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The History of the Dallas Cowboys and Their Sports Logo

There are so many aspects to a great sports logo. Could be the logo character involved, could be the colors or in this case, amazing heritage.

When you are commonly referred to as “America’s Team”, you have heritage. The Dallas Cowboys are not only the most popular franchise in America, Forbes recently named them the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Before we jump into the iconic Star sports logo, there is an amazing story of how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Legendary sports owner Lamar Hunt was the first to covet bringing an NFL team to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. At this time in league history, approval was necessary from all 15 owners. In his way was Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall. The Skins were the southernmost NFL team and Marshall wanted his team to be the only game in town south of D.C.  Hunt failed and instead created the AFL’s Dallas Texans.

The AFL was gaining strength and the NFL didn’t want them to take hold of markets like Dallas. That’s when Texas Oil Businessman Clint Murchison comes in. The way the rules were set, The Redskins would once again be able to block a Dallas team.  That’s when a surreal story that you would swear is fiction began.

As the Dallas movement was once again happening, the Redskins owner quarrels shifted to of all things, a battle over the beloved “Hail to the Redskins” song with Band Director and song composer Barnee Breeskin. Breeskin and Murchison had a common enemy. So what did the composer do? He sold the trademark and all rights to “Hail to the Redskins” to the potential Dallas owner for $2,500. The offer was then made to Redskins owner Preston Marshall. Give me a team and you’ll have your fight song back. That’s how the Dallas Cowboys were born.

Tours haven’t opened yet for the new Cowboys practice facility, “The Star” in Frisco Texas but the original lyrics to “Hail to the Redskins” along with the story are in a glass case. The rivalry between Washington and Dallas has been strong ever since.

A sidebar to that story is that once the Dallas Cowboys were born, Lamar Hunt joined the NFL and moved the Dallas Texans to Kansas City and renamed them the Chiefs.  Now that’s some awesome NFL history that many might not know.

Now that you know how they were born, lets look at the logo. Since their inception, the Cowboys have used a blue star as a tribute to the nickname of Texas, “The Lone Star State”.

Since 1960 the Cowboys have only used two logos. Here is the first from 1960-63.


 Logos courtesy of

A slight adjustment on the second logo with the addition of the border to the star in 1964. This logo has been the primary sports logo ever since.


There is a rare 3rd sports logo with the original logo design on display at the practice facility.


This alternate logo isn’t seen much and was used from 1960-1970.

The Cowboys logo is simple but with so much history around it, simple works perfect. You just think of names like Staubach, Aikman, Irvin and Emmitt Smith wearing “The Star”. You frequently hear people ask players their feelings of wearing “The Star”. That’s how prominent the logo is.

At Awesome Sports Logos, we feature a football sports logo with rich sports history. Bootlegging in Tennessee was huge during the Prohibition years. In fact, Al Capone was involved in the Nashville Bootlegging scene. The Nashville Bootleggers sports logo blends Bootlegging with the great game of football. This Bootlegger is on the run and giving the Heisman to anyone in his way. We replaced a football with a whiskey cask.


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Major QB Injuries Haunt Two NFL Teams

The NFL season hasn’t even officially started yet, and some teams have been left to scramble around and figure out how they plan to truly compete. Two notable teams have suffered injuries to their starting quarterbacks, leaving the fate of their season unknown. These tragic injuries have left the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys looking to fill quarterback roster spots, with practically no time left until week one of the regular season.

This past Tuesday, during a noncontact practice, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered a terrible knee injury. Bridgewater suffered a complete ACL tear, dislocated knee and other structural damage to his left knee. Sources have reported that Bridgewater was in the process of dropping back for a pass, planted his leg down and then immediately fell to the ground. An ambulance was called, and Bridgewater was taken to a local area hospital.

