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Things to Do at the 2015 Nordic Fest

At Awesome Sports Logos, we love festivals and love bringing you some of these hidden gems. One of our favorites is fast approaching.  Nordic Fest in Decorah Iowa will take place from July 23rd-25th. This is when the quaint town of Decorah becomes bustling with festival goers looking for a good time and each year, Nordic Fest delivers. 
This festival continues to grow and has been a part of this Iowa community since 1967. They truly embrace the Nordic culture. Here are some great examples.
The Nordic Fest Rock Throw. Come one, come all. Age, size and weight of the rock are all taken into consideration. This sport goes all the way back to the Viking age. Picture some good looking Nordic Dude as the LeBron James of throwing. A true “Rock Star”. Sorry, bad joke. Since sports are so technology based, I dig watching someone tossing a boulder. 
Molkky- See, we are all learning here. Molkky is a popular lawn sport. Here’s a video on how it is played.
Kind of like American Bowling but not really? Actually looks like a pretty cool game. We might have to play some Molkky at our next tailgate. How cool is it that this game is being featured at NordicFest!
Let’s move into the food category. Here are some interesting names. Lefse, Kranskake and Rommegrot.  Lefse is a Norwegian soft flatbread. Kransekake is cake baked for special occasions like Holidays, Baptisms, and Weddings. If there is a Norwegian party, you’ll likely see a Kransekake. Rommegrot is a sour cream porridge. You’ll have to enter the rock throwing competition to burn off some calories after eating these Nordic delicacies.
We could go on and on about Nordic Fest. So many activities, arts and crafts, games as well as great food and frosty beverages. Huge kudos to the citizens of Decorah who take so much pride in this festival as well as the dedicated volunteers who do the organizing and planning. 
This festival holds a special spot in our heart. My wife spent her summers outside of Decorah and her summer highlight was hitting the Nordic Fest with her grandparents. She still tells me about the memories today and that to me is awesome.  Those memories inspired two t-shirts. When you think of Nordic popular elements, one of them is troll folklore. Plus, the Decorah Trolls just sounds like a cool team name so it was a natural for us. Here is our primary baseball logo.

Instead of a baseball bat, we felt as though a club was more fitting. I feel as though a troll could be a deceptively good hitter. We also wanted to do a traditional sports logo with cool lettering. Sometimes that’s all you need for a great sports logo. We love our Decorah Trolls letter logo. 

If you are heading to Nordic Fest, all the more reason to get one of our Decorah awesome t-shirts so you can show off your pride! It’s one of the best festivals and we can’t recommend it enough. Kudos to the Nordic Fest, it’s awesome!!
Thanks as always for reading,
Gavin Spittle
Awesome Sports Logos 

Why Decorah has an Awesome Sports Logo

We love answering questions about our t-shirts. In fact, we have a frequently asked questions section on our site to help customers. A question has come up lately from a few of you. “Where the heck is Decorah and why did you create a sports logo for Decorah Iowa? 
It’s a great question. Many of our awesome t-shirts derive from personal stories and this is the case with the Decorah Trolls. Decorah Iowa is about 15 miles south of the Minnesota/Iowa border. My wife’s grandparents owned a 40 acre farm about an hour away from Decorah. Each summer, one of the highlights of my wife’s childhood was the last weekend in July when they would travel to Decorah for their annual Nordic Festival
The Decorah Nordic Fest has been existence since 1967. What’s normally a town population of just over 8,000 balloons to as many as 75-80k through the course of Nordic Fest. So what actually is Nordic Fest? According to the official website, Jerry Aulwes, Mike Dahly, Harry Olson, Darrell Pierce and Gary Svenson enlisted the help of Vesterheim Director Marion Nelson and Women's Club member Phyllis Leseth and came up with two goals for Nordic Fest. Number one was to showcase and celebrate Decorah. Secondly, it was important for the group to celebrate the areas Scandinavian heritage. The festival features great food, competitions, a parade, and fireworks.
Years later the festival continues to grow. We love celebrating area heritage like this and when my wife told me this story, I knew the Decorah Trolls t-shirt had to happen. We figured a minor league baseball team would be the right fit with a troll like figure wearing Norwegian colors. His bat is in the shape of a club. We actually liked the lettering of this logo so much that we made a t-shirt with just the lettering. 
We actually feature another sports logo with a festival. Our Dade City Kumquats t-shirt is a tribute to the Kumquat festival held each January in Dade City Florida. Plus, we couldn’t resist designing a Kumquat swinging a bat. 
This is what sports logo designs are all about. Significance to the area is so important. A perfect example of what’s wrong with today’s logos is the soon to be defunct Worcester Sharks. Worcester Massachusetts is in the central part of the state in the seven hills. The nearest body of waters that could feature a shark is at least an hour and a half away. They were the IceCats and had a great logo but when the Sharks became the parent club, the logo changed. We need less of this in the sports logo world. 
So head to Decorah and check out the small town festival known as Nordic Fest. Or if you are in Florida try out the Kumquat festival. If you can’t make it to either, you can show of your pride by adding both baseball t-shirts to your closet. Remember, big discounts and free shipping by joining our t-shirt of the month club.
Keep being Awesome!
Gavin Spittle
Founder, Sports Logo and T-shirt Lover
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