweenie might look cute in purses, but we thought differently. This logo was actually created by our designer as a school project. Her assignment was to create a vicious logo out of a normally gentle creature. If we were her professor, we would have given her an A+ because this Chiweenies logo is awesome!

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The History of the Dallas Cowboys and Their Sports Logo

There are so many aspects to a great sports logo. Could be the logo character involved, could be the colors or in this case, amazing heritage.

When you are commonly referred to as “America’s Team”, you have heritage. The Dallas Cowboys are not only the most popular franchise in America, Forbes recently named them the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Before we jump into the iconic Star sports logo, there is an amazing story of how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Legendary sports owner Lamar Hunt was the first to covet bringing an NFL team to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At this time in league history, approval was necessary from all 15 owners. In his way was Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall. The Skins were the southernmost NFL team and Marshall wanted his team to be the only game in town south of D.C.  Hunt failed and instead created the AFL’s Dallas Texans.

The AFL was gaining strength and the NFL didn’t want them to take hold of markets like Dallas. That’s when Texas Oil Businessman Clint Murchison comes in. The way the rules were set, The Redskins would once again be able to block a Dallas team.  That’s when a surreal story that you would swear is fiction began.

As the Dallas movement was once again happening, the Redskins owner quarrels shifted to of all things, a battle over the beloved “Hail to the Redskins” song with Band Director and song composer Barnee Breeskin. Breeskin and Murchison had a common enemy. So what did the composer do? He sold the trademark and all rights to “Hail to the Redskins” to the potential Dallas owner for $2,500. The offer was then made to Redskins owner Preston Marshall. Give me a team and you’ll have your fight song back. That’s how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Tours haven’t opened yet for the new Cowboys practice facility, “The Star” in Frisco Texas but the original lyrics to “Hail to the Redskins” along with the story are in a glass case. The rivalry between Washington and Dallas has been strong ever since.

A sidebar to that story is that once the Dallas Cowboys were born, Lamar Hunt joined the NFL and moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City and renamed them the Chiefs.  Now that’s some awesome NFL history that many might not know.

Now that you know how they were born, lets look at the logo. Since their inception, the Cowboys have used a blue star as a tribute to the nickname of Texas, “The Lone Star State”.

Since 1960 the Cowboys have only used two logos. Here is the first from 1960-63.


 Logos courtesy of

A slight adjustment on the second logo with the addition of the border to the star in 1964. This logo has been the primary sports logo ever since.


There is a rare 3rd sports logo with the original logo design on display at the practice facility.


This alternate logo isn’t seen much and was used from 1960-1970.

The Cowboys logo is simple but with so much history around it, simple works perfect. You just think of names like Staubach, Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt Smith wearing “The Star”. You frequently hear people ask players their feelings of wearing “The Star”. That’s how prominent the logo is.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a football sports logo with rich sports history. Bootlegging in Tennessee was huge during the Prohibition years. In fact, Al Capone was involved in the Nashville Bootlegging scene. The Nashville Bootleggers sports logo blends Bootlegging with the great game of football. This Bootlegger is on the run and giving the Heisman to anyone in his way. We replaced a football with a whiskey cask.


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Can a Sports Logo Makeover Fix The Cleveland Browns

The city of Cleveland has found some amazing success with their sports teams, as of late. In the NBA, the Cavaliers celebrated winning the Finals last season. This year, fans got to witness the team raise their championship banner, and the city was proud. In the MLB, the Indians made it to the World Series. Although they ended up losing in Game 7, the city of Cleveland was proud yet again. Their beloved baseball team made it to the show. They achieved success, despite not being considered as good as some of the other teams. While the city of Cleveland has had much to celebrate, there is just one black spot on their record. That black spot is the Cleveland Browns.

The NFL is the most popular sporting organization in the United States. They constantly put other sports to shame in advertising dollars, television deals, and ratings. The city of Cleveland just can’t seem to catch a break in football, as the Browns are one of the consistently worst teams in the league. So far this year, the team is winless. That’s no typo, the Browns have lost every game this season, and are currently sitting at 0-10.

What could possibly be the cause of this unlucky season? Is it bad coaching? Could it be that Johnny Manziel left a curse on the team? Is there simply no luck left, after the NBA and MLB teams drained it all up? There are many avenues that one could explore, in trying to place or find blame. Even I have my own theories. Frankly, I think that the team’s logo is the cause of their downtrodden season.