The Vikings are now on the prowl for a quarterback that could potentially give them some kind of winning record this year. Shaun Hill, the team’s current backup, is a 36-year-old undrafted free agent. Though Hill did spend several years as a third string player, he has had his time in the spotlight. Hill had impressive games with the 49ers, and was a stud in NFL Europe in 2003. However, at his age and at his current level of play, Minnesota will be looking to find someone that can better handle the starting role. But they aren’t the only team in need of someone who can run their offense.

The Dallas Cowboys have had more than one quarterback injury issue this preseason. Backup quarterback Kellen Moore fractured his right ankle during a training camp exercise, back in the first week of August. At that point in time, losing Moore was not truly devastating to the Cowboys. The team had just drafted Dak Prescott, and paraded him out in preseason games to see what he was made of. After showing some success, the team was comfortable putting the role of backup quarterback in the hands of Prescott. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Dallas Cowboys again.

Starting quarterback Tony Romo was injured in last week’s preseason game, against the Seattle Seahawks. Romo was tackled, fell to the ground and immediately grabbed his back. Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere had the same exact thought at the same exact time: “Oh no, not again.” The team’s worst fears came true, and Tony Romo suffered yet another injury. He suffered a broken bone in his back and will miss several weeks. Now, the Cowboys are down two quarterbacks and also on the hunt to add to their roster, with the regular season just around the corner.

I hope both of these teams find what they need to fill their rosters. And I certainly wish their injured quarterbacks a successful and speedy recovery.

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The Nashville Bootleggers have the best look out of our football t-shirt options. It is said that the term “Bootlegging” began during the Civil War. Soldiers would sneak liquor into their camps by hiding pint bottles in the boots underneath their trousers.

Parts of Tennessee became famous for Bootlegging. In fact, Johnson City Tennessee was known as a hideout and a stopover point for Al Capone. Prohibition was lifted in 1933 and Tennessee Whiskey has been flourishing ever since. This Nashville sports logo is carrying a Tennessee Whiskey barrel instead of a football. We hope you enjoy our Nashville Bootleggers t-shirt!

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WrestleMania is Here And So Is Their Awesome Logo

We at Awesome Sports Logos happen to be huge WWE fans. Why? It’s our soap opera and the athletes on the roster are truly amazing. Later today, your social media feed will be taken over by wrestling names and references because a record 100,000 people will descend upon AT&T Stadium for WrestleMania 32 in Arlington Texas. 
People may laugh but cities are lining up for the right to host WrestleMania. It’s just as valuable as getting the SuperBowl and the WWE doesn’t force cities to spend ridiculous amounts of money like the NFL. You get international fans selling out hotels in the area, WWE Axxess which is their Fan Zone, the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony and Monday night Raw are three huge attractions that accompany the main event. Not to mention the numerous charitable efforts that the WWE brings throughout the week. The NFL might be the number one sport but WWE bringing WrestleMania to town is a much better value. 
We thought we would take a look at the WrestleMania sports logo and it’s a good one. It’s simple but just by looking at it and seeing two iconic logos inside the main logo makes it awesome. The top features the main WWE logo. The WWE does a great job putting their logo on everything. It’s simple and extremely identifiable. The same can be said of the bottom logo. When you see that Cowboys star, you see Super Bowls, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith and other rich history. They are called “America’s Team” for a reason. Each year news services poll various regions and the Dallas Cowboys always come up as America’s #1 NFL team. Both logos also symbolize the partnership of Wrestlemania spearheaded by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and Cowboys Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones Anderson. 
This logo features great crisp lines. WWE red is featured and pairs nicely with Cowboys blue. I’m sure people in North Texas are glad that the logo doesn’t have a cowboy hat, lasso or some form of a horse or cow. Sure, North Texas has all of those but there isn’t a cow on every corner which the national media seems to show whenever Dallas and North Texas is featured nationally. 
Major kudos to the WWE on a terrific event logo and to their annual event, WrestleMania. 
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Have a great WrestleMania Sunday!
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