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The Allen Americans Win On the Ice and With Their Logo

Where is Allen Texas you might ask? That is an excellent question. Allen is about 35 minutes north of Dallas and is a thriving suburb in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They have a great school system with a high school football team that wins state every year it seems. You might remember Allen for the nearly 60 million dollar stadium it built for that football juggernaut only to see it shut down in 2014 due to cracking. It’s back open now.
What many people might not know about Allen sports outside of DFW is the Allen Americans, the ECHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks. They have been a huge success both on the ice and off the ice. They are on pace to have their highest average attendance ever this year and are in the top half of the league. On the ice, they have won three straight championships which is amazing with minor league hockey and rotating players. Two championships in the former CHL and last year, their first time in the ECHL, they captured the Cup.
Having a patriotic logo is tough because so many teams across the minors do this. If you do it, you need to nail it and I think the Americans did a real solid job. 
Logo courtesy of 

I really like the clean lines of this modern hockey design. The color scheme with the grey fits perfect and it doesn’t throw USA in your face. The puck at the bottom tells you that it’s a hockey team without having to say it. 
What I also love is the alternate uniforms Allen has been using this year. 
Picture courtesy of the Allen Americans Melissa Warren and Dianne Webster 

Usually two dark colors together can spell trouble but the dark grey with the darker red blends well  and has a real intimidating look to it. The look reminds me of something you would see from the Russian national team. I also love the touch of the Texas flag on one side and the American flag on the other with the colors of the flag also blending. 
So now you know a little about Allen Texas and with two President Cup’s, one Kelly Cup and a sweet sweater/logo,  you also now know the Allen Americans. 
We also have a Texas hockey t-shirt that is gaining in popularity. It’s the Texas Roadkill and this Armadillo means business. 
Granted it’s an Armadillo that has seen better days as you can tell from the tire tracks on the goalie stick and the flies overhead. Everything is bigger in Texas including the Road Kill along the major interstates. I love the little details in this logo which include the tire tracks on the stick instead of tape, the black eye and how Texas is written inside a splatter. If you love hockey, then get yourself some Texas Roadkill. Even better, include it as one of your choices for our T-shirt of the Month Club

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