Logo courtesy of 

When you look at other teams’ logos, they all have something worth looking at. The Browns on the other hand, their logo has nothing to it. Their helmet is plain orange, with a single white stripe going down the middle, from front to back. The single white stripe is outlined on both sides by a black accent color. There is no animal, there is no lettering, there is nothing but simplicity. What do fans have to cheer for? What do players have to draw inspiration from? Nothing.

There is no eagle to take strength and perseverance from. There is no panther to take speed and agility from. There isn’t even a patriot, to draw unity and fight from. There is only the color orange. And while many fans, sports writers and even coaches may say that this means nothing, I would disagree. I feel that if there were something there, anything at all, the team could draw something from it. They could draw at least enough for a win, and maybe enough for more than the three wins the team achieved last season.

Can a sports logo make that much of a difference? The answer is probably not? That said, it does signify change and a new beginning. When the Patriots, Bengals and Bills changed their logo, success quickly followed. It's probably coincidence but it does bring needed attention. A change also brings new merchandise sales which no owner would frown upon.

While no one can say for certain what has caused this team to underperform, I would say that it’s time to make some changes. A logo change may sound simple, or even irrelevant. But now is the moment when no stone must go unturned. This is the moment to not hold back, and do whatever it takes to change their history of less-than-mediocre play. What will the Browns do to restore hope to the city of Cleveland? What will they do to stop being the black spot on an otherwise perfect Cleveland sports era?

Cleveland actually has a pretty cool alternate sports logo. Why not put this on the helmet and change it up? 
Logo courtesy of 

One logo that doesn’t need any changing is our very own Cocksville Blockers! Okay, we admit that this is the only made up city, but how could we resist? This city name and logo go hand in hand. We were going to use Cockeysville, Maryland but that is pronounced much differently.


This angry rooster will stop at nothing to get in your way and block any of your moves. Of course, we’re talking about football moves, what were you thinking of? This Cocksville Blockers funny t-shirt is our best seller and for good reason. Add it to your list on our t-shirt of the month club, and wait for this awesome tee to find its way to your doorstep at the first of every month!

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Cam Newton Brings Concussions Back to the Forefront

The Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off in the coveted Monday Night Football slot this past week. The game went on without the Panthers quarterback, three-time Pro Bowler and former NFL MVP Cam Newton. He suffered from a concussion in his previous game, when he took a (legal) hit from Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones late in the game, attempting to run in a two-point conversion. Newton is no stranger to taking hard hits to the head, as he has already been the seeming target for multiple helmet-to-helmet attacks. Earlier in the season, two players from the Denver Broncos received fines for hits they delivered to Newton’s head.

The National Football League is no stranger to dealing with player’s getting concussions. The league has instituted a “concussion protocol” in an attempt to better protect the health of players. The protocol uses various unaffiliated doctors and medical personnel, who use a variety of techniques and observational tactics, to determine if a player might have received a concussion or expressed concussion-like symptoms. Team trainers and doctors are also supposed to be monitoring for these same things, using instant replay on the jumbotrons and tablets at their sides. The issue with this protocol is lack of accountability.

Last season, Case Keenum was running the (then) St. Louis Rams offense. The quarterback took a hard hit in a late, last minute drive. Keenum was phased, displaying what many thought were symptoms of a concussion. Instead of being removed from the game, to receive proper testing and evaluation, the Rams coaching staff put him back in the game. The NFL remained silent on this issue. The team received no penalty or punishment for the clear lack of concern for a player’s health. Instead, the league waited until the following offseason, and implanted harsher penalties for teams that ignore the concussion protocol rules.

If the league didn’t penalize the Rams during the Keenum incident, why would they penalize a franchise now? This issue isn’t going away and the biggest question for the NFL and Players Association, is there a resolution in the future?

Let’s get on to something happier on the football field, shall we? Take a look at this super soft awesome Nashville Bootleggers t-shirt.


Nashville is an awesome town, one of our favorites. We wanted to celebrate the city and its history which includes some bootlegging. Prohibition was lifted in 1933 but before that, some serious Tennessee Whiskey and Moonshine was being passed around in secrecy. This logo shows a bootlegger giving you the “Heisman” pose but instead of a football, he’s cradling a whiskey barrel. We hope you enjoy this awesome sports logo.

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