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Five Must Watch Holiday Movies

It’s that time of year again. Not just to tip off your friends and family about what Awesome Sports Logos t-shirts you want them to get you but also to choose which holiday movies to dive into.

I’ve updated my catalog. Not that I’m not into the old winter classics but you have to switch it up a little bit.


Die Hard

One of the all time action thrillers, it’s quickly forgotten that the throw down at Nakatomi Plaza happened during the holiday season. Easier to rob a building when people are at the company party I guess?


Die Hard 2


Why just stop at one Die Hard? We all agonize about holiday travel. The airport isn’t such a jolly place.  But then when you have to take on bad guys with guns on top of that? Our American hero John McClain finds that out the hard way.


Bad Santa


Can’t go wrong with Billy Bob Thornton. Bad Santa 2 is about to hit the big screen so it’s not a bad idea to get a refresher course with the original.




This is a quality Will Ferrell. It’s 2003 so no one will call it a classic but it’s a gem watching Ferrell play the part of an Elf that has to find his way in the modern world.

Just Friends


This is a Ryan Reynolds classic. The scenes with his brother and co-star Ana Farris are laugh out loud. How dare IMDB give it only 3 stars? Trust no critics except the one you are currently reading. You will enjoy lots of laughs with this 2005 classic.

You can’t go wrong with these flicks. Are they sit around by the fire with the family holiday movies? Heck no. That said, if you add a little extra into the egg nog, these are some good flicks for the holiday season.

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We want it to be an awesome experience!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holiday movie binge watching!

Gavin Spittle

Founder, Sports Logo Lover, T-shirt Fanatic

